FB Playbook Review (Fred Lam Course)

FB Playbook is a marketing-oriented course by Fred Lam. Today, we’ll go through the content offered and provide you with the knowledge and my opinion so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to sign up.

This course sells as the system used by Fred for building 6-figure online businesses via Facebook Ads marketing. The idea behind the course is to offer a blueprint perfected by Fred for you to “copy and paste” into your business.

Fred uses social media to market the course, and you’re probably here after seeing his ad among all the memes in your feed. At least he seems to put his knowledge into practice.

If you decide to grab the free material (an eBook named “7 Results Facebook Driven Tactics”) he offers in his FB post, you’re sent to Fred’s mailing list. While you do have free value and an interesting read, be aware that you’re agreeing to be part of Fred’s email marketing. He uses the eBook for promoting his other products, including our focus today: the FB Playbook.

Who’s the author?

Fred is an entrepreneur dedicated to eCommerce, mentorship, and online marketing. The meat of his experience is on the latter, and he started as media buyer before building a business with two brands: Starting From Zero and iPro Academy.

He isn’t a nobody. His YouTube channel has a modest following of more than 80,000 subscribers, but he did start his channel way back in 2011. His content is quite varied: business tips, strategies, dropshipping, and both affiliate and social media marketing.

It isn’t rare for him to release courses and other products, and he has several training programs focused on how to make money online. He’s covered several platforms like ClickBank, JVZoo, and even Warrior Forum.

Fred is a strong supporter of email marketing, and you’ve probably noticed it from his eBook I just mentioned. That’s not an isolated instance, he’s always offering similar products for free or at discounts in exchange of your email. He then uses it to offer more expensive upsells.

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The course at hand aims towards internet entrepreneurs interested in using Facebook as a traffic source. That doesn’t depend on any business model, but you should already have one up and running if you want to take this course. It can be anything from eCommerce to affiliate marketing and even local companies.

I bought the price months ago for $7, seemingly discounted from $297 due to holidays. I hadn’t gotten around to it because of other courses that were more popular at the moment, but keep in mind that it was the price not long after launching, so it might be priced the same right now.

The content itself spreads over 7 modules covering different aspects of creating and managing a Facebook Ads campaign.


The course starts off by teaching you the fundamentals before launching ads for your different products or services. It’s not an intro to FB Ads, but it asks you to check if you have all necessary pages, accounts, and the like.

I have to give props to Fred for starting off right into the point. Welcome, mindset, and basics modules always feel like filler when they’re supposed to be for advanced entrepreneurs.

Marketing strategies

Module 2 goes into 3 strategies you can turn to for your ads. You learn about the different types of ads and which objectives you should follow to improve results.

Fred touches on the 3×3 method, and if you grabbed an eBook from him or watched his YouTube videos, you’ll be familiar with this approach.

Sniper targeting

This is all about targeting your ads effectively. You’ll learn how to determine the right audience and market your offers to them for improved conversion chances.

It touches on how you can figure out your target audience and what it’s looking for or what they need so that you can sell to them without too much effort.


Module 4 gives you a template you can use from what Fred determines as an optimal ad. It includes post copy, what goes into the video ad, the correct layout, etc.

The idea behind this is for you to combine it with his 3×3 method for a successful campaign.

Inspecting data

Here, you learn how you should analyze the data generated from your ads. This allows you to keep track of their performance and ensure you’re not wasting your money.

Fred tells you which data points you should keep an eye on, and how you can identify failing campaigns. You then learn how to tweak them and make them work properly.

Basically, it’s a module on when you should scale or kill your ads.


Module 6 goes into scaling your successful ads. You learn why, when, and how you do it.

Besides the basics, Fred gives you a few steps you want to take if you want a proper and safe scaling process. The idea is to keep you from messing up and making your previously successful ad fail after spending more money.

Advanced strategies

The last module is for, according to Fred, COMPLETE PROS. This module aims solely for people with the right confidence and, of course, budget. It’s also for those who already have successful ads after applying the previous knowledge.

Basically, you’ll learn about targeting lookalike audiences. There are other strategies, but I’ll just use Fred’s words again: they’re too hard for beginners to understand.

Final Verdict

Basically, the FB Playbook is a brief course that gives you an overview of how you should run an ad campaign on the platform. However, once you get to the content itself, you’ll realize it’s actually just about the basics of running a campaign; the key pointers to follow and how to navigate through it.

Don’t think this strategy is the only way to succeed with Facebook Ads, either, even though Fred is certainly a recognized online marketer. His success doesn’t mean you can replicate it by following his exact steps; it’s also not the optimal approach for your own campaigns.

Not all methods work for all niches, so you want to learn different marketing strategies so that you can pick the one that works best for what you offer. All methods require testing, and if you buy a course on a single strategy, and it fails, you’re left with nothing.

Despite how he talks as if the course is for professionals, the content is too basic, and only complete beginners will benefit from the content offered here. As is, it’s definitely worth the $7 I paid for it, perhaps up to $10. However, I’ll definitely recommend you stay away from it if you find it priced at $297.

He also keeps trying to upsell you more expensive courses like the iPro Academy. Even if you signed up for this course directly, you’re still added into his mailing list, so expect routine emails with discounts and links. In a way, this course feels like another way to get you to opt into his mailing list.

If you’re an impulsive buyer, this can be dangerous. The products might seem cheap at first, but they’ll quickly become a significant investment if you keep buying them, especially if they follow the same amount of content included in his FB Playbook.

Better Alternative

With that in mind, don’t forget that Facebook marketing is one of the most effective methods. The problem here is just how he offers a single strategy.

As I said, if you buy a course with a single approach, you’re going to be left stranded if that fails. Because of that, the more you can get, the better.

That’s why I always recommend Franklin Hatchett’s courses: eCom Elites and Savage Affiliates. Both focus on different industries. They’re both $197-297, and they both offer countless strategies on dozens of methods.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my FB Playbook Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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