JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review (Paulo Beringuel Course)

Paulo Beringuel is a relatively know YouTuber and affiliate marketer who works through several affiliate programs and platforms to promote on his YouTube channel and other social media.

He offers the JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Mastery program to focus on the JVZoo network coupled with email marketing as its affiliate marketing approach.

Today, we’ll go through the content and find out whether or not you should spend $497 on the course.

However, let me give you a quick tip first: if you’re a newcomer in affiliate marketing, don’t think it’s just about finding products to then send people to a landing page and email them about your offer.

JVZoo is an excellent platform with a lot of options for you to promote, and email marketing is definitely one of the pillars of affiliate marketing if you can use it properly. Just make sure to remember that they’re not the start and end of affiliate marketing; there are more platforms and marketing methods.

The reason behind that tip is that you shouldn’t really think you only need to rely on a single strategy and platform for your entire business. I’m not trying to say Paulo is a scammer since he clearly seems successful and experienced in affiliate marketing himself, but you need to know the relation between how much you pay, how much you get, and how much you miss.

Who’s the author?

Paulo Beringuel is an entrepreneur from Australia, and you already know he’s an affiliate marketer and YouTuber. He combines the two businesses to promote his products with an email marketing strategy on the side.

He has a nice YouTube following, well over 30,000 subscribers. He’s definitely not the largest creator, but he’s well above most other gurus.

His YouTube videos are usually your “how to” guides and tutorials, and they’re mostly aimed towards newcomers interested in earning money online through affiliate marketing. Personally, his focus is JVZoo and Clickbank.

An interesting fact about Paulo is that his channel started out as a product reviewing space before he moved towards training and educational content. Additionally, he seems to be a bit of a serial course developer, and he has several other affiliate marketing courses discussing different strategies and aspects of the business.

It’s like producing one huge course and selling parts separately.

Reviewing JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Mastery

The course is a fairly short outline of how you can employ email marketing into promoting affiliate products from JVZoo. As with most courses, it’s hosted on Teachables, and that’s where you both sign up, pay, and access the contents in the course.

This is more of a mini-course: it’s just 1 module with 8 videos. Watching it from start to finish won’t take you longer than an hour.

Let’s go through the content.

It begins with a video explaining how you can sign up to JVZoo and finding products you can promote as well as getting your affiliate link. That’s a very basic process, though, and if you can’t understand JVZoo for some reason, there are countless YouTube videos explaining it for free.

After that, you have an overview of how to get your autoresponder working. It’s basically a software that lets you send emails automatically according to sequence you determine.

After that, you go into creating landing pages. That’s a single-page website you direct visitors to and where they can enter their email addresses to receive communications from you. The usual process is that you offer some value in exchange for this information, and that’s usually an eBook or just content in general.

After this video, you learn about how to create your thank you page that follows after your visitors sign up, and you learn how to send your first email after that.

Once all that’s done, you can start sending traffic to your landing page. To do that, Paulo gives you a few methods regarding using solo ads, but remember these ads cost money.

After that, you have a couple of short videos explaining how you can check the results from your marketing attempts and how to keep track of your sales and the money generated with commissions. The videos are just around 5 minutes long, and they pretty much explain how you can log into JVZoo and check your dashboard.

And that’s it; you’ve finished the program!

At least you should have somewhat of an emailing system set up after you finish. The issue is having to pay to send traffic to your landing page. You also have no training on how to actually convince people to give you their email.

You won’t learn about creating eBooks or any type of content or value to give in exchange of your visitors’ information. Without that, the entire system is mostly pointless.

Final Verdict

This is a very limited and brief course focused on a single strategy. Despite that, it fails to provide any meaningful insight into its approach.

I use both JVZoo and emailing for my affiliate marketing, but that doesn’t mean you can rely solely on them and wait for success. You should look at other platforms to see what fits you the best, as well as other marketing methods you can use.

Another issue is all the spending you’re going to do with this course. It’s not just a relatively expensive course, but you also need to spend money on your email tool, hosting, and paid marketing.

Paulo is definitely a good marketer, but he just fails to convey his actual knowledge into this course.

Oh, there’s also no presence of any refunds policies.

A better Alternative

A much better option is Savage Affiliates. It costs $300 less than this one, and you have myriads of content and videos on different marketing methods and even building an entire website.

It goes through SEO, chat bots, Google and Facebook marketing, as well as email marketing with a lot more depth and tips than what Paulo offers in this course. Besides, the content is regularly updated, so you’re not settling for an outdated product.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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