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I’ll start off by saying such a trial never existed. That free trial appears to be a myth – I’ve reached out to my contacts in Shopify to confirm. While Shopify did provide fairly lengthy free trials in the past, you can only get a 3 Day one right now. 

But that’s not entirely bad, either. Shopify’s also offering limited-time deals on their core plans. The Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans are the cheapest they’ve ever been.

How does the Shopify Free Trial Work?

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Getting started with the Shopify trial is simple. All you need to do is create a Shopify account and select the “Start your free trial” option. This will give you access to all of Shopify’s core features for the duration of the trial period.

Once the trial period ends, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a paid plan or discontinue your account. If you decide to upgrade, your store will remain fully functional and you’ll be able to continue accepting orders and payments.

It’s important to note that during the trial period, you might be required to provide credit card information if you pick certain options, but you won’t be charged until the trial period is over.

A History Of Shopify 21 Day Trial

In the past, Shopify offered various long-term trials for their platform. Although the Shopify 21 day trial never existed, the company did offer trials with a length of 120 days, 90 days, 60 days, and 45 days.

The 120 day trial was the longest, being launched around the time Shopify came to be. It was designed to give businesses ample time to try out Shopify and determine if it was the right fit for their needs. During this trial, businesses had access to most of the platform’s features, allowing them to fully test and evaluate the capabilities of Shopify.

Such long trials aren’t available anymore, but I doubt you’d find them useful anyways, since Shopify’s UI has become much more streamlined these days. There’s no monetary benefit to those free trials. Products cannot be sold during this period.

 Even still, you can get a lot done. You can learn all of its basics, get a feel for the platform and even finish setting up the most vital parts of your store in just 3 Days.

Final Thoughts

The old Shopify 21 day free trial is no longer available; nonetheless, the new trial provides a good opportunity to become acquainted with the platform’s services. It gives you access to a configurable store design, product management tools, payment processing options, a large app store, customer management, and order administration features, all of which are required to run a successful eCommerce site.

Plus, Shopify’s basic packages are reasonably priced, making it straightforward to upgrade to a premium plan once the trial time expires. Finally, giving the Shopify trial a shot will not present any difficulties and will allow you to build your business with the platform. Check out the link for the most recent Shopify trial, and until the next post, good luck!

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