Iyia Liu’s Course Review

Iyia is a pretty famous entrepreneur right now coming from New Zealand. She’s appeared on the news, and she seems to be among the most successful bloggers right now.

She’s also released a course a few months ago, and it presents a common doubt among entrepreneurs on the internet: should we pay $299 for it?

Let’s answer that question.

Who’s the author?

She’s an insta-blogger who seemingly became a 7-figure entrepreneur, and she’s also been a public speaker in the past. Her course aims towards people who want to venture in eCommerce.

An interesting note, Iyia made the news about a year and a half (give or take) exactly because of the things you don’t want to be on the news. She used to run a cake business, and one of the reasons it was (in)famous was that she started deleting negative comments on Instagram, usually caused by her products that were… mis-marketed.

She sold overpriced products advertised as luxury chocolate arrangements for more than $50, but you ended up getting something looking like a $5 candy mishmash. When people started complaining, she decided to erase everything.

She’s also known because she sold a waist trainer from AliExpress, and she paid Kylie Jenner $300,000 for a single picture on Instagram with it. She claims to have made $3.5 million thanks to that attempt.

She has a mansion over in Auckland, a G Wagon, and a lot more luxuries you can see on Instagram. Let’s see if you can learn how to be the same way she looks.

Reviewing Iyia Liu’s Course

The course hosts in Kajabi, and the sales page isn’t really the best one; it actually makes the purchase process quite difficult. It’s odd how one of the modules here talks about sales funnels after seeing this.

The course starts with an hour and a half webinar, and Iyia tells you what you’ll learn through the course. The course’s key modules cover how you start a business, digital marketing, using influencers, and how to run your PR.

Let’s go through the modules now.


The course starts off telling you how you can create your business with a good legal and business basis. You’ll learn about how to structure your business, get a bank account for it, running your accounting, and handling taxes.

You also learn how to brainstorm a business plan. I’m not really fond of doing that since you need to try a lot of things before finding what works. You can think of the general structure of your venture, but you can’t limit yourself to a first-laid idea; if it doesn’t work out, then you may be left clueless.

After that, you have a video detailing how to look up your suppliers and researching them before learning how you contact them and handle their payments. It’s odd how you can see other courses dedicating an entire module to this topic, yet Iyia thinks just one is enough. As you might expect, there’s not much depth here.

You also have videos on how to create your store on Shopify, which is a great platform, and you’ll save money not hiring a web designer or programmer. You also get videos on logo setup, branding, social media, and email address.

It’s good content, but the module is too short, and it needs more.

Marketing basics

The second module is another short one, but the information here is good for beginners. Marketing is the most important side of running an online business, and it does deserve more than what’s offered here. Still, it’s just the fundamentals, so let’s not freak out.

First up, you’ll learn how to create a sales funnel to turn your visitors to sales. You also learn how you integrate it with your store.

There’s also a lesson on how digital and traditional marketing are different as well as running your own PR. You then get a download on how you can find your way into magazines, newspapers, and general print.

You then learn how to market your business with pop-up stores as well as brick and mortar. There’s content missing here, of course, but it’s kind of made up for in the next modules.

Content marketing

Here, you’ll learn how to generate your traffic from the online community, and the main idea is to keep your content from feeling like spam.

You’ll learn how to come up with good content that entices others to buy from you. Yes, that means that you can’t just copy paste your product descriptions from the original supplier listing. You want to write good copies so that people want the product.

You then learn how to build your social media following, increasing your organic traffic. You learn how to do that and keep your audience from unfollowing your business; if you do lose people, you have a lesson on the possible causes. The module closes with blogging and why it’s helpful with traffic.


Module 4 goes into how you can use Instagram influencers, but you want to keep in mind that Instagram has been violent against post likes. Luckily, you’ll learn how Iyia approaches influencers, like how she did with Kylie Jenner, so it’s an interesting module; Iyia also touches on negotiating and paying.

There are many different ways you can use influencers for paid engagement, and the course covers that and how you find them, filter the fake ones, and making sure you get good deals from them by studying their engagement.

