Freedom with eCom Review (Tremayne Turner Course)

If you’re here, then you probably stumbled across Tremayn while navigating YouTube despite his small and recent channel. Regardless of his influence, he’s created a course called Freedom With eCom, and we’re going to review it right now.

You can find the course for $297, seemingly a reduction from its original $997. However, it just released, so I’m sure it’s just a marketing strategy.

Tremayne’s channel focuses on online entrepreneurship: dropshipping marketing, social media ads, and of course, motivational videos. His usual approach is to upload weekly videos on one of these topics, and his first video dates a bit over a year ago, so he’s not really an authority.

Some of his videos have nice tips, but he undoes it for me by filling his titles and thumbnails with the usual, obnoxious clickbait. His videos are also mostly the same as the other gurus’ on the same topics, so he’s also probably recycling other people’s insights.

Overall, his channel is nothing special, and that’s probably the reason behind his reduced subscriber amount.

The meat of his knowledge seems to be in his course, so let’s take a look at it and see if it’s also the same as the other courses you can find online.

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According to Tremayne, this course was created so that its students could quit their office-time jobs with dropshipping and the ensured “fast” results. He offers a seeming blueprint to earn your freedom thanks to the strategies taught in these lessons.

He’s been a dropshipper from April 2018, and he claims to have earned more than a million dollars’ worth of revenue in merely 2 months. Of course, the screenshots look fake, so don’t take that as a selling point for this course.

But it gets better; the screenshots make little sense. He says he made a bit over $1,100,000 between May and July. According to him, it adds up from $404,900 from May and $582,800 made in June. If you add that, you get slightly more than $987,000.

There’s clearly over $100,000 missing from that master equation, and I have nothing left to say about it.

There are 80 videos totaling the course, and they mostly focus on store building, product research, raising your AOV (Average Order Value), and marketing via Facebook Ads and emailing.

It’s your standard dropshipping content, but let’s see if it has anything special.

Module 1

This is just an introduction with 4 videos presenting you the course and what you can expect to learn from it. There’s a funny lesson on how you should structure your day, which was pretty nice to see, but that’s just because I like organization in general.

There’s also how you can choose between having a brand or a general store.

Module 2

The second module has 18 videos showing you how you can create your store from scratch. The problem here is that it’s 18 videos you just paid to teach you basