Wolves eCommerce Review (Youssef Alsamarai Course)

Youssef Alsamarai has returned with another course teaching you about running an eCommerce on Shopify. This time, the course comes as Wolves eCommerce, and it’s a longer entry than his last release.

Still the course is noticeably short, and it feels like just an extended version of his Tiger eCommerce course released previously. It’s not saying much as well since it was under 25 videos, and it barely reached 2 hours in content.

Another difference is that Tiger focused on using AliExpress, whereas Wolves eCommerce is a print on demand course.

Who’s the author?

If you don’t know him personally, then you won’t find a lot of luck figuring out who he actually is. His YouTube username is just Yous, and you’re not going to find out about him on the internet.

He does have a significant audience with more than 70,000 subscribers, and quite a few of his videos have gone viral, so he’s relatively well-known.

His claims include being an expert on social media marketing as well as a successful entrepreneur with both YouTube and Facebook Ads. He started out when he was 17, and he’s said to have come a long way until now, and he currently makes most of his income by teaching and coaching others on how to do the same.

The bulk of his videos provide good insight, and he stays clear from overcrowding his videos with clickbait titles and luxurious sports cars when promoting his course, so at least I like him.

Reviewing Wolves eCommerce

As with all courses, you have to look past all the figures and numbers on the sales pages and take a look straight into the content and its relation to the price tag of $198. Teachables host the content, so at least you’re getting good video and audio quality and responsiveness on all devices.

Besides, Youssef also speaks confidently, and it makes you feel he really knows about the things he teaches. However, don’t take my word for it since some people are just good in front of the camera.

The course splits into 11 modules covering different topics, from product research, to a final module on American dropshipping.

It’s pleasing to say he out a bit more content into this course after seeing his Tiger program, but it’s still quite short. In fact, he used some videos from his previous course into this one, so I’ll have to point that out despite whether or not the videos are actually useful in both instances.

The welcome module is just a 23-second long video with brief insights into the course. There’s a Facebook group for the course, and you also have access to a link for personal coaching from Youssef.

What do you get with this course?

The first module jumps into product research, showing a 4-step method for finding “hidden gems”. However, it’s not as groundbreaking as he wants you to think: just a nice method for finding some products.

The first duplicate comes in the Facebook Ads module. It’s the same as his Tiger course, with 7 videos offering insight into getting started and setting up your account. I don’t know why he didn’t expand it since you can find courses with at least twice as much content as this section. Besides, it’s missing relevant updates.

The secret Instagram approach is also recycled from his Tiger course, and it’s not a secret. You probably already know it if you’ve seen videos on Instagram marketing.

An addition to this course is the print on demand business model and how Youssef teaches you to implement this strategy to your store on Shopify. He then compares it to using AliExpress.

You have a standard section on setting up your store, and it’s only different from Tiger in that it’s two shorter videos instead of a single long one. While the module focuses on a print on demand business, you can apply this knowledge to build any store.

You then get a couple of videos on growing your Instagram and building your brand account. This module stands out thanks to Youssef’s meaningful insight, and it’s something I was expecting, given his experience as a consultant. So I can’t really complain about this section –good job.

The last videos talk about live reviews for your store, and the last module about dropshipping in America.

You finally get a directory with verified suppliers you can use for your business, but beware that these will probably only work for US-based companies or residents. You can try as an overseas business, but you should just skip it unless you have an SSN or a reseller ID.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

If we compare Wolves eCommerce to other courses out there, then it’s probably fairly priced at $198, especially seeing how courses offering the same content go for over $500. Youssef also knows what he’s talking about, and he has some ideas that I can share.

Finally, some of the videos have good quality in terms of content, and Youssef really shows his knowledge in some of them. The sections on print on demand offer good insight, and it’s a far cheaper course than other POD courses.

However, it’s still too little, and I’m annoyed at how he recycled videos that weren’t the best in the first place. It just feels like laziness where he could have delivered an improved experience.

Lastly, I said the price is OK compared to others, but then there are courses like eCome Elites (read my review) that will cost you the same and provide more than twice the amount of content, rivaling courses priced over $1,000.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Wolves eCommerce Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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