Wholesale Underground Review

There’s been quite a bit of hype around this course lately, so it’s only fair it has caught your attention. If you’re interested in what exactly it offers and whether or not it’s something you should get, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’ll review the course, the author, and the content. I’ll give you my personal verdict at the end on whether or not this $997 course is what you need to start and grow your wholesale venture with Amazon.

About the course

The business model taught in this course is all about buying your products from distributors around your area who sell brand names. You want to reach a wholesale agreement with them and list the products on Amazon for yourself.

It sounds quite simple, and there’s not a lot of theory and concepts behind it. The problem is that you might not enjoy profit margins as large as you’d like, which is especially true for competitive niches.

It also seems to be quite similar to dropshipping since you’re sourcing the products directly from the wholesaler. It seems you don’t really need to interact with your inventory directly.

About the author

According to Marvin, he created this course after making many mistakes he made while building his own business. It’s basically to help others avoid repeating his errors.

As for Marvin himself, he has a YouTube channel centered around online entrepreneurship, mainly Amazon FBA and digital marketing. His YouTube channel is quite small, with a bit over 5,300 subscribers at the time of writing. Most of his videos have hundreds of view, with a couple ones getting a thousand or two.

Most of his content is educational, and he often shares clear examples. Despite this, and being on YouTube for about 2 and a half years, he’s only gathered a bit over 200,000 views.

If you head over to his Instagram page, you’ll see him claiming to be a 6-figure seller on Amazon. He also offers a link to free training; this is a free webinar about him quitting his regular job and building a business on Amazon FBA with branded products.

Reviewing Wholesale Underground

You get around 70 videos covering different topics as well as a private group on Facebook with 200 members, give or take. Given how long it’s been around, it’s quite an inactive group, with just a few posts every month.

The content itself splits into 6 different modules, called chapters, with up to 15 videos each one. The videos themselves are usually about 5 minutes in length, but some are shorter or longer.

Chapter 1

The first module is about starting out and setting up your business. Here, it’s made clear that it’s a USA-focused course, so you’ll have a harder time if you’re overseas and taking this course—unless you can get a reseller ID.

Unfortunately, this fact isn’t made clear on the course’s sales page, so it’s important to point it out right now.

Other than that, you get an introduction to the business model and how to operate your business.

Chapter 2

This is a module on the fundamentals of building your business. It covers how you use your buy box, product pricing, researching the competition, and listing your offers.

It also touches on different tools you should use for this approach, as well as reading and analyzing the graphs shown in your dashboard. RevSeller and AMZ Scout Pro are recommended by Marvin, but keep in mind that they’ll be an additional investment to what you already paid for the course.

You also learn how many products you should order as well as how your inventory limit works. The module closes with product checklists, calculating profits, and a couple of product research examples.

Chapter 3

This chapter is the longest one, with 21 different lessons covering suppliers and everything related to them, starting off with comparing authorized suppliers and resellers. You also learn how to research your suppliers, which questions you want to ask, and other tips.

Marvin recommends Helium, a very popular tool among large sellers on Amazon. You also learn how to research using Google to find which products you should consider or avoid.

This is quite an informative module, and I could definitely see it as a highlight.

Chapter 4

This chapters is somewhat of a continuation to the previous one: how to cultivate trust and relationships to improve your negotiation chances. There are some tips from Marvin on how to convince people and networking.

Other lessons include keeping in touch, which emails you should send, and applying to Ungate: Amazon’s restricted category.

Chapter 5

The 5th module is all about handling payments. It starts with placing and paying your first orders from a chosen wholesaler. There’s a tutorial on how to use SPD shipping and creating them; there’s also a lesson on shipping less than a truckload.

Marvin also introduces a company that can keep track of your stock for you as well as holding it, which might make things easier. However, keep in mind it’s a paid service. The last lesson is about product bundling and reconciling shipments.

Chapter 6

The last module is an assortment of different lessons and topics: multi-channel fulfillment, correcting mistakes, website creation, hiring VA’s, and how to become an affiliate marketer for the course.


Marvin definitely knows what he’s talking about, and I could see this course being quite good for beginners. You’ll learn how to deal with your suppliers, use Amazon, and build your business overall.

However, the content lacks in some areas. You don’t really learn a lot about product research or how to actually sell your products. Therefore, it’s a very expensive program for what you actually get, especially when you consider how mentorship will set you back $300 more.

It’s a good course for people who know nothing about wholesale as a business model and how to use Amazon as an entrepreneur, but it’s quite risky and lacks depth in some areas.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Wholesale Underground Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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