Drop Ship Drop Out Academy Review (Kyle Russell Course)

If you’ve spent enough time watching dropshipping videos on YouTube, then it’s likely you’ve stumbled into eCommerce Kyle, also known as Kyle Russell. He’s the author of the course we’re going to review today: Drop Ship Drop Out Academy.

Now, don’t mistake him for the YouTube channel of the same (almost) name, for he’s not really affiliated to them in any way, and this is an individual course only associated to Kyle. He aims to teach you the necessary steps you want to take if you desire to run a successful eCommerce business.

I got it for $358, and as usual, you can buy and access it through Teachables, which is always a nice thing to know.

So, let’s go into the guy behind the content and the content itself. I’ll summarize my thoughts on whether it’s a good course or not at the end, so feel free to head there if you’re in a hurry.

Who’s the author?

Kyle Russell a young entrepreneur with a YouTube channel, which goes by the name eCommerce Kyle. He’s from the US and 19 years old.

His channel’s main focus is dropshipping through the Shopify platform, but he offers a bit of content on other topics now and then. He’s also covered social media marketing, with a central focus on Facebook, as usual, given the importance of the platform.

His own website mentions he’s been dropshipping for about a couple of years now, presumably since he was 17 or just a little bit older.

His channel was created a bit over a year ago, back in August 2018. His channel is fairly small, still going through the 1,000’s. His average views per video are about 300.

However, his Instagram is quite larger, and he surpassed the 17,000 followers mark a good while ago. He uploads the same pictures you’d expect from other eCommerce gurus (traveling and screenshots), always with his own watermark.

It’s easy to see he’s focused on selling you the dreamy lifestyle that you can get with dropshipping to promote his course as the path towards it.

Reviewing Drop Ship Drop Out Academy

You have 61 videos spread over 8 different modules. Every module goes through its own topic, and the most important sections are the ones focused on store setup, marketing, and scaling.

Social media is the marketing focus here as well, so don’t expect to learn about Google or email marketing, SEO, or any particularly “obscure” social media channel like Snapchat.


The course opens up with a general welcome and exposition of the course, and he tells you how to access the community and contact him in case you need support.

Module 1

The content itself starts out overviewing the course and outlining the pre-requisites you want to meet before starting the course. I don’t know about you, but I think this is something that belongs on the sales page.

There’s another video explaining what’s dropshipping, but I’m sure you already know that since you bought a course on it. There’s a video on the required mindset, but I’ll give props to the video on expected costs.

Module 2

The 2nd module guides you through creating a business plan. However, it’s more about how to find the products your store will focus on. It’s not planning your entire business but more about setting the foundations of your store. Lessons focus on product research and validating with Facebook.

Module 3

The 3rd module is about creating your store. It’s your basic content on store creation, coming up with a logo, and getting images.

The latter videos dive into setting up your footer and header, how to use Oberlo for importing products, some other apps recommended by the author, and finally how to set up your payments and shipping.

Module 4

This module is all about social media marketing. You learn how to set up your page on Facebook and Instagram, and after that, it goes into how to grow your accounts and some integrations.

There’s a pretty good overview towards the end about testing, which is definitely one of the highlights of the course.

Module 5

Oddly enough, the module after social media marketing is the introduction to social media marketing. I’m sure this is some kind of mistake, but it’s nothing important. Here, you’ll learn about the basic terms in the industry, an intro to ads on FB and IG, and how to set up your pixel.

After that, you learn how to create engagement on Facebook, and it closes with how to leverage organizational structures and filtering your ad comments.

Module 5 (part 2)

This is just a continuation of the previous 2 modules. While it’s named “Module 5”, it’s actually a continuation of module 4.

Anyways, you learn about conversion ads, alternative targeting, ad scheduling, video ads, and a GIF maker called EZGIF, which you can employ to improve your content variety.

Module 6

In the 6th module, you learn how to read your ads results and how to scale them. You’ll learn about what makes a viable product, how to keep track of your ads for different periods (1, 2, and 3 days), and what type of results you should expect at each period.

There’s another lesson about scaling with your usual techniques: optimizing your campaign bidding as well as custom and lookalike audiences to improve your targeting.

The module closes with what you can use to breakdown your ads and optimize them better, lifetime budgets, the commonplace manual bidding lesson, and how to scale without interest adsets.

Module 7

This module goes into the knowledge you’ll need once your orders start coming in.

The videos cover what you should do if your supplier’s stock runs out, how to use Oberlo for order fulfillment, handling high risk orders, a tip to get 6% on AliExpress cashback, and some finance management stuff.

Module 8

The last module in the course goes into how to grow your Instagram and a few marketing strategies you can employ for free.

The lessons in this module go through how to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm to increase your likes, other free marketing like Quora, and some automation.


The bonus is just the chance to work as an affiliate marketer for the course. I guess it’s a way to get some money, but why would you train dropshippers and offer them affiliate marketing?

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

This is a mostly average course with a pretty solid section on Facebook ads. The only issue is the lack of other approaches like SEO, email marketing, Google Ads, etc. Besides, they’re very beginner-friendly.

However, it’s not a bad course, but for $100 less you can get eCom Elites, which offers three or four times the amount of content here.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Drop Ship Drop Out Academy Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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