Connor Chapman Review: Shopify Mentorship Worth It?

Connor is one of the countless Shopify entrepreneurs and experts claiming to coach hundreds of students. He has a YouTube channel all around his own eCommerce experience, and he’s also our topic for today.

We’re going to take a look at who he is and what service he offers to determine whether or not he’s actually the expert he claims to be.

He doesn’t have a course available so far, but with his growing channel, it might be in the works already. He’s been around for a while, and he already has a few thousand subscribers.

Who’s Connor?

Connor says he’s an entrepreneur who managed who quit is full-time job after a successful dropshipping venture; he’s also 25 years old, or so it seems. According to him, he owns several 6-figure businesses on Shopify, and he wants to do the same for aspiring businessmen via YouTube.

His channel is still quite small, just heading to the 100,000 views mark. His overall engagement is also quite low, especially compared to your average eCommerce guru on YouTube.

He claims to be a US resident, and his YouTube channel has over 50 videos available. Other than that, there’s very limited information about him on the internet, and I couldn’t find his stores or more information other than what he says.

His YouTube

His YouTube channel centers about educational videos on tips and strategies, like step-by-step tutorials to reach certain milestones. His content is quite standard: how to reach profit marks, finding products, and marketing tips.

The titles themselves aren’t particularly original, mostly your regular “top X tips”, “top X mistakes you should avoid” and case studies.

Nevertheless, he does look like he knows about the business model. I actually quite enjoyed his videos while sorting through his channels, and he’s simply likeable. You can see him being quite genuine instead of another guru selling a get-rich-quick scheme.

His Mentorship

While not promoting a course, he does offer a product: private mentorship, and you might see him stating that he’s looking to turn this new venture into “another success story”.

It’s quite interesting in how it works. He directs you to a shortened link that takes you to a “discovery call”. It’s personal, and it’s basically an application, and you’re basically entitled to 30 minutes with him. During this time, he’ll “evaluate” whether or not you’re compatible to work with him.

It’s easy to see this as just a scarcity tactic to create some sense of urgency or exclusiveness. One of the signs that make me believe this is how the times available are quite limited.

The call itself isn’t out of the ordinary. You must answer some questions like what your bigger strengths are, why you wish to succeed, whether or not you’re employed, how much money you make every month, what’s your budget, etc.

I couldn’t really find which students are “incompatible” with his coaching, but I have my doubts about him actually rejecting aspiring students. Likewise, I couldn’t find any student testimonials other than the case study he shows in his channel.

Is coaching worth it?

I don’t really understand why successful entrepreneurs feel the need to offer private coaching. It takes quite some time that they could otherwise spend on growing their own stores.

His business model seems to be more of the same as other gurus—as much as he separates himself from them. He basically offers some free value to entice people to buy into his real product: private coaching.

I’m not saying he’s a scammer. As far as I’ve seen, there seems to be real knowledge behind what he says, and I don’t really have reasons to believe he’s a scammer like many others.

It just seems weird why he would go for a coaching package instead of creating a course. It would only take him a time investment once, and then he can go back to managing his stores. What doesn’t make a lot of sense is such a time-consuming approach like coaching.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

If he makes 6 figures dropshipping, there’s really no reason to offer coaching sessions. Even if he makes $100,000, it would add up to about $33,333 daily. That’s almost $1,400 per hour, so why would he go for a much lower hourly rate than just spending time building on that success?

Therefore, I can’t really recommend his premium coaching. He seems genuine, but it simply doesn’t add up.

I always recommend a high-quality course like eCom Elites instead of coaching because Franklin (author of Ecom Elites) himself says he doesn’t have time to do 1 on 1 because they are just not worth the time if he’s making so much money he should focus on his business.

That’s why I can’t recommend this course, especially considering other courses like eCom Elites, which costs $197 ($297 for the premium package), and it still offers over 200 videos on all the topics covered here with a lot more depth and dozens of more strategies.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Connor Chapman Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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