Passion 2 Profit Accelerator Review (Samir Chibane Course)

eCommerce in general has revolutionized the way people do their shopping and the overall commerce and stores landscape, moving it into the internet. Furthermore, dropshipping has allowed people to start stores without having to run any stock or initial inventory investments.

The only problem with this fast growth is its trending nature, and how trends always attract people wanting to make a quick buck from newcomers and naïve individuals.

That’s what leads us to eCommerce and dropshipping course. While there are great products out there like eCom Elites, there are many classes offering shallow content that you can find for free on YouTube, but being sold as your gateway to making hundreds of thousands every month.

Is Passion 2 Profit Accelerator one of these courses? Let’s find out.

Who’s the author?

I actually wrote this a while ago, but I refrained from posting it earlier because Samir’s videos kept telling me no one would really buy the hype built by him to market the course.

However, I recently stumbled upon a few comments in different forums and Facebook about his course, so here it is.

This course is usually opening and closing to new members, supposedly as the current members finish the lessons. Its price varies sometimes when it opens, but it’s usually either $997 or $1,997.

There are actually 2 people behind this course: Samir and Juan Valdez (yes, like the coffee brand). They claim to have started being door-to-door salesmen, and they apparently sold $20 million in solar items before they stumbled upon Shopify.

Now, they seem to live off their dropshipping and using Versace robes to sit and tell people how they can make money.

Other than that, they seem to enjoy spending their free time taking pictures with sports cars and even helicopters. So yeah, he’s nothing special.

Reviewing Passion 2 Profit Accelerator

Despite the overhype presented on Samir’s social media and videos, his sales page is noticeably more discreet. I’ll give them props for using Teachables and integrating it with ClickFunnels for their membership.

After you sign into the course, they receive you with a few videos about what you’re going to see and learn from the course.

The videos are just the two “instructors” either sitting in front of their webcam or showing their screens and a pretty neat PowerPoint presentation.

Here comes my first complaint about the actual content: the videos are horrible. When you go into Teachables, you expect good image and sound quality, and to be fair, most courses (even the worst ones I’ve taken) stay faithful to this approach.

Well, that’s not the case here. This feels like it was recorded with an old cellphone’s (think about the first BlackBerries) camera, and they really spent way more on their robes than into actually making this an enjoyable experience.

Seeing even the worst, made-up courses was at least made bearable by the video quality and how I can smirk at their expressions, but this is just painful.

Now, into the content.


These videos are your standard mindset module about setting your goals and habits. However, as entertaining as I usually find these sections, it’s obvious that they’re making everything up.

You can even hear them pause to think about what they’re saying, and the videos are somehow disorganized. The last video is fairly entertaining, though, using Einstein as an example of how failure is the best teacher.


Next up, you have a basic store setup module, including hours’ worth of videos covering nearly everything about how to design your store, as well as payments and checkouts, shipping, etc.

It’s just basic content, and you can learn most of it with a few online searches. Even YouTube is more professional since you can still see them making everything up and even making mistakes and not noticing.

The rest is about familiarizing yourself with the dashboard and sending a CSV with your orders to your supplier –nothing about Dropified or Oberlo.

Sourcing products

You get 4 videos here and 2 recorded live streams. First videos are about products on Shopify, and you can see Juan’s store, which strangely had zero products available last time I checked.

The 4th video goes into offer types, free + shipping, and using retail before another video explaining how you can find products. The last video is just a recommendation of an upsell you can use for spying on people.

Facebook Ads

Next up, we have the first actually-quite-good module in this course: 7 videos plus 2 recorded streams on marketing with Facebook. It starts off with your basics: explanations and setting up your accounts.

There’s also content on the differences between general and passion pages, and you also learn how to test ideas with Facebook insights.

There’s an amusing video where Samir invites a friend to his chat, and the guy just keeps swearing like they were on Discord while playing Fortnite. That’s one of my course highlights for sure.

Finally, there’s stuff on some tips and hints for your FB page, using creatives and proper ad placement, analyzing campaigns, and when you should scale or kill your campaigns based on performance.

Email marketing

This goes back to being extremely basic, and you learn about marketing through you’re a MailChimp free account in 5 videos. Note that you need to upgrade as your mails list grows.

The first 3 lessons go into setting up your account, some templates, and getting everything ready. It’s kind of all over, but you can download the swipes for abandoned carts.

Live videos

Speaking of all over the place, the 6th module is a conglomerate of different recorded live streams speaking about pretty much everything related to the course.

There are some recommended apps, how to research products, FB targeting, increasing conversions, some recommended FB tools increasing your AOV (average order value), and how to launch your first add. There’s also a couple of Q&A’s and more mindset stuff.

Instagram marketing

The last module focuses on Instagram, and it’s just here so they can say this course offers Instagram-related content. It briefly touches on using influencers for your marketing, and that’s it.

Facebook group

Like usual, you have access to a private Facebook group, and after finishing this course I didn’t even care about checking it out. It’s surely either empty or filled with post from people trying to solve all the doubts left by these classes.

I’m prone to believe the first case, though, since I seriously doubt anyone fell for their marketing hype.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

If you haven’t figured it out already, this course definitely isn’t worth half its asking price, and I’m talking about the occasional $997. There’s no way you should pay $2,000 for this course, and if you did and still can ask for a refund, then just do it and don’t bother finish this course.

Even comparing it with free YouTube videos, it pales in comparison with the amount of content and value you can get for much less money.

I can’t even congratulate them on their video quality since they barely did any editing, and again, the quality is horrendous. They didn’t even spend any time preparing a proper script for this course, and you can clearly see the doubt in their faces as they pause to think about what to say next.

Finally, there’s no proof regarding the claims they’re making about this course or their own success, and while I had a good laugh at the swearing-filled Facebook Ads live stream, it’s definitely a reflection of how professional they actually are.

For the money they’re asking, you’re much better off getting eCom Elites, buying the eCom Turbo theme, and spend the rest on your marketing. $1,700 is an outstanding budget.

However, given the actual content here, even training yourself with YouTube and spending the $2,000 on trial and error campaigns gives you better odds.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Passion 2 Profit Accelerator Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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