Diamond eCommerce Review (Youse Alsamarai Course)

Every time a known guru releases a new course without updates for his previous content, people on the internet tend to get mad (for good reason). Sadly, Youse (or Yous) classifies into that category.

His latest release is Diamond eCommerce, our focus today. He had 2 seemingly left for dead courses named Wolves and Tigers eCommerce. Next course giveaway for the first one who guesses the next random word he’ll pick.

This course is a spiritual successor to Wolves eCommerce, as both are about setting up a PoD (print on demand) site.

Let’s see if it’s any good.

Who’s the author?

Yous is his username, and that’s a large portion of the info you can find online about him, so there’s a good chance you don’t know him. However, his YouTube channel does have a modest following of over 70,000 subscribers, and many of his videos have gone viral.

He says he’s a social media expert, specially on FB and YouTube ads. He started out when he was 17, and his experience has (according to him) allowed him to make money through teaching and consulting.

His videos are actually quite good and insightful, and he mostly steers clear from the clickbait and luxury pictures.

Diamond eCommerce Course

The course is priced at $197, but it’s OK if you can’t see it because there are too many revenue numbers on the sales page. It’s hosted on Teachables, a very responsive platform with high quality video and audio; you can access through any device.

From the content, you can see that Youse isn’t making random stuff up, and he says that this “diamond” method is the reason behind his PoD entrepreneurship, which he hadn’t revealed “until now”.

Reviewing Diamond eCommerce

The course splits into 9 modules, from a simple welcome module to the method itself and how to review your business. It also touches on marketing and product research.

If this is the first course you get from him, then you’re lucky. You’ll get to avoid the disappointment and frustration of seeing him recycle content from his other 2 courses. The only big difference comes with 2 videos making up the entire diamond method module, which lasts 16 minutes in total and shows the explanation and a real life example.

There’s a section on how to review your store, and it has 2 stores reviewed, but it’s just 4 minutes each. The Facebook Ads section is 2 videos explaining the method and 2 about retargeting.

The biggest module is the store creation one, and it’s a shame since it just repeats other courses and even free videos on YouTube.

Unfortunately, Youse still can’t cover a complete approach with at least most of the methods available like Twitter, SEO, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

As for refunds, Diamond eCommerce has the same refunds policy as the previous courses by Youse. You have 30 days to ask for a refund, and you don’t have a set limit on how many videos you can watch. While I didn’t find mentions on hidden terms, but seeing as you can watch the entire thing in a few hours, it can’t be as easy.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

The price isn’t bad for the content it’s offering, but it’s the same price as eCom Elites, which offers 10x times the content, with more depth and strategies through different platforms.

Besides, I’m not really OK with him recycling the same content from previous courses and selling it to his followers again instead of updating the other courses they already bought.

However, it’s good insight into PoD, and it’s cheaper than most courses, but as I said, it’s the same price as the best eCom course right now.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Diamond eCommerce Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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