Team New Rich Mastermind Review (Richard Louie Course)

Today, we’ll review 2 training programs based around the eCommerce business model. Both courses are sold under the Team New Rich Mastermind brand. I’ll go through both programs to help you decide whether the $1,497 and $4,997 price tags meet the value offered.

Clearly, these aren’t particularly accessible courses, so it’s great that you came here before making a choice.

I’ll give you my final verdict at the end, but I’d recommend you read the full review to strengthen your choice.

Who’s the author?

Richard is a teenager entrepreneur mostly focused on eCommerce. He’s been quite a common sight in many YouTube videos and articles covering the online success he’s seemingly found with dropshipping. There’s an interview with Graham Stephen, and the title stated he makes $100,000 every month; the video has almost 200,000 views.

Richard started out as an entrepreneur when he was 16, and he’s delved into 3 different fields closely tied: social media marketing, eCommerce, and real estate.

He says he’s responsible for generating nearly $4 million for his clients using nothing but Facebook Ads, and his monthly eCommerce revenue seems to be around $40,000 monthly, according to different sources.

Richard’s channel isn’t really large, with only nearing 9,000 subscribers, and he seems not to publish a lot lately. Most of his content was from 2017, and it covers the usual eCom topics: strategies and tips.

You can also find him on Instagram as @richardjordan. His account has over 20,000 followers, yet he’s also really absent from it, with just a couple dozens of posts, and it’s the same as other gurus: luxurious lifestyle photos.

About the brand

The Team New Rich Mastermind name is actually the brand used by Richard for selling his courses. There are two right now: foundational and a “high level” marketing guide.

You can access both from the brand’s page on Teachables, where you also pay and access the course.

According to the sales page, you should watch the Foundational course first, so they seem to be developed as 2-part training. In other words, the idea is that you get both courses (by paying $6494).

Let’s go into them.


The first course is all about teaching you a strategy used by Richard for scaling a store all the way to $200,000 every month. It gives you the basics before going into how to advertise your products.

You get 6 modules totaling 20 videos as well as downloadable resources that complement the content in the main course.


The first module is about setting up your store. You learn how to create a Shopify store, an LLC, accessing one of the themes recommended by Richard, and linking your store to your domain.

Clicking the free trial URL provided in the video leads you through Richard’s affiliate link to Shopify, which nets him a commission when you build your store. He’s definitely serious about squeezing as much money as he can.

After you’re done with the first module, you go into researching your product and niche as well as your audience. It’s just three videos, and they focus on how you can find the best products, which apps you should integrate into your store, and why your profit margins are important (I doubt anyone doesn’t know why, though).

Module 3 introduces you to Facebook Ads with seven videos. The average is about 5 minutes, and they cover how to configure your pixel, researching your products and clients, how to properly set up your ads, reading analytics, scaling, and which metrics tell you to kill a failing ad.

The 4th module builds on the previous one, and you learn about a PPE method (that’s Pay Per Engagement, by the way) that you can convert into your website conversion ad, he also explains how to do so. You’re also advised to keep an open mind while testing, how to properly use breakdowns, and an explanation of the conversion window and how you can exploit it.

The last real module touches on email marketing. It starts out by telling you what this method is, and he then introduces 2 tools you should use: Klaviyo and Recard. Richard closes the course with a video covering different email sequences for you to imitate and integrate into your store; just don’t do it exactly like it’s shown.

There’s a “special” module after that, but it’s just Richard throwing you some links to his social media and a story of how a student of his overcame the wish to give up. It’s a pretty useless module, but the story was entertaining.

As such, this course is just a brief introduction to how to set up your store, research products, and running your marketing via Facebook Ads and emails.

Richard’s sales page does say that he’ll keep adding content to the course with time, but it doesn’t mention when or how frequent this will happen, nor how much content he’s really going to ad. However, Richard expressed he’s probably going to add content learned from taking other courses from similar gurus, so you can expect him to imitate a lot of subpar classes.

High Level eCommerce Marketing

The premium course is the second option, and you’ll be paying almost $5,000 if you decide to go with it, so make sure you have plenty of funds to cover both the course and the methods he teaches you.

