Glo Up eCom Program Review (Malik Mufasa Course)

Galik Mufasa just released the 2nd version of his course, and we’re going to have a look at it to see whether or not you should spend your money on it. Is it a real course or just an overhyped mesh of random content?

The tagline talks about creating a 6-figure store starting today, but that’s just a bit misleading since it’ll take weeks before you start seeing results.

Who’s the author?

Malik is your standard YouTube content creator who claims to make $2,000 every day thanks to Shopify since his store launch. It’s all from dropshipping with single-product stores.

You probably found his course through his YouTube channel, and it’s your standard channel with free content on dropshipping and general eCommerce knowledge. One of the most recent entries talks about building a single-product store in 2019, and it’s actually quite good with meaningful insight.

Due to that and the general content of his videos, I really feel like Malik knows about the business and offers genuine knowledge. His channel is fairly modest: 12,000 subscribers and down-to-earth videos without your clickbait titles and sports cars.

The course hosts on Teachables and has a price tag of $697, but it’s easy to find it on sale. Its launch price is barely $37, and it’s the lowest It can go. However, it’ll probably go up soon, and the sales page sells it as an outstanding course.

So let’s see if it’s true.

Reviewing Glo Up eCom Program

The course splits into 7 different modules plus an introduction and bonus content. The first thing you’ll notice is the reduce length. Most videos don’t reach the 10-minute mark, and there are modules with just a few videos; the last one is just a single video.

I didn’t suffer from it since I paid $37, but people paying the full amount (almost $700) will probably feel disappointed after finishing the video. I say “probably” because some may actually enjoy it. There’s good insight, but it’s just too little.

Module 1

The first module is about getting started with Shopify. It’s made up by 5 videos spanning less than 2 minutes each, and they talk about themes, apps, domains, and product imports. There’s nothing about actually choosing the domain, products, and Shopify over its competitors.

It’s just the basics (sort of) for beginners.

Module 2

This module has 3 videos totaling about 20 minutes making up product research. That’s a problem since this is one of the most important parts of starting an eCommerce, and there are courses taking more than an hour to explain this.

The videos include finding products on Facebook and some cheat sheets to help you choose. There’s some nice content here despite the length, and it’ll definitely help you.

Module 3

This is a brief explanation of Facebook Ads and how to find success with them. You get a tool you can use to find limitless audiences, and I actually enjoyed seeing this included since a lot of courses lack this sort of information.

It tells you some ads types that won’t work in current times and why, as well as his own formula for campaigns with Facebook Ads. It closes with an actually solid video about duplicating your audiences.

Module 4

This module is all about scaling your store, and it spans 5 videos with insights on your Facebook metrics. He even shares with you the adsets and metrics for his 6-figure store, which is a nice touch.

While certainly limited, the information can help you down the line, and there are some useful videos on analyzing your metrics and data as well as custom and lookalike audiences.

Module 5

This is another module that let me down. You get a video on how you can grow your follower base on Instagram, and there’s also some content regarding mistakes you should avoid when marketing on Instagram that could hinder your sales.

The module was just 3 videos, and it skips influencers. Sure, the videos were quite entertaining, but being good doesn’t make up for missing stuff in this case.

Module 6

This module is titled “secret traffic source”, and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. In fact, I encourage you to find out for yourself if you can find the course on sale, so I’ll keep the secret this time.

Module 7

This is a single video explaining how email marketing can help your business. It’s a good brief explanation, but it leaves out a lot.

Bonus Facebook blueprint

OK, this was a good addition I really enjoyed. He shows you a good Facebook blueprint that gets $1,000 daily, and it was a really entertaining part of the course. It’ll also work nicely to give you some ideas, just don’t copy it exactly.

You get videos about scaling, researching, social proof, and results of how much he made in the end. It’s a good selling point if you can catch the discounts.


You must request a refund via email before the 14th day from having bought the course. You must have watched less than 15% (which means “avoid the 2nd module”) and no bonuses.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

Malik knows his stuff. If you can find the course for $37, then definitely get it, at least for the secret traffic source, the limitless traffic tool, and the bonus case study.

On the other hand, if the course increases its price, just skip it. I’d say $70 is about the max I’d pay.

If your looking for one of the best dropshipping which is affordable and contains a ton of information? Check out eCom Elites, I did a review on it that you can read.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Glo Up eCom Program Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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