ShopyEmpires Review

With eCommerce flourishing this year, many people are searching for the knowledge necessary to start their own online store. Be it a regular eCommerce or dropshipping, there are countless entrepreneurs venturing into solutions like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

Of course, with so many people looking for answers, there are also many eCommerce “solutions” to satisfy that need. However, not all of them are good, and not all solutions are really interested in solving something.

Is ShopyEmpires on of those platforms just looking to grab your money? Let’s find out.

What is it?

ShopyEmpires is an online, expert-driven agency dedicated to create dropshipping stores for its clients. It lets entrepreneurs receive and host their dropshipping store from scratch.

You can leave the entire process of building the store to this agency so that you can just focus on growing it. If you want to do things yourself, they offer a host of different customizable templates to make things easier.

They belong to Shopify’s Development Community. It’s a nice title to give them legitimacy as well.

They offer 3 different packages, basically covering building your store, redesigning an already-existing one, and the premium one. We’ll cover them in-detail in a bit.

After you choose one, you’ll be assigned a project manager to guide you through all the steps: design, train, and release. Besides, they also offer different online courses like marketing training with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

Do note that these courses aren’t free; you’ll have to pay almost $299, so keep that in mind if you’re considering ShopyEmpires to train yourself. They also have an entire page showing screenshots and reviews from successful clients, but it’s up to you if you trust this.

Target audience

ShopyEmpires aims towards people wanting to start an eCommerce without the knowledge of how to do so. They offer to take care of all the technical processes and build your store. Therefore, it’s also good for people who want to save time and get started quicker.

However, people who are already running an eCommerce store can benefit from ShopyEmpires as well. If you have a working dropshipping business but aren’t getting many conversions, you can have them optimize your store by identifying niches, working on your branding, etc.

Basically, ShopyEmpires is for people who want to start their eCommerce right away without learning how to set up their store and similar issues.

Who’s the author?

Zak Elson and Gary Martin are the founders of ShopyEmpires; they created it back in 2016, and it’s based in New York, USA.

Their website doesn’t really offer much information regarding the people behind ShopyEmpires, but they’ve gathered a team of eCommerce experts to work on the agency and support clients.

While they do seem to be experts, it’s worrying how you can’t find anything about these members. The “About Us” page mentions no one, neither members nor heads of the company. I’ve even gone to Google to find out more about them, but I found nothing; the same goes for their Facebook and Instagram pages. They really don’t like showing their faces.

What do you get with ShopyEmpires?

Now, we’ll go through the 3 different packages offered by ShopyEmpires.

Organize and redesign your store

The most affordable package sits at $199, and it aims towards people with an eCommerce store up and running but struggling to find success or increase its sales. It’s also good for people needing their stores to be easier to run but know little about add-ons and plugins they can add to it.

The package offers to implement premium themes, creating your brand logo (or improving an already-existing one), and the mobile version for your store to be responsive on all devices.

You also get the options to add reviews to your website so that customers can leave comments on your products, complete with images. You can add newsletters as well; it’s good for building your mailing list to develop your email marketing approach and keep your clients updated on your products, discounts, and new releases.

I’ll give them an extra point because they added that on the most basic plan.

Of course, it includes the standard optimization package: SEO, compression, and size/quality optimization to make your site faster to browse. There’s the live chat functionality as well, but you already know it’s not the best.

Build your store from zero

People without a store and the knowledge necessary to decide what niche they’re going to pick can get this package for an additional $50. You’ll receive help analyzing and searching a profitable niche for your store.

Once you’ve chosen the niche that best suits your objectives, you get assistance to dial down which products you want from it.

Adding your products work through third-party apps to make things easier for you. Each app has its own price as well, and that will be an added cost to your expenses, so don’t forget about that.

Finally, you get recommendations on which premium themes go best with the niche you chose.

Of course, all the features and services from the previous plan are included in here.

Premium subscription

This is the most expensive package, sitting at $497. It’s designed for people with absolutely zero knowledge and experience in eCommerce and dropshipping but who want to create their first online store and start selling right away.

You receive a “personalized” marketing plan. It offers “done-for-you” strategies for Facebook Ads, but there’s no way to tell if you’re the only one receiving the plan or if they just recycle the same plans for all their students.

They also provide assistance contacting Instagram Influencers to help market your products, some courses for advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and help selecting sources and adding the products to your store.

As with the previous package, you also receive all the services provided in the two other packages.

There’s also a plug-in you can use to import reviews from products. However, not everyone uses since it comes at an extra price as well. Importing reviews is done with other apps that come for an extra price, but you can find free trials.

Finally, there’s a newsletter integration plug-in, but that’s offered in all the plans.


ShopyEmpires More Info

The website does show a lot of work put in; it looks great, and all interfaces and links that take you to the different sections of the site are easy to use. The language is also simple to read and skips all the fluff. You don’t get any ads thrown to your face or screaming at you to buy something, and the same goes for intrusive reviews and screenshots from satisfied customers.

However, not everything is perfect. ShopyEmpires still has flaws, and one is the pricing on their services. They’re one of the more expensive options in the market, and the premium plan costs twice as much as a good eCommerce course for you to build your store by yourself.

Even the cheapest plan is priced at $199, which is still higher than what its competitors ask.

Another flaw was the already-mentioned abandoned cart recovery, which is completely absent. eCommerce businesses shouldn’t really skip this function since it goes a long way in increasing your sales. You can use it to remind customers about carts they forgot.

Finally, ShopyEmpires doesn’t really let you list a lot of variety for your products. If you want to sell items that you can offer in many formats, then this service won’t help you a lot.

Final Verdict

ShopyEmpires isn’t a bad service by any means, and I’m sure people can find success by hiring them. However, their prices are just too high to make them a worthwhile purchase over its competitors.

It’s as simple as that: they’re asking for more than their competitors for the same product.

It gets worse when you notice the missing features, which would have (at least) justified their asking price. I’m not just talking about the abandoned cart recovery; they’re also missing custom fields and file uploading. Besides, the Facebook and Instagram training should be included in the other packages.

Again, the live chat can just die on you when you need it the most, and it feels like writing an email and waiting for a response. Their training and mentor calls should also be included in the price.

Finally, you really want to have a grasp on your business. Having the best store built for you won’t do much if you don’t really know anything about the business model or how to manage it yourself.

Best Alternative

Because of that, I always recommend you just learn the business by yourself and make your venture your own. In this sense, eCom Elites is the best alternative.

You can get it for $197 or $297 depending on the plan you need, and it’ll give you all the knowledge and training necessary to build your store and grow your business.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my ShopyEmpires Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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