The Cashflow System Review (Tai Lopez Course)

Tai Lopez, one of our favorite serial course creators, released a course on affiliate marketing named The Cashflow System, and I can’t wait to talk to you about it. We’ll go through the program and find out if its $997 price tag is worth it.

Tai says that anyone can make up to $25,000 every month thanks to affiliate marketing. He also says that the 10 steps in this program are the way to do that.

Tai’s commandments of wealth

First, I want to point out Tai’s 3 rules for success sine I just love them as principles.

  1. You must have several income streams.
  2. You must be wise when investing in new trends.
  3. You must have the connections necessary so that your money works for you.

If you know Tai but never heard those rules, then you might not be surprised since he’s like an entrepreneurial encyclopedia.

Another important lesson on those commandments, also from Tai, is that society raises you away from those rules. You learn a single talent in life through school and college just to get a single job on the single field you studied.

You have a single income stream that’s been there all the time, and you’re working for your money.

Reviewing The Cashflow System

This program is essentially a partnership with Tai, where you get a template that will get you the money he said.

First, you decide your payment method.

Second, you create a username and a bio.

Third, you upload a photo.

Fourth, you generate a page that Tai gives you for you to use. All students are given the same template, so keep that in mind as we keep reading. You then place that link on your different social media profiles.

I’ll summarize the rest of the content since you’re probably seeing where this is going.

You’ll learn how to provide advice and training for free, and you’ll get the templates you can simply copy and paste for then sending to your acquaintances. These acquaintances click on the link and get sent through a funnel; here, they can download the 3 commandments we read earlier for free.

After that funnel, there’s another funnel where they can see different products from Tai for improving their cash flow. Keep in that your affiliate ID is tracked through the entire process. These products include different courses in eCommerce, social media marketing, real estate, improving credit, etc.

Whenever someone from your affiliate link buys a course or any product from Tai, you earn a commission from said sale. Regardless of which point in the funnel they make the purchase in, your ID is tracked at all times, so you make money from any product.

Sounds good, right? Well…

Summarizing the system

You might have read my review on CB Passive Income, a course by Patric Chan. It’s virtually the same business model: you only need to send them traffic, and they’ll do the rest.

However, there’s one small issue with that: getting traffic is the hardest aspect of affiliate marketing.

Yes, all the sales and page building gets taken care of by Tai and his team, but if they get no traffic, then their business doesn’t work. You’re the one keeping the business afloat.

Now, of course you can make some money if your visitors buy something. However, how are you going to proceed? You can ask your friends and family to visit the link and see if there’s anything they need there, but then you’d become like the weird guy who keeps trying to get people into pyramid schemes.

Your other option is to use different methods: content marketing, paid ads, SEO, etc. The thing is that you don’t really learn any of that with this course. That’s the problem with this “system”: in the end, you’re paying to work for Tai, at no real benefit for you besides the commission, which is the only “fair” part of this deal.

He says that if you don’t make money in 2 months, then you’re refunded your $997. However, it seems you have to be a “gold” member if you want to qualify for that refund, and that’s the highest tier above bronze and silver.

Final Verdict

That refunds “policy” smells bad enough for me not to recommend this course even if you have an absurd amount of money to invest in it. As with CB Passive Income, you’re paying to work for someone who’s not even training you.

You won’t learn here anything you can apply to a business of your own, and you’re basically just a mule.

If your objective is to make real money through affiliate marketing, then you want to own all aspects of it. You want to create your website, decide what you want to promote, generate your content, handle your marketing, etc.

If you want to automate and outsource, then you want to be able to tell everyone what they have to do and have an entire business functioning as you want.

Best Alternative

On that note, you can get Savage Affiliates for $800 less than this course. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to generate content, SEO, advertising through multiple platform, paid and free traffic methods, etc.

If you want to get fancy, you can get the premium package, which is still $700 less than what you’d pay for this course.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my The Cashflow System Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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