Verified Dropshipping Review
(Jimmy Hill and Adam Kalish Course)

If you’re used to follow eCommerce figures on social media, then you’ve probably seen an ad for Jimmy and Adam’s course. Today, we’ll go through the content of this program and determine whether it’s worth the price of any of its 3 plans.

The course looks to teach how you can build a successful dropshipping business that will replace your regular job in 3 months. Does the content provide what you need?

Who’s the authors?

If you’ve heard from them, it’s probably from their ads. There’s little information about the two of them on the internet, and I haven’t found anything about them neither on YouTube, unlike most gurus.

They do have Instagram profiles, and have around 10,000 followers among the 2 accounts. However, there’s little content in these accounts, mostly depicting regular images from random days.

Jimmy says he’s been a successful dropshipping entrepreneur for about 15 months now, and this has enabled him to turn it into his main income stream. According to him, a single product has allowed him to pay off his debts, quit his main job, and travel around the world.

Similarly, Adam claims to have used dropshipping to free himself from a frustrating job working office hours. Just like Jimmy, he says dropshipping has helped him live on his own rules, and he wants to help others do so as well.

About Verified Dropshipping

You can access the course through its main page: You can get to it by typing the address on your web browser or through the free webinar they use as promotion.

The webinar is quite clever. It gives you what’s supposed to be free training, but it leads to even more questions. After that, you’re provided with the link to their course, seemingly there to answer all those doubts.

You can access the course through 3 different packages: $197 for the Basic plan, $497 for the Advanced and $597 for the Verified plan.

Each plan offers the main course and the private group with other members for support and discussions. With each plan upgrade, you get more extras like product recommendations, reviews for your website, and marketing strategies.

Reviewing Verified Dropshipping

The course itself has 26 exercises plus an intro, an outro, and the bonuses I mentioned. Its main objective is to show you how to set up your store and get customers. The “exercises” are steps you want to replicate to that end.

You first take a look at the authors’ stores before going into building your own. You learn how to name it, link your domain, set up the backend, integrating apps, getting products for your store and setting up their pages and prices.

You then learn how to test orders before going into the marketing half: creating ads, building your brand, marketing strategies mostly focused in Facebook Ads (with 4 exercises on it). You also learn about store management like fulfilling your orders before going into the basics of scaling like increasing your profits, growing your brand, and scaling your ads.

However, it’s disappointing not to see anything on Google and Instagram, let alone SEO and email and content marketing. These are paramount for your success, and they’re covered in courses within the same price range.


This course has a policy of zero refunds. As always, proceed with caution and consider that a red flag.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

It’s not the most expensive course on the market, but it’s still missing a lot, especially when compared to a course like eCom Elites which costs the same.

It also has 50 lessons covering Facebook marketing alone, and that’s without going into SEO, email marketing, Google and Instagram, and even underused platforms like Snapchat and LinkedIn.

If you want a build a successful eCommerce business, then you want to have all the tools and approaches you can get right at the get-go. Besides, you also have free traffic methods to help you keep your marketing budget affordable.

Not only is the standard plan priced the same as Jimmy and Adam’s course, but the premium package is just $297, less than their middle subscription. If you want it, you’ll get access to a bunch of bonuses for you to use.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Verified Dropshipping Review and I wish you the best of luck.


Hey, I am Mike and I am a full-time affiliate marketer! Nowadays there’s a lot of people promoting guru courses and overall bad software products. I am absolutely tired of people pushing their overpriced and crappy products and courses out to everyone to take advantage of you. My mission is to review and call out bad products, software, and courses whilst recommending only the best there is! You can read a little more about my journey  here!

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  1. Your review was very helpful I’ve been doing a lot of research and I want to have a successful online business but I can’t afford all the courses from all these so called gurus I was wondering if you had any advice for that I know you have to take risk in order to be successful but I can’t afford to fail

    • If you don’t have money for eCom Elites, I highly suggest you do a job and start saving money. This needs to be treated like a real business or you won’t succeed. And don’t get credit card debt just to get a course. In order for ANY business to succeed you have to risk. If you can’t afford to fail then, you need to start saving money, working extra hours so that you can afford to fail.


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