High Ticket eCom Secrets Review (Earnest Epps Course)

If you’re here, you’ve probably stumbled across Earnest Epps’ High Ticket eCom Secrets course and are wondering whether it’s a good investment for your money.

Today, we’re going to go through the course and its contents. I’ll give you an overview and let you know if it’s worth your while.

It’s priced at $997, which is about average for eCommerce courses from online gurus, but author notwithstanding, is it any good?

Who’s the author?

Earnest Epps is a business and eCommerce consultant who has his own online blog filled with content on those subjects. He’s known to value knowledge as “the new currency”, so that’s a good sign if he’s offering a course.

Unlike most eCommerce gurus, he keeps his social media clear of any unnecessary wealth and luxuries demonstration. Besides his personal coaching, he’s also appeared (as featured guest) in live eCommerce events.

While that’s good to know, it doesn’t really mean his course is worth the asking price, or even if high ticket dropshipping is a worthwhile investment.

High ticket requires care

Now, don’t think that high ticket requires any special knowledge that regular dropshipping doesn’t offer. There aren’t significant differences between selling high ticket or low ticket products, and any course that’s good for one is as good for the other.

If you’ve already found success with low-price items, then you can feel free to skip the course. You can apply the same knowledge and approach you used with low ticket.

The difference lies in the risk; this is something most gurus won’t tell you. It might sound easier to sell a $4,000 product instead of selling 40 smaller items for $10. However, people are more likely to spend $10 than $4,000 just because it appeared on their social media feed.

Selling an item for more than $500 is already quite the task.

Many people take a look at the figures and figure out that with selling a couple of items are already making good money. The problem is that your marketing budget will likely increase with your products, and then there’s the profit margin you can keep.

If your supplier’s price is already $10,000 per product, there isn’t much you can add to make a profit yourself and keep it looking nice to buy. That’s without considering taxes, hosting, and any expenses related to your website: frauds, refunds, returns, etc.

Imagine someone buys with a credit card on your store. After they receive their product, some people might call their credit card company and just say that someone else used it. That’s a double hit for your store: payment and your product.

Other customers might change their minds after delivery, or the product might be defective or damaged from the trip. Some suppliers don’t cover that expense, and if they don’t do it, you have to.

Sure, if you’re a large company with a large enough safety net, you can withstand and overcome those issues without too much problem. However, new dropshippers (like the ones finishing this course) can get ruined with their business just from these types of problems.

You can find horrible stories on the internet from dropshippers choosing high ticket as their introduction to dropshipping before exiting with thousands USD on debts over their cashflow. Yes, high risk tends to translate into high rewards, but that’s not the case for people without the ability to offset these scenarios.

Reviewing High Ticket eCom Secrets

This course gives you the same claims as all others like how it’ll help you quit your day job, but high ticket definitely requires you to have at least another job to make up for your first months before establishing your business’ profits.

It’s hosted on Teachable, which is great for its responsiveness on all devices, but you can’t download the videos. They’re still HD, though.

The modules cover the standard topics from all dropshipping courses. That’s your first clue telling you that there isn’t something like a “high ticket specialized class”.


Your first module on this course is quite short. It offers 5 brief videos with insight regarding what you need to start out. You have a video explaining how to choose products, setting your prices, selecting a market to target, targeting interests, and how to decide on your first product.

While short, there’s some good insight here and there.

Market definition

This section has 2 more videos than the last one. I’ll take a moment here to point how that the names in these videos are actually quite odd; it feels like Earnest wanted to make his course feel like a masterclass but only matched the names and not the content.

The topics included in this section cover researching your market, creating brand loyalty, searching volumes, and competitors and how to gain an edge over them.


This is the first section where you realize that you just paid too much for a lot of content you probably won’t be able to apply to your business. Many videos in this module are aimed towards American students, and they cover setting up an EIN and certifying as a reseller, plus some DBA registration.

Non-US students will have a significant handicap if they decide to establish their business there. If you don’t have your reselling ID or a social security number, then you can forget about using US suppliers to dropship towards US customers, especially as a sole trader.

