Online Store Accelerator Review (Will Haimerl Course)

Today, we will dive into this course by Will Haimerl and see whether or not he’s offering you the only course you’ll need to build your business. If not, then you’re still saving money by skipping to the next candidate.

I’ve actually found positive comments about this course despite how it seems to be a short program, even though it’s priced at $997. Still, I decided to take a look for myself to verify what others were saying.

This course mainly focuses on diversification and (he claims) Google Ads. There’s also content on influencers and email marketing, plus some bonuses.

Who’s the author?

Will says he’s an online marketing expert, spanning more than 10 years of experience after starting with Google Adwords. He also claims to have trained more than 11,000 marketers via group coaching, personal training, and bootcamps.

He seems to put his words to the test by running several different online stores. He’s also clearly a close friend of Don Wilson, owner of one of the most significant product launches related to eCommerce back in 2018, and he’s also founded

Will’s course is mostly about print-on-demand dropshipping, plus he recommends his students to use Gearbubble. However, the platform can be quite expensive for some, especially its premium package, so I have doubts on whether he does so because he likes the platform or because it from his friend.

Reviewing Royal Blueprint

As some may have predicted from their friendship, this course is quite similar to Don’s. However, Will does state that this isn’t a course for Gearbubble Pro because you can use whichever platform you prefer.

He just, you know, doesn’t teach you how.

One of the only differences is the Facebook private group. You receive access to the PPC Coach group, operated by Will. Another difference is how he focuses on Google Ads. However, that’s not saying much since you’re basically paying $997 for a course on Google Ads with content you could get for free.

This course hosts on Teachables. It’s a great platform in terms of responsiveness and intuitiveness. However, Will doesn’t mention refunds, and Teachables can be painful for those wanting a refund, so be careful.

The course is divided into 8 modules, each one covering a different subject, from starting out all the way to influencers and emailing.

Module 1

It’s your standard introduction to the course. You have a short video on the course, how to join the Facebook group, and he then dives into some content regarding the mindset you should have.

There’s a final video teaching you about getting started with your store.

Module 2

The next module goes into choosing between a general and a niche-focused store and how you can set up your Google Ads account. You’re also told to buy your domain name and open a Gmail account for your store and handling its emails.

The module starts getting interesting when Will tells you to open an account on Gearbubble Pro. That’s right, Will completely skips platforms like WooCommerce, Prestashop, and even Shopify –despite the fact that he says this isn’t a Gearbubble Pro course.

Besides, Gearbubble Pro will cost you $297 monthly, which is quite an investment for someone who’s barely starting out his first eCommerce venture. Sure, there’s a $97 monthly plan, but that 5,000-visitor cap will be reached before you notice.

However, the main problem with Gearbubble is that all stores look very similar since their customization features are very limited, and it’s hard to give real character to your store. That’s why options like Shopify are much more popular.

Anyways, after you set up your account, you get to see brief videos covering how to mask your domain name, integrating PayPal and Stripe, creating your contact and “about” page, and setting your store logo.

The videos are mostly basic, and beginners won’t have a lot of trouble.

Module 3

This module focuses on finding products in two categories: print-on-demand and dropshipping. The tools Will recommends are Pinterest, AliExpress, Etsy, eBay, and of course Gearbubble.

As some of you may have noticed, there’s nothing on obvious platforms like Amazon, Intelliygence, Wish, and Facebook spying that are pretty commonplace in other course. That’s unfortunate since those platforms tend to be the easiest to use for beginners, and you always want to learn as much as possible for the money you’re spending.

The videos are also very basic and don’t offer more than other courses or free resources.

The print-on-demand-focused videos cover how you can use Photoshop and Word Swag for creating your own designs. You also have your regular outsourcing content including Fiverr and Upwork. I would’ve liked to see more content on this section like mockups, but I guess it could be added later.

The last videos are how you can upload your print-on-demand offers and implementing upsells.

All videos are mostly short. The average is around 5 minutes, and the longer ones can reach the 16-minute mark.

Module 4

This is the section on Google Shopping and Ads, and I was sure it was going to be the meat and backbone of the course, especially after seeing Will’s own words. However, this module is extremely short, and it’ll probably end just as you’re getting invested.

You get 16 videos, whereas other courses offer 3 times that content.

You learn about how Google’s Merchant Center works, how you can verify your Google account, and how to create your product feed as well as uploading it to the Merchant Center for customization. There’s also some teachings on creating your Google Ads account, conversion pixel, and how to start uploading products.

You have some videos on working with a shared budget, keywords you should a void, and wide open and target terms campaigns. The last videos focus on managing the said campaigns and your individual items through Google Shopping.

Now, some may think that’s enough and wonder why it’s short.

Well, you learn nothing on scaling your successful ads or knowing when you should end a campaign. There are a few basics missed as well, like the vital policies and disclaimers. There’s also nothing on geo setup and campaigns, bid and ROAS strategies, or single-product marketing.

Module 5

Next module talks about Facebook retargeting and how to set up your ads to follow visitors through their FB and IG pages with tracking pixels on Google Ads.

It has some content on basic setup for Facebook: business managers, store pages, FPTraffic, ad accounts, getting likes, Facebook catalogs, dynamic cart and product retargeting campaigns, and tracking sales with Facebook pixel.

It’s fine, but it’s still too basic. There are courses spending hours explaining you how to use Facebook, yet this course dedicates just half an hour. It’s also supposed to be a bonus, for some reason.

Module 6

This second “bonus” module deals with influencer marketing to get free traffic. What’s doubtful is the word “free” since I don’t think you’ll find a real influencer that will work for free, at least you’ll have to give them some incentive, and that’s still paying.

There are 6 videos here telling you how you can find your influencers, what you should offer, and how to track their sales.

Module 7

This is an extremely short module, spanning under 30 minutes, with videos on basic email marketing stuff like setting up your Mailchimp, integrating it, creating your welcome email, and using ongoing sequences.

It’s just what you can see on the quickest YouTube videos, and you can find a lot more information for free.

Module 8

The last module is just a summary of the entire system, what you should do after finishing, and how you can find support.

It honestly just feels like a filler module, especially since you can just go back and watch the other videos again if you need to remember something. Besides, if the course was actually good, you wouldn’t need pointers on what to do next.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

It’s just a waste of money if I’m being honest. You don’t get any meaningful content that could justify paying for this instead of just going to YouTube and watch the content for free.

If you’re looking for a better course, you can get eCom Elites for nearly 30% of what this course costs, and you’ll get over 180 different videos covering all you need to know to start, market, and grow your own eCommerce venture from scratch.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Online Store Accelerator Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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