CB Passive Income Review (Patric Chan Course)

This program was first released in 2013, and today it looks almost the same. It aims towards people who want to make money quickly without working too much. Admittedly, the sales video is quite good, and I can’t blame newcomers if they fall for that.

Let’s go into what it offers.

About CB Passive Income

The course basically tells you to follow a 3-step system: getting the squeeze pages Patric is giving you, move your traffic to that page, and Patric lists them and sells to them “for you”.

It definitely sounds easy and effortless, and many people with little experience will feel excited about having to do none of the work or brainstorming related to affiliate marketing. Besides, Patric is working for them!

OK, look, anyone who’s tried venturing into affiliate marketing will tell you one thing, myself included: The hardest part of the business is generating traffic.

Those steps mean you have to become a marketing expert by yourself or spend a lot of money on advertisements. As soon as you know that, it stops being a good deal, right?

Besides, you’re giving Patric those leads. He can do whatever he wants with them without giving anything to you. You quickly realize you’re the one doing the entire work for him.

I can feel nothing but shame at how he’s trying to leech off your work by selling you a quick entrance to online money. Success requires you to own all aspects of your business, not give any control to someone else.

Who’s the author?

Pat owns a popular blog, as I already told you. He’s used it for sharing reports on his income for several years, and he’s made it clear he’s making good money on affiliate marketing. One of the largest accounts tied to him is a Bluehost one earning him $110 for every person signing up, and he promotes content related to starting blogs.

He’s made more than $3.5 million in affiliate revenues as confirmed by his site, and he has a weekly podcast that’s around 400 episodes. His topics cover a vast spectrum, including Amazon and Kindle marketing, general entrepreneurship, trends, and tips.

His YouTube channel is also quite impressive. He shares videos on a lot of different content, and his has nearly 200,000 subscribers. His videos cover passive income tips, reviews, and updates on his life.

He’s also de owner of several courses on business ideas, podcasts, brand building, etc. The cheapest one is $249; the most expensive is $999.

What you don’t need to do (according to Patric)

Patric says you don’t have to produce content, create products, set up membership programs, pay for hosting or autoresponders, create offers, research… Basically anything related to actually being an entrepreneur.

In fact, all the things Patric says you needn’t learn are the things you want to understand completely if you want to find success in any business. Don’t ever fall for the idea that laziness pays.

If you have any experience in marketing, you can just create offers yourself and send traffic to your own landing pages. You want all the emails for your own benefit, not do someone else’s work.

In fact, I’d say he tells you that you don’t have to do those things because you wouldn’t follow the 3 steps above otherwise.

The training

Of course, Patric says you can get your traffic from solo ads and YouTube, but he doesn’t actually tell you how to do it. There’s little about traffic and how to advertise, which means you’ll have to spend a fortune before you start understanding the intricacies.

That, or watch YouTube videos and tutorials, which means you don’t really need this course.

You also want to create content that’s original if you want to have an online presence. Google hates duplicates, so that means you also have to become a content marketing expert on your own.

Basically, you already need to know how to generate good content and move traffic towards it. With that in mind, what’s Patric’s utility here?

The upsells

And to top it off, upsells: first you have the “Pro” version of the course for $97, and another lousy program for $47.

Now, I don’t have a problem with upsells most of the time. It’s a legitimate way to increase your profits from a particular product, and customers often benefit from them since they sometimes add more value to your purchase. I’ve bought upsells myself when I think it’s worth it, and they haven’t let me down.

However, when the original product is bad, it’s like sprinkling salt on your injury. Both the original product and the complements aren’t worth your money.

Look, Patric is trying to get you to pay for a bad course, for a bad addition to that bad course, and for helping him build his mailing list. Even if he keeps adding “value” to that, it’ll just be more insulting.

Final Verdict

It’s not worth it, plain and simple. I’ll repeat what I said one more.

You are paying to make Patric’s work a lot easier. Besides paying for it, you have to learn everything on your own since he doesn’t really teach you anything except telling you the options you have to market his pages.

In the end, if you do learn or already know what you need to market the squeeze pages he gave you, you’re ready to run your own business. You just need to get good products with affiliate programs and start marketing them yourself.

Best Alternative

Affiliate marketing requires you to understand the business, the market, and all the processes that make up the industry. Besides that, you want to be the owner of every aspect of your venture.

You can outsource the content or advertising, but in the end, you’re the one who’s deciding what happens with those tasks, and you can freely change anything you want.

That means you want to learn how to generate content, advertise, create pages, find products… Basically all the things Patric said you didn’t have to learn. Luckily, you can get Savage Affiliates for less than the marketing budget required by this course.

It’s just $197 ($297 for the premium package), and you receive all the content and knowledge you need to start your own affiliate marketing business. You’ll be good to go with your approach to writing content, affiliate products, marketing methods, and everything you need.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my CB Passive Income Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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