H-Com 2020 Review (Alex Becker Course)

This is a course that’s been out for a long time right now, but people still seem to ask about it on comment sections and forums, so why not posting this review?

I quite like Alex, and I’ve used a couple of his other offers, so with the worst possible outcome being an average course, it’s just more of what I’m used to.

Let’s find out if it’s worth your money.

Who’s the author?

For those who don’t know, Alex Becker is a famous online entrepreneur, and a very successful one at that.

He now focuses on creating software for online marketing, but he’s also a great teacher both on YouTube and his different courses available for purchase. He offers a different way to teach content that’s straightforward and amusing thanks to his informal approach (and yes, occasional swearing).

He’s a great teacher that keeps things entertaining, which then makes things easier to digest. He’s also spoken at live events, and it was one of the most entertaining presenters at the one I attended.

About The Course

This course focuses on eCommerce, specifically dropshipping, and it was created by Alex Becker. It teaches you from creating your store using Shopify to working on your branding and marketing, plus a few extras.

It’s ideal for newcomers looking how to start, and it provides a good grasp on the foundations of the business.

Reviewing H-Com 2020

The course costs either $1,997 or nearly $3,000 if you pay through 5 separate payments. The course also features Matt Scmidt and Devin Zander, to big names in the online marketing industry.

Mat has found significant success with both dropshipping and PoD (Print on Demand), and Devin is the creator of Smar7, a firm dedicated to developing apps for Shopify. Like with Alex, I’ve also used some of the apps by Smar7, and they aren’t bad at all.

This course breaks into 10 different weeks, and the first 2 go over how you should start ASAP and take action before going into your standard welcome: course overview and explaining Shopify. It also touches on designing your store.

Other videos talk about recommended apps, using software from Smar7, getting and optimizing products, and setting up a FB page.

The first part is known as “Quickstart”, and it’s a genius addition that lets you skip the rest of the course and just go get your first product and sell it. It’s a really unconventional approach and one of the reasons why Alex is such a unique guy.

You can use that to start right away, but you still have the rest of the course available, so “choosing your pace” takes a different meaning here.

Product research

The first section dives into finding products, what you should look for, a comparison between PoD and dropshipping and the types of PoD.

They mention AliExpress, like most courses, but there are other platforms included here. There are lessons about scaling your best-performing items and trend spotting so that you can jump on the early stages.

Store setup

This module is about designing your store and get those conversions going. It goes through getting your logo, choosing a color scheme, optimizing your product and home pages, and which pages you need.

There’s a lot of stuff covered here, but I’d recommend you get a good premium theme and skip most of the work here. They also try to sell you other apps, and having a good theme is a good way to skip over those expenses.


The next week is about the offer types you can sell and the best ways to present them if you want to ensure conversions. It’s quite small, but it’s still an interesting week.


This module explains print on demand, and Matt takes care of the lessons here. You’re probably here for dropshipping, and this section is generally good, so there’s little reason to dive too deep here.

If you’re into PoD, then you’ll enjoy this content.


If you want to start any business, branding is paramount if you want it to grow. Nothing makes that clearer than dropshipping: if people can’t identify your brand, they’ll probably skip you in favor of a store with more personality.

That’s the reason behind retargeting, but that’s not our focus here. This course teaches you about logo creation, sales materials, gaining trust, and boosting your conversions through your branding.

Targeting ads

Here, you’ll learn about FB Ads, again from Matt. You can expect to learn about finding audiences, what you should look, targeting, scaling, copywriting, and FB pixel.

It’s good training, but I found it disappointingly short, especially for the price. For example, eCom Elites costs merely $197, but it offers over 50 videos just about Facebook marketing.


This week goes into Google Analytics: the basics, reports, tracking your FB ads, analyzing data and scaling, funnels, setting goals, and tracking the performance of your products.

It’s grazes the 2-hour mark, but it gives you a solid idea of how you should analyze your data, which is of utmost importance. Skip this skill, and you should be ready to miss opportunities and lose money unnecessarily.


This module explains why it’s necessary to integrate an email marketing strategy for your eCommerce, how your relationship with your clients work, how to run your email marketing, etc.

Alex uses this module to sell you his Market Hero app. It’s a pretty solid autoresponder, and you also get a free trial and training if you bought the course. However, you can still opt to use another tool, but note that he uses his own app for this section’s training.

Instagram influencers

There are 5 videos here, and they’re around 5 minutes for each one. They go through the strategies to get influencers to help your marketing.

Many marketers focus on this advertising approach, and knowing how to do it is a good way to boost your sales significantly. While this section is pretty small, you can still get some good value from it if it’s your first exposition.

Advanced selling

This section goes into more detail into your marketing, and it focuses on how you should format your sales video, analyzing it, creating and pitching webinars, etc.

I can’t say most of you will use these approaches, but it’s a good departure from the usual selling techniques most of us are used to, so it’s worth taking a look.


The last module goes briefly into how you can use YouTube for your marketing. It’s an often missing section in most courses today, so it was a nice addition to see here.

However, it’s still really short. It goes into setting up your account and creating ads on the platform.

Final Verdict

I don’t feel good saying it, but I can’t recommend the course, and the worst part is that it’s for a single reason: pricing.

The course is too expensive for the actual content and value you’re getting here.

It’s a good course, and there’s some great content and insight included. Beginners will definitely get a good grasp on the subject, and intermediates can pick up a couple of tips and ideas they probably never thought.

Besides, Alex’s teaching is just the best.

However, the amount of content is too small, and the quality doesn’t really make up for the $2,000 price tag (nearly $3,000 if you pay in parts). You’d be paying more for the names behind the course than for the content itself.

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

The main reason why this course feels unnecessarily expensive is the existence of other course like eCom Elites.

eCom Elites is 10x cheaper (and the premium package costs $297), and it offers more than twice the content here. You’ll learn about all the strategies with more depth, and others that aren’t even explained here.

For this course’s price, you can pay eCom Elite’s premium package, eCom Turbo, and still save about $1,600 (or $2,5000), which is an outstanding marketing budget.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my H-Com 2020 Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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