Jon Mac’s Products Review

Jon Mac is a public speaker, author, and mentor who focuses on teaching entrepreneurs how to build their ventures, but he fails to fall into the hype that similar coaches overuse.

He’s the author of many products priced differently, looking to adapt to anyone. The lowest product is an eCommerce book that you can buy for $7. It’s also a way to get you into his email list to market his other products if you decide to buy it.


This method is priced at $1,997, and it’s focused on trending products right now, which hopefully means that he updates this course quite frequently. It also teaches you how you can reverse engineer the competition to find out what’s working for them and tips to find the bests-selling niches in all marketplaces.

You’re also treated to a few FB strategies that utilize secret keywords as well as how to properly price your products and write ad copy.

It does sound like the standard content you can find in most courses today, so I can’t see the need for spending $2,000 on that content. In fact, Tristan Broughton has a very similar offer for a lot less money, it’s the Product Winner Blueprint.

Tristan also has a lot more subscribers on YouTube.


This is a course focused on targeting your Facebook ads. It lasts 6 weeks, and you learn different approaches to that end.

You’re first introduced to a tool that can help you make things easier. As for the strategies, you have how to find out your buyers’ interests, intersecting similar niches to increase conversions, finding new audiences for scaling, and you get another tool to extend your campaigns’ duration.

You also have 3 case studies in the final week, where Jon shows you different campaigns applying this method. It’s the same price as last time, and as I already told you, you really don’t need to spend so much for this knowledge.

For example, eCom Elites offers the same content plus a lot more (like Google, Instagram, SEO, LinkedIn, chat bots, etc) throughout its 200 videos for 10 times less what this would cost you.

Product launch

This seems to be the latest program he’s released, and it focuses on finding good products for your store. You learn how to research profitable niches to find equally profitable items.

You also have lessons on analyzing competitors, ad copy, boosting sales, reaching vendors, and staying away from bad items.

There’s also a bonus section that shows you 23 recommended products. However, most of these products are already dead or oversaturated with dropshippers looking to sell the same things.

This course is $2,997, and you already know what I think about that price.

eCommerce Accelerator

This is one of the best-known courses by Jon, and it’s a beginner-to-advanced course priced, again, at $2,997. It focuses on eCommerce and Facebook marketing.

You learn how to set up a store, search for the right products to start offering, testing them with your Facebook ads, and scaling the successful items with a few strategies.

Now, week 1 is mostly useless because using several apps means paying several monthly fees. You can install a premium theme like Shoptimized or eCom Turbo, and you’ll pay a single fee that’s much cheaper and brings all the features from those apps into one.

Finally, the rest of the content follows the same path: you can find it on cheaper courses.

Store Formula

This is just a brief course on how to open a dropshipping business. The only thing that sets this course apart is that he uses CommerceHQ instead of Shopify.

You’ll see why in a bit.

Millionaire Challenge

This offer is access to a bunch of recordings from an even spanning 2 days. Most topics are a mix of things covered by his other courses, but he’s a good public speaker. I’ve been to a couple of events where he has spoken and it’s really fun.

I’m sure it translates into this package.

Basically, you learn about product research, marketing and targeting tactics, campaign optimization and scaling, email marketing, and outsourcing your operations.

Overall, it seems like an amazing way to get the content from other courses in a more entertain… Never mind, it’s $6,000.


Jon Mac is one of the founders of CommerceHQ, and that’s why he constantly prefers it over Shopify.

However, I can’t tell you whether it’s good or not because I’ve never used it. Honestly, I don’t see why should I switch Shopify for anything else since it’s the most competitive platform both in price and features.

CommerceHQ’s cheapest plan is $99, and that’s $70 more than Shopify’s cheapest subscription. I can’t really recommend it over other.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

Now, don’t get me wrong. Jon Mac is definitely a successful entrepreneur, and he knows what he’s talking about. He wouldn’t be such a respected individual in the eCommerce environment, nor would he be invited to so many events.

As I said, I’ve heard his speeches, and he’s definitely an entertaining guy, and he provides a lot of insights and value when he speaks. In fact, the only program from what we’ve seen I can say offers more value is his live speech recordings; sadly, the price is much more than what you should pay for it.

That’s also the problem with most courses today from renowned individuals. They fail when trying to translate their knowledge into teaching.

Besides, all courses being priced at over $2,000 definitely don’t make me trust his interest in helping you succeed.

If your looking for one of the best dropshipping which is affordable and contains a ton of information? Check out eCom Elites, I did a review on it that you can read.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Jon Mac’s Products Review and I wish you the best of luck.


Hey, I am Mike and I am a full-time affiliate marketer! Nowadays there’s a lot of people promoting guru courses and overall bad software products. I am absolutely tired of people pushing their overpriced and crappy products and courses out to everyone to take advantage of you. My mission is to review and call out bad products, software, and courses whilst recommending only the best there is! You can read a little more about my journey  here!

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  1. It’s a scam

    I have engaged their agency to ran the marketing and promised with a full refund if they can’t find a “winning product” within 30 days. THe winning product was defined as “ROAS x 2”. This service cost e 3900 a month. And they spend around 2500 on Facebook ads during this month.

    And the “winning product” they found, was something cost $999.5 on Facebook ads, and only generated 7 purchases ($65 per sales).

    The way they argue back was, as 80 adset was created for this product, and ONE of the ads set (which ran for less than 24 hours) had generated 1 sale after spending $8.5. AND THIS IS YOUR WINNING PRODUCT!



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