Ultimate Dropshipping Course Review (Financial Joy Course)

This course comes from Financial Joy, a YouTube group focused on your standard online money making content. It offers 9 modules and an intro, with 21 videos in total. It’s an eBay-focused dropshipping, so it’s a rare sight, and that doesn’t necessarily mean something good.

With a $497 price tag, it seems to be about low-average when compared to other courses available, but does that mean it’s bad? Does it mean it’s good?

Basically, we’re going to analyze whether or not it’s really worth the money it asks.

About Ultimate Dropshipping Course

This course is hosted on Teachables, which always mean good quality and responsiveness. It offers different modules and videos covering from setting up your store to scaling on your success.

The course is focused on how to dropship using eBay as your platform. With that, she claims you can start your eCommerce in a day without having to spend any money on marketing (since eBay sort of does that for you) or hosting and in 5 steps.

However, eBay is a real challenge for running an online store. It’s highly competitive, and customers hold high expectations, so fulfilling orders without plenty of support from your supplier can be a problem.

Target Audience

This course aims towards beginners wishing to start their store but lack enough money for investing in actual products, advertising, or even hosting a store on a platform like Shopify.

However, despite the teacher claiming lots of experience, Financial Joy hasn’t really provided significant content on dropshipping, so there aren’t any guaranties that the knowledge here is legitimate or not.

That matters because $497 is still a serious investment, and if you’re spending that, you don’t want to lose that money. Despite the claim of no investment necessary, the price for the course itself is already a noticeable investment.

Overall, the target audience also includes people who want to start an online business without too much work and effort, which is a dangerous sales pitch. Therefore, both young and older people looking to quit their jobs might also feel interest by this course.

This course is definitely not for people with a running store or at least some basic knowledge on the subject, for they can feel their money wasted getting classes on something they probably already know.

Who’s the author?

As already stated, Financial Joy is the mastermind behind. They’re a YouTube group covering different topics related to what their name suggests: financial success.

Nevertheless, while their content can be entertaining and offer good insight now and then, they’ve never really tackled the dropshipping business model before releasing this course. That’s a warning sign since there’s a noticeable lack of professional sources you can use as reference to their knowledge on the subject and the actual value provided here.

The course itself is given by May Aries. She’s a relatively young YouTube creator who seems to run 3 profitable eCommerce ventures. She’s taken quite a few classes through her 7-year career, and she claims to constantly research and update her business accordingly. You can reach out to her via email.

Reviewing Ultimate Dropshipping Course

Overview of the course

The first module is just an introduction to the course and what you can expect to learn from it. It provides an overview of the different modules and the knowledge inside each one.


This module is pretty much just a second introduction, this time to dropshipping. It tells you what it is and a very basic outline of how it works. It doesn’t provide a lot of insight and hardly any debt, and it’s actually much less content than what you could’ve gotten if you just googled the term.


This module is called “selling platform”, but it’s just a guide to how to work through eBay; it skips all other platforms you can use for the same purpose. They do get mentions, which is inevitable for platforms like Shopify, but May doesn’t really say anything other than the name.

She claims it’s because eBay lets you start selling right away and you don’t have to pay any upfront fees.

Store set up

The next module goes into how to create your online store with eBay. There’s an important lesson here: increasing your selling limits. You see, eBay places limits on how much new accounts can get, and that’s one of the reasons why starting a dropshipping business here is so tough.

Although, if you can lift those limits, then you might have a better chance against your competitors.

Other than that, you also learn how to set up your PayPal, shipment, and understanding the fees for sellers.


In here, there’s a brief video teaching you about how you can use AliExpress to source your products due to the low prices on the platform. That’s it; don’t expect to learn about different methods and suppliers or how to contact your manufacturer and negotiate prices.

Researching products

You have 1 more video than the last module in this course you just paid almost $500 for. The first video talks about how you can find products you can sell through eBay. The second video goes through which products aren’t profitable enough and lack quick shipping, which is a noticeable issue if you’re selling on such a demanding marketplace like eBay.

Listing products

This is the longest module inside the course, and it goes into how you can list your products and offer them to your customers and increasing sales. It gives you a few strategies and tips for your products list in terms of how you should arrange them plus some optimization.

It’s the most substantial module, yes, but that doesn’t really mean it has enough depth. You’ll finish it with a solid grasp on how to list your products, but that’s it. You’ll likely have to go to YouTube or Google to find some additional strategies to expand what you learned here.


Here, we reach yet another single video module. This time, it tells you how to know the right time for you to list and how you can do so.

That’s it. Honestly, they could’ve just thrown this video in the last module and it wouldn’t have felt so lackluster.


This video gives you a few hints and tips you can apply into getting good feedback and ratings for your business.

This is an important topic since reputation is what makes or breaks you on eBay, and getting good reviews can help you a lot in overcoming the other shortcomings of the platform and the fierce competition from other sellers.

That being said, this is just a 2-minute video, so don’t expect to learn anything important here. Again, you’re left to your own devices regarding finding some actually useful information by yourself despite how much you paid.

Business management

The last module explains how you can keep your store running and profitable once you start generating sales. It goes into placing orders to the platform you used as sources (yes, AliExpress) as well as how to handle refunds and keeping your clients posted with tracking notifications.

Ultimate Dropshipping Course More Info

I guess you can determine it from my review, but I was deeply disappointed by this course.

You can finish the entire course in just 2 hours, give or take, so compare it to paying $500 for a relatively long movie. The information makes it a lot worse since you’re not getting anything worth your money, and no amount of words on their sales page and promotions can change that.

In fact, as soon as you finish the course, you’ll discover how difficult it is to start something profitable with just the 5 steps they give you. If you just go for highly demanded products on eBay, you’re just jumping into a sea of competitors who already have a reputation and experience advantage over you.

That translates into making your offer more attractive than theirs, which then translates into cutting down on your profits.

Besides that, you’ll quickly find out how their “zero investment” claim isn’t entirely truthful. For starters, opening your online store on eBay requires you to pay a fee for a plan, so you’re already paying before even setting up your store.

Also, the course itself is a huge investment given the information it’s actually giving you; the value isn’t even half of what they’re charging. There’s plenty of value with a lot more content on YouTube and different websites.

And that means more difficulty as well. If you start applying what you learned here as soon as you finished it, you’ll quickly find out how you don’t understand or know how to do half of the things you need to get your business up and running.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

Starting your store on eBay might sound like a good and cheap idea, but it’s a saturated market filled with sellers with more experience than you doing the same thing you want to don. You might have to spend a bit less upfront to start, but you’ll also make a lot less money if you want to stay competitive.

eBay users are also used to 1 or 2 days regarding how long their products take to reach their hands, and that simply isn’t how dropshipping works. Change “days” for “weeks” and you’re on the average delivery times for most dropshipping ventures and suppliers.

Also, none of the authors are real experts on the subject, and that translates harshly into this course.

I could only recommend it to complete beginners with enough money at their leisure. Even then, you can still get a course like Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites for less than half and receive 10x the content and a lot more depth.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Ultimate Dropshipping Course Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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