Nextlevel-eCom Review (Chad Friedman Course)

Today, I’ll go through Chad Friedman’s course on dropshipping. It’s another course from a young internet entrepreneur, this time just 17, but he claims he’s mastered the Shopify world, making millions with dropshipping. He’s willing to teach the same to you for $178.

The main marketing approach for this course is Instagram Ads clickbait with your usual “make X amount in a month with this blueprint!!!” titles. If he’s really making millions, why would he waste time (and money) making a course for $178 instead of growing his venture.

You also have your usual Shopify dashboard screenshots right on the sales page. Remember that’s always just revenue and not real profits.

Along those lines, he doesn’t really reference any costs of his business, like maintenance, refunds, marketing, etc. Those numbers could be from shops breaking even or even from losses. As a general rule of thumb, always slash those numbers in half and then a bit more; those are the likely profits.

Who’s the author?

That’s a tricky one because there’s not a lot of information available on him on the internet.

He has a LinkedIn profile, which seems to be one of the most complete sources. He states himself to be a high school senior focusing on marketing with social media as the traffic source for his eCommerce stores. He’s the CEO in his own company, which of course it’s called Lit Ventures INC.

There’s also little information about this firm, so it might be just him for all we know.

He also has an Instagram profile, but he mostly uses it for promoting this course, and it was probably your first exposition to this group. He does have 17,000 followers (probably from ads), but it’s still not a source of info on him.

He doesn’t have a YouTube channel, or I haven’t been able to find it. In that case. That’s odd for an eCommerce guru, but it’s probably just me not finding it yet.

And that’s pretty much all there is about him on the internet. He really seems to have appeared suddenly out of nowhere just to market and sell this course.

About Nextlevel-eCom

The course hosts on Teachables, and you already know how responsive and intuitive it is, so I won’t talk about it.

There are 31 videos totaling the course, and 4 of them are just the introduction. Overall, you can finish this course in just a little bit over an hour. That’s $178 you’re burning in an hour; don’t forget about that.

You can compare it to a course like eCom Elites, which costs $20 more and has over 200 videos.

The course splits into 5 modules. It opens up with your basic module about building a store on Shopify before going into marketing and running your Facebook Ads.

Chad also has a second offer: he can build your store according to your needs and provide personal mentorship for $1,194. Just note that the “mentorship” is just email support with a prettier name. That means you can pay almost $1,200 for the pleasure of rendering an entire module useless and email support.

Besides, Shopify is intuitive enough for you to build a good store yourself, so there’s really no need to pay someone else to build a store for you if you’re already getting the training to do so. You can pay for your Shopify subscription, a premium theme like eCom Turbo, and an excellent marketing campaign with those $1,200.

Now, let’s go into the content that will turn you into a millionaire.

Reviewing Nextlevel-eCom

It starts off with your standard intro, and this one is among the shortest I’ve seen, with just 4 minutes explaining how the course works, the business model, and the store types you can go for (basically, general and niche). It’s probably nothing you don’t know if you’re reading this review.

The following module is twice as long, and this time, it covers how to research for your products. You won’t learn about niches, though, just products. That word was pretty much left at the previous module as a mention.

Figuring out a niche for your business can make or break your business. Especially if you don’t have a lot of money to start, finding a niche will make competition less fierce, and thus, it’ll increase your chances to find success. Therefore, this module is definitely a let down.

About what it covers, it goes into how to look for products with Facebook and Instagram as well as Oberlo and other apps.

Next up, we have a video lasting 2 minutes as the 3rd module; it explains how you should build your business plan. I’m really curious to see what business plans beginners can make after watching a 2-minute video. Some people take entire weeks just to develop their business approach.

After that, you learn about how you can create a basic store on Shopify. The videos go through how to set up your account, importing your products, creating the descriptions for your items, which apps you should get, and how to design your logo. It sounds plentiful, but it’s mostly stuff you can find on YouTube.

Then, you have 4 videos talking about how to set up your Facebook Ads account, creating your stores, partnering someone with your business and account, pixel setup, and downloading videos.

Once you’ve finished those videos, there are 2 more explaining the advertising approach used by Chad, and there are 2 files you can download to deepen the knowledge provided on the videos. There’s also a lesson on how you should kill off any ads not performing correctly, how to check your ads’ performance periodically, and how you can run them with a limited budget.

The last module is all about scaling, and you get a video explaining how to scale your ads and when you should do it, which is usually after analyzing your ads’ performance past the first 48 running hours. Chad also offers a few tips about finding your customers through interests, how to check ad copy and their performance after 72 hours, how to use lookalike audiences and when you should do it, and how you can use manual bidding.

There’s definitely a few good tips here, but it’s only fair seeing how it’s the backbone of the course as well as the only marketing channel Chad considers. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a particularly good module; it’s still missing a lot of important content and strategies, so it doesn’t really save the course’s quality.

This might be a good time to tell you that you can’t ask for a refund, by the way. It’s not because you watched a certain percentage of the videos, but because this course has no refunds policy, so watch out for that, as usual.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

Nextlevel-ecom is basically just a course explaining how to set up your store and the basics of product research and FB ads.

Honestly, only beginners without any knowledge about the business model will get some benefit from this course. If you watch videos on the subject every now and then, you’ve surely learned about a significant portion of the knowledge provided by this course.

In fact, if you haven’t looked through YouTube, just do it right now and save $178. You’ll learn the same content.

Finally, I have nothing against young entrepreneurs. I could believe Chad found success being 17, but he doesn’t really have enough experience to be an expert and teach other people. Regardless of your age, 1 or 2 years running a Shopify store doesn’t make you an authority on the subject.

The course fails to meet its value, even though it’s on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. I’d advice you to add $20 to that and just get eCom Elites if you’re serious about building an eCommerce business.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Nextlevel-eCom Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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