Beyond Six Figures Review (Justin Woll Course)

The full name Is Beyond Six Figures eCommerce Profit University, and it’s Justin’s own course. It’s designed to show you how you can build and market your eCommerce venture from scratch, and it divides into several videos spread through modules.

It says it contains all the steps you need to launch and grow your first eCommerce store, but is it true?

Let’s go through the content and find out.

Who’s the author?

Justin Woll is the owner, teacher, and mastermind behind the Beyond Six Figures course. Not only is he a multiple ‘Two Comma Club’ winner, but he’s also the head of the largest personal eCommerce Mentorship Agency.

Justin Woll didn’t have a smooth start either. He grew up in a low-income home and only found success after dedicating the time and energy to discovering the secret of succeeding in the eCommerce industry.

Since he wasn’t handed anything for free, Justin truly started from the bottom and climbed to the top. He has been hugely successful as a young entrepreneur and created this course to share his powerful knowledge with others striving for the same triumph.

About the course

Justin is quite an impressive case of young people’s success. He studied at Rutgers University (business), and he’s dedicated to eCommerce ever since. He made about $200,000 his first year, and he was featured on the 2018 edition of Top Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs magazine.

The only issue with him is how he sticks to exaggerating his claims and numbers. He said his FB group had 25,000 students back when it only had 17,000. Besides, his 90-day program costs $5,000 ($6,000 in instalments), and I doubt any eCom education should be worth that much.

Target audience

The course structure is for people of all skill levels. It caters from beginners to those who have already started their eCommerce journey. Justin Woll’s course provides learners of all levels and designed to match you at whatever level you’re on.

It truly is a course for everyone.

That said, if you’re someone who is just looking for a quick, easy, no-effort-needed course and then money will magically fall into your lap, honestly, this is not the course for you. Justin dedicates himself to your success, but that means you need to be too!

Besides, the course also offers advanced modules, and even the basic ones have good tips now and then, so more advanced students can still get value from it.

Reviewing Beyond Six Figures


It starts with a general view about the topics you’ll see in the course. There’s a good video on how product pages have changed with time.


This module goes into how good branding should look and what it is exactly. He also goes into how you can create a strong brand and why that’s important. It extends into products and store as well.

Store setup

This module goes into the smaller details of creating a store on Shopify. It touches on choosing themes, logo creation, setting up your payments processor, your ship rates, etc. It’s not really a store creation module, but instead, it prepares you for the actual section coming next.

“Turbocharging” store

This section goes into much more depth and length. You learn about how to set up a store properly, finding the best marketing approach for your business, and how you can find the best products for your business. The last topic is based on a product that he claims made him $200,000.

Productivity extensions

Next up, you learn about Chrome’s business productivity extensions, which help make your workflow more efficient. He teaches a bit about Canva, which is a great free/cheap choice for good designs.

Researching products

Here, he talks about his first successful product, which allegedly earned him $200,000 in a year. He then goes into how to find good products for your venture.

Facebook (basics, intermediate, and advanced)

There are 3 modules dedicated to marketing your store with Facebook Ads. It’s good to see such dedication to this topic, and there are some good insights here and there. Of course, the content gets better towards the end; the basics are standard stuff you can learn for free.

Ads strategies

There are 4 sections making up different strategies. You have content on how to spot and solve inconsistencies in your ads, using manual bidding, how to scale your store, reaching out and dealing with IG influencers, and a final module on email marketing.

Following Justin (last 3 modules)

The final modules are somewhat of a blueprint to reach his success, but not quite. The 14th module is about a formula Justin says can make you $5,000 daily. There’s the updated Facebook Ads section (which constantly receives updates), and the last module is the case study of a product that made him the famous entrepreneur he is today.

Beyond Six Figures More Info

Everyone has to start somewhere. 

If you have been scouring the internet trying to find the best beginner eCommerce course, Beyond Six Figures is an essential foundational guide to starting in the industry.

Suppose you have already started your eCommerce journey and are looking for a course that will advance your business. Beyond Six Figures has a lot of advanced techniques that you honestly don’t see in most of the courses out there. Yes, I agree the price is steep when you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. But, once you realize the money you can make from eCommerce you will realize it’s worth it.

Take this Beyond Six Figures review however you would like, but my recommendation is to invest in yourself and see what Justin Woll can do for you!

Is the Beyond Six Figures Course Worth the Money?

As I mentioned above, the Beyond Six Figures course costs $997 in total. For a beginner just getting started in their eCommerce journey, this can be a jaw-dropping number for one of your first business expenses. 

In all honesty, it is a lot of money, but it is a fantastic deal for what includes in the course. The Beyond Six Figures course consists of an eCommerce University (the online course) and a 90-day Mastermind coaching program. This coaching program gives you direct access to work with Justin Woll personally so he can cater to your experience.

The Beyond Six Figures course also includes access to Justin’s private members-only Facebook group, where you can get direct answers to your questions by Justin and other students who found success!

Final Verdict

I personally recommend this course for anyone looking to get into ecommerce or is already doing ecommerce. Why?

I will keep it short, I reviewed many courses and 99% of them are really bad. However, with this one, Justin really designed the course in the way to not only give you the tools you need to start seeing success but, they literally made it easy to learn, and have homework after almost every video so, what you learn you actually take action and really try to drill the information in.

The course literally has the highest number of student success out of any eCommerce course out there.

Lastly, this course has a TON of content. Many courses nowadays just have obvious information which you can easily just youtube however, with this there’s a TON of content which you can’t just youtube.

Now, keep in mind this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If you’re thinking you’re going to see success with just buying the course and not putting in the work you are 100% wrong. You need to put in effort on your part.

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I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Beyond Six Figures Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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