It’s possible, of course, but the process is quite tricky. The best advice I can give you is to get an accountant to guide you through all the processes and taxes inherent to reselling in the US. Yes, that means you have to pay someone for advice, but it’s the best way; it’s not a good selling point for this course, though.

The more general videos include how to set up your domain, linking it to a store on Shopify, and how to get your business email, address, and phone number.

Creating your website

There are 11 different videos in this section, and they mostly cover your standard module on how to create a store on Shopify. There’s nothing special here, and you get the standard template selection and recommended apps.

There’s also how to add your logos and changing the color and layout of your theme. Overall, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not a bad module by any means, yet you can find the same content for free on YouTube.

Approving suppliers

The 5th module goes back to being exclusive to the US market, so don’t expect to be able to replicate the lessons included in these videos to the letter. There are a few things you can pick up regardless.

You have videos on what to do to get accepted by your supplier, the types of suppliers you can find, making the first contact (with some scripts included for you to use), and some advanced tactics to find suppliers.


This is a nice module if you want to optimize your website to get the highest amount of conversions. However, it’s still a fairly basic section, and there are many themes available that already include the features Earnest recommends here.

The videos here include how to add timers to your store as well as bonus offers, using upsells, social media proof and signals, how to use reviews in your favor, and tracking visitors with the Lucky Orange plugin.

I’ll make a brief parenthesis here to explain something important. If you feel this course didn’t work and want a refund, you must follow these videos closely and set up your store exactly as explained here.


This section is named “unlimited traffic”, but believe me: it’s better this way. There isn’t really unlimited traffic that applies to the internet, and you’ll always find limits regarding what you really get and the investment you can make to get it.

Despite the promising title, the module is just your standard web traffic module explaining Google Adwords and Shopping, banners, and social media influencers. It’s also nothing out of the ordinary, and it sits at the lower end of the spectrum with just 9 videos.

This is quite disappointing seeing the price of the course and how traffic is the lifeblood of your commerce. You won’t make any money if you can’t drive traffic to your store, so for almost $1,000 I’d expect a thorough explanation of all the techniques there are.

It sometimes feels like this course is more of an introduction to high ticket selling for people who already know how to run a business, yet that target audience already knows everything necessary to run a high ticket business. They just apply the same knowledge they used for their first stores.

Earnest does try to make up for it in the bonuses section, but you’ll soon find out it’s not really optimal when you have courses like eCom Elites out there.

Automating your store

There isn’t much here, to be honest. It’s just 4 videos with a focus on outsourcing your work and hiring virtual assistants. It also skips the plugins you can use for the same task.

Bonus modules

The course started off with 2 extra modules as bonuses. The first one focused on how you can combat fraud, which is quite useful. The second one offers a bit more insight on how to update your store.

However, there are 5 more modules, which were added just recently into the course, and they cover some of the basics on different marketing methods.

It includes a bit of extra Google content regarding Adwords, product ads, and dynamic retargeting. You also learn a bit about SEO, which is skipped in many courses. It also offers additional information on optimizing your website, and live masterclasses every week.

There’s also one feature I need to congratulate: Bing Advertising. You won’t find that in most courses, and its popularity grew a little during 2019, so it’s a nice addition.


As I said, you need to have your store looking exactly like shown on the store optimization section. Besides that, you also have to finish the entire course in a month (a lot easier than you think), have your first 100 products listed (a bit more difficult) and prove you’re running traffic to your store.

Basically, you have to apply everything he taught before asking for a refund. Just make sure you finish the course quickly in case you feel unsatisfied since you’ll need quite some time to meet the last two requirements.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

If you’re now to the whole dropshipping business model, then you don’t want to start out with high ticket products. If you already have experience and want to move towards high ticket, the you don’t really need a course.

Overall, it’s not worth your money. Beginners who know they can apply the same knowledge here to low ticket dropshipping are still better off buying a good course for less than $300 and a theme for less than $100 and spend the rest on ads.

Once you save enough, you can simply research and list high ticket products.

If you’re looking for one of the best dropshipping course which is affordable and contains a ton of information? Check out eCom Elites, I did a review on it that you can read.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my High Ticket eCom Secrets Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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