The course aims towards Shopify Facebook Ads. The sales page says you’ll receive “heavy” and advance understanding about Facebook’s algorithm as well as pixel, but let’s see if he actually means something by that.

There are 7 modules with about 27 videos spread among them. You also have access to 25 different files for you to download to complement the main content.


The course opens up by offering you a few themes and templates (already coded) that you can use, but don’t use them as is since anyone with access to the course (if they actually chose to pay such a high amount) is probably using the same.

The Shopify free trial affiliate link makes a second appearance here, but I’m not sure why since this course is supposed to be for advanced members or people who completed the previous class.

The next module gives you a research checklist, a strategy for testing your products, and a section explaining the process for hiring private charter flights at low costs. However, do note that’s not really necessary for your eCommerce, so feel free to save the money.

The 3rd module gives you access to what Richard calls “Mastermind Sessions”. It’s the biggest section in the program by far, but it’s yet more content for beginners: how to set up a high conversion store, strategies for finding products, how to execute the methods, recommended apps, starting out Facebook Ads, setting up your pixel, why email marketing is important and which apps you can use, etc.

A really big part of this course is just rehashed topics from the previous course, so be ready to waste $1497 if you want to buy both programs or if you already took the 1st one and want to take the second class.

However, there’s some new content like creating landing pages, free traffic methods, sales funnels, optimizing your FB ads and store, how you can use free+shipping, FB manual bidding, Instagram for your business, scaling your FB ads, upsells, and more.

You also have a case study about scaling your business, a look into how Richard scales ventures and how you want your store to look, and some tips on using credit cards.

The 4th module provides you with advanced strategies for Facebook Ads. You have content like how to name adsets, an explanation of conversion windows and how to exploit them (again, rehashed), the principles of killing Facebook Ads (somewhat rehashed as well), and using your Breakdowns tab. It closes with a video explaining different approaches to scaling your ads.

The last core module is about setting up and configuring your store, again. It goes right back into how to create a store on Shopify, how to configure your Facebook pixel, and how to add a Favicon.

Once more, this module is solely aimed towards beginners. If you thought this course was for advanced entrepreneurs just looking for how to increase their sales, then keep looking.

What’s even worse is how Richard suggests you should take one course first and then the more advanced one. In other words, Richard wants you the waste almost $1,500, and that’s something that seems plainly disrespectful to me.

There’s a last bonus module like with the Foundational program, and it talks about how and when you should set up your LLC, so more rehashed content. You also get a few tips on how you can improve your energy and productivity, and it closes with brainstorming.

Evidently, this training is much more complete than the basic course. If you’re thinking about getting both, just get this one and save yourself the money and frustration of taking this one after the Foundational.

The course also comes with a month of access to Richard, but keep in mind that it might not be the easiest thing to do since he has to run different businesses, make public appearances and interviews, plus he also has to give support to other students.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

Richard’s story is quite impressive, but he fails to translate all his knowledge value into these courses, which are priced too high for what you actually get. I can’t find a reason, either; Richard should be a millionaire (or just entering that class) by now, so I don’t see why he would sell such overpriced programs.

That problem gets worse once you consider that marketing your eCommerce requires a good budget, and buying any of the two courses will eat away a lot of money from your marketing budget, so I can’t really recommend this course.

Besides, the course provides most depth on Facebook Ads, and other methods (even the free traffic video) don’t really provide enough content for you to put them into practice before doing additional research.

One more thing that worries me is how Richard said he’d add more content to his course from what he learns in other eCommerce programs. You’re paying a lot to receive his own expertise, but that statement makes everything seem like he’s still learning and sharing his observations with you, and I’m 100% sure you didn’t pay for another student to give you classes.

It gets worse when compared with a course like eCom Elites. It comes from a marketing and eCommerce expert like Franklin Hatchett. It offers over 200 videos on dozens of marketing approaches, and it’s priced at just $197. It also gets constant updates, so whenever you see something that feels “old”, it’s because he’s about to improve the content.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Team New Rich Mastermind Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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