However, make sure you have enough money to fund this marketing approach. Luckily, there are smaller influencers you can use to generate traffic at good rates.

Paid ads

The 5th module isn’t the best one thanks to how outdated it is. You get some videos about how you can run your video ads and how to set up your Facebook Ads. Interestingly, this module actually convinced me that Iyia doesn’t make a lot of money from her FB marketing.

There’s a lot more you want to learn if you want to run a successful Facebook Ads marketing approach, and there are entire conferences and courses just focused on how to run ads on FB and IG. They’re 2 tools that can turn a random eCommerce venture into a lifelong business that generates up to a million every year.

Moving on, you also learn how to use Google ads to sell your business, and the lack of information from the previous module repeats in this one. Google Ads isn’t just about throwing ads now and then and waiting for hundreds of clicks to come in. You have endless resources and data analysis before you have a successful campaign.

You also learn about how to run your email marketing, and it also covers how to collect leads and use them.

Now, into the topics you won’t find here, you have Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. As you can see, some of the largest marketing platforms are skipped in this section, and those noted are just the most notable ones; Bing and Yahoo aren’t here either, and they’re cheaper ways to get some traffic.

General practices

The last module covers assorted topics, and it’s one of those sections that feel like thrown together and filled with topics the author didn’t know where they should go.

It covers how to scale your business, and related to that, you have lessons on how to outsource tasks and which ones are good for it, how to optimize your website in general, how to turn your customers into regulars and how to provide good customer service.

You also have some personal management strategies like how to pay yourself and knowing when and how you should exit the business. Iyia also shares her own tips.

I’ll be honest, this module has a lot of videos that could go together into a few more modules with added content. I mean, we’re paying $299 here, so Iyia could’ve done a lot better than a few modules with marketing overviews and a final thrown-together section

Luckily, there’s good content here explaining different optimization methods that many successful entrepreneurs (like myself) use, so there’s definitely stuff here you can use. Using a good theme will help you save a lot of money and still increase your store’s performance.

The module closes with how you can sell your store, but don’t think about this just now. You should focus in how to start a store and make it successful before even considering exiting your business. Getting investors into your venture is one of the signs that you should sell your store.

In fact, you might even generate enough traffic and money that you might not want to sell your store for a long time. While it’s a good lesson, just don’t think it’s something you want to do right now.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

This course is a good overview and introduction to how the business world functions, mainly digital marketing and eCommerce, of course.

I still have to mention an issue I have with this course and I didn’t mention earlier. There are no refunds available here after your purchase, and not only does that mean you have to be extremely careful, it’s also an important red flag whenever we’re talking about these courses.

I’ve spent enough time going through courses and reviewing them in-depth to know that most people who avoid refund policies and any type of guarantee almost always are hiding something; it’s usually a bad program, but it can also be a lack of confidence about how much value they’re really offering, and it definitely seems to be like that’s the reason here.

On the bright side, you do get lifetime access to this course, and Iyia has been quite constant when it comes to updating it. I mentioned the marketing needs updates, but she’s probably about to release one (if she hasn’t already since I last checked).

The main problem here is the relationship between the course’s asking price and the actual value it’s offering here. For $300, you’re getting the same amount of content you can find on YouTube and cheaper courses. That’s especially troublesome when you consider how much money Iyia makes.

There’s also a lot of content missing, like the steps to set up your marketing campaigns, and further optimization. Besides, you also can’t expect to fill your store with good products if you don’t learn the proper way to research products and suppliers.

Overall, Iyia is definitely successful as an entrepreneur, but she fails to translate that knowledge into this course.

That’s why I can’t recommend this course, especially considering other courses like eCom Elites, which costs $197 ($297 for the premium package), and it still offers over 200 videos on all the topics covered here with a lot more depth and dozens more strategies.

I am GETTING COMMENT BOTTED BY SOMEONE for this review. It’s very strange that only this one is being spam botted… Something to keep in mind.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Iyia Liu’s Course Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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