Income Incubator’s Dropshipping Course Review (Jeet Banerjee Course)

Today, I’ll be going through a course by Jeet Benerjee: The Income Incubator’s dropshipping course. It’s one of the more recent courses, and you’ve probably stumbled across an ad if you came here.

This course is a common sight on Instagram right now, and it shows offering a whopping discount of $297 down from $997. Funny enough, I never saw it listed with its full price, so it’s an amusing marketing strategy I can at least enjoy.

As with most similar courses, it promises to teach you all the methods you need to know if you want to buy a dropshipping business together with its own brand and live off from it.

If you’re in a hurry, then just know this course is quite limited, and it doesn’t have a lot of content. You can expect to learn how you can build your store and promote the products you offer, but it still focuses on the same topics as almost all courses available, and likewise, it fails to provide enough detail you can find in other courses.

Now, let’s break down the course and see what you actually get.

Who’s the author?

Jeet Banerjee is what we like to call a “serial entrepreneur”; that means he often launches a new business. He’s mostly active on Instagram, and he has about 25,000 followers. He also has a YouTube channel, but it’s a lot smaller; it only sports about 300 subscribers, and he doesn’t show himself a lot over there.

His website says he’s a young entrepreneur (24 years old) who’s lived off several different businesses he’s built online. He usually sells his business after a while, so it seems like he likes to catch trend opportunities, milk them for a while, and abandon the ship once his profits diminish or he finds a new opportunity.

That would certainly explain why he’s focused on dropshipping right now, with how hot it is.

While he does have a lot of experience creating and running many types of businesses, it doesn’t really look like he has prior knowledge regarding dropshipping or eCommerce in general. Will his methods still work this time?

His latest release is the Income Incubator, also known as the reason you’re reading this review.

The Incubator offers a plethora of different courses and (quite expensive) products you can use to learn how to build a successful business on the internet. The latest entry in this venture is his dropshipping course, but you can also purchase it without getting the entire package.

Now, let’s dive into the course.

Reviewing Income Incubator’s Dropshipping Course

First things first, don’t focus on the outrageous revenue numbers showing on the sales page instead of the actual content provided by the course. That’s what’s going to determine whether you’re successful with dropshipping or just waste your money with this content.

Another important consideration right from its sales page (again) is how uncanny the actual figures are: it’s saying he made $5 million in just 5 months. A million each month translates into roughly $33,000 every day.

Let’s use the higher average for Shopify products and say he’s selling a product for $50. That means he’s selling over 600 products daily. If you go for cheaper prices, it gets more ridiculous, and even if he’s selling high-ticket items, he’d still sell dozens at the very least.

And it gets even more ridiculous.

You need to find a product, create your ads, wait to generate results and optimize your ads. That means his timeframe is quite shorter than those 5 months he’s saying!

And even if he did generate that revenue, it means he invested serious money into his ads, and that means that the profits get cut down rather significantly. I’d certainly like to see a few more screenshots, at least from his actual profits.

Finally, if he’s making so much money, why would he spend time and money developing and advertising a course that’s priced at just $297? That shouldn’t make any differences to this guy’s earnings.

OK, now we can actually move from the sales pages into the course.

It’s split into different modules, and it starts with your usual introduction. It then goes into the story of Jeets’ dropshipping experience and the reasons why people fail at this business model. You have your standard product research, store building, recommended apps, and marketing modules before closing with the usual scaling and automation content.

There are few bonuses that could help you dropship using Amazon and build a brand to sell products at a higher price.

What do you get with it?

The first couple of modules are about painting a picture of what dropshipping is, with the introduction and Jeets’ story. You probably already know that stuff, but even if you don’t, it’s just content you can get for free with a few Google and YouTube searches.

Then, you have a module on common mistakes from new dropshippers like choosing bad products, not handling prices correctly, bad advertising, etc. I often like this type of content, but it’s more stuff you can find for free.

There’s a module on product research, with the usual methods for finding products for your store. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, and it sticks to strategies in most dropshipping courses and YouTube, so it’s not what the sales pages tell you.

The Shopify building module is good enough for you to have a ready and optimized store after finishing the module, and while it’s surely an useful module, Shopify is a very intuitive platform; taking a look at the interface will show you that you don’t really need any guidance to get your store ready, so the only exclusive content in this section is optimization and the recommended apps.

The module on Facebook Ads has a few lessons on starting out and a recommended strategy from Jeets. You won’t learn much more than just the basics here, and there are far better courses out there with more depth on Facebook marketing. This module also feels a bit dated, especially with all the constant changes made to the Facebook Ads platform.

The email marketing section gives you an overview of the approach and some tips on why you want to use automated email sequences to increase the sales from your email list subscribers.

Speaking about automation, there are also some videos about automating your processes and how you can do it. That’s actually quite useful since it reduces your daily workload, so you can focus on other tasks. One of the methods requires care, though; virtual assistants are a delicate matter.

There’s a module about Instagram influencers, and it teaches you how to reach out to large Instagram accounts and get them to advertise your offers. This is useful as well, but it’s nothing special since it’s a popular method for eCommerce in general. It can also be quite expensive, so don’t expect to use it right away unless you have a large budget.

The last module is about scaling your store according to your success and increasing your sales with time to ensure a long-term business. It’s mostly focused on working on your brand and loyal customers.

My problem with this last module is how Jeets usually creates a business, grows it, and then sells its once he feels he got enough out of it. He’s not really a long-term businessman if we use that as criteria for our judgement, now, is he?

Still, he may know how to do it and simply choose to not apply that knowledge or just use it sparingly (for some reason).

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

It’s a very short course, as I said before. Even with a price tag of $297, which is still below most courses being offered today, it feels a bit overpriced. Jeets knows how to be successful with all the businesses he’s run, so there’s definitely a lot he could add but chose not to.

Instagram marketing is mostly ignored except for using influencers, and the Facebook section could use a lot more depth. Given his experience, this is something he could’ve expanded, especially since it’s not exclusive to dropshipping.

Store creation and researching products are covered reasonably, but he just provides basic and mostly obvious strategies, so it’s kind of irrelevant.

Overall, it’s a very incomplete course, and it’s really disappointing since I know how much experience he has. Besides, it has the same price as eCom Elites’ ultimate package, and that’s a course that offers at least 3x what this course does. You can check out my review on it here.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my No Bullshit Road to Remote Work Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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