Shopify Freedom Review (Dan Vas Course)

Shopify Freedom is a course by Dan Vas, claiming to offer detailed steps for you to be able to quit your regular job thanks to the profits generated by a successful business using Shopify as your base.

According to the sales page, it’s appropriate for anyone regardless of their knowledge or experience. It’s priced at $497, but you can pay $596 in 2 monthly payments, so it’s obviously better to just wait another month and save the money.

However, should you really spend that money on this course? That’s what we’re going to find out today.

Who’s the author?

Dan Vas is both an eCommerce and affiliate marketing entrepreneur. According to his YouTube bio, he’s 22 and dropped out of university. He failed at fitting into a 9-5 position and went online.

Since his success, he’s both a YouTuber and, according to him, influencer. His content is your regular “make money online” topics touching on different online businesses, advice, and strategies for each road.

His channel is fairly large, nearing the 70,000 subscribers mark since his inception in mid 2017. He publishes up to 3 videos every week. Besides the regular business content, you can also find motivational and mindset-oriented videos.

He also hosts The Dan Vas Show podcast, and his Instagram account as about 15,000 followers. He updates both content and promotions on both channels.

About Shopify Freedom

Shopify Freedom uses Teachables as its hosting platform. You pay and access the course content through this channel. It’s a great platform allowing for streaming content and easy and intuitive access to all the sections on all courses hosted there.

You get 9 modules focused on different topics, from starting your store to scaling on your initial success. There are 75 videos in total, spread among the modules in varying amounts.

Reviewing Shopify Freedom


The first “module” is just Dan presenting you the course, and it gives you an overview of how the business works and how to use and implement the training.


The second module is a regular mindset section. It’s mostly motivational, and it touches on topics like why you need to become rich if you really want to be free, how successful ventures should progress, and why only 20% of your success depends on your actual work while 80% depends on your mindset.

I’m not really sure about that last one.

He mentions the principle of “us vs them” and how you can overcome the strategies of your competitors. There’s also a PDF with recommended reads about mindset.

Finding products

The 3rd module is about identifying which products you should sell or avoid.

It starts off by telling you what you should keep in mind if you want to spot winning products as well as the necessary licenses needed for specific products.

There are lessons about the necessary criteria, most efficient ways you can find products, spying on other stores to see which products are selling, and some product examples. There’s also a section on “creative” research focusing on Amazon and Shopify.

The final videos explain product validation, and successful ventures examples and how to replicate them.

Finding suppliers

Module 4 comes after you spot your products: finding suppliers to provide you the items.

You’ll learn what you should know before looking for suppliers, spotting the best ones, and how to ensure good prices.

After that, you learn how to build your brand. It covers thinking of a name and getting your custom logo.

The end of the module goes into why you want to test your products before offering them, sourcing better items than what your competition offers, and which ways you can pay your supplier for the benefit of both parts.

Store building

Module 5 is all about building a store around the products and brands you already came up with.

You have the basic content on identifying your brand, getting a branded domain, and linking it to your store. You also have lessons on the actual hands-on building and designing, tacking pictures, and setting up your backend to optimize your store’s operations, including rates and zones for your shipping.

The last videos cover how you set up email sequences to recover abandoned carts, remarketing products to your customers with SMS, and increasing the average amount customers spend on each order (AOV).

Facebook marketing

This module offers 19 videos covering different topics about using Facebook Ads.

You learn how to set up a marketing approach and what you need to know before starting. It explains which interests you should target as well as the terminology you should understand.

Then, it goes into the tech side of things: setting up your account, installing your pixel, and launching your first ad.

After that, it goes into the actual marketing side of things: lookalike audiences, optimizing your ads, retargeting, vertical and horizontal scaling methods, broad audiences, what to do with ads that are failing, optimizing your budget, and reducing what you spend on ads.

Facebook scaling

This module continues the previous one, and it explains how you can scale ads showing success. There are various strategies covered among the videos, including Sidestep, 5-in-1, Breakdown Optimization, and 20% duplication.


Module 8 moves over to Instagram and influencer marketing, which is essentially using already famous accounts to market your products. However, it’s a short section.

The first video talks about the same as others: what to know before starting. After that, it goes into how to set up your pages, influencer types, how to find the best influencers, and how to negotiate deals with them.

This module closes with a video on micro influencers and how you can use them to increase your exposure while keeping prices at the lower end.

Automation and scaling

The 8th module is also a short section, and it focuses on how to automate different processes of your business. This helps you have more free time, and you can use this leisure to expand and grow your business.

First, you learn how to integrate customer support into your store before going into sourcing agents, how to keep track of your profits and losses, and how to manage your cash flow.

“Millionaire mindset secrets”

The last module closes with even more mindset, which, even for someone who finds these videos entertaining, feels like too much of a filler.

You have different videos on how millionaires should think, including how to be part of the 1%, how to reach the life you dream of, getting wealth for the rest of your life, different success and knowledge levels, and the supposed truth regarding life and success as well as the “principle of advancement”.

Again, none of the titles make too much sense, and the videos would’ve been good if I had seen them on YouTube or just a couple on the first module.

However, the titles and the overall content inside the videos just feel like Dan doesn’t have too much to add, yet he wanted to keep the course a bit longer. I guess the videos are fine if you watch one or two every couple of days, but sitting through the entire module at once is draining instead of motivating.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

The course does offer some useful and interesting content here and there, and if you compare this course with others on the same matter, the Facebook Ads module is quite detailed.

However, I go back to my last complaint: there’s too much filler content, and the last module is definitely the strongest proof.

Finally, the price tag is still too high for the content it’s actually offered in this course. Compare it with a course like eCom Elites, which provides almost 3 times the content for $300 less. Sure, 75 videos feel like a lot, but it kind of stops after you compare the two, or realize almost 15 of those videos are pure mindset stuff.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Shopify Freedom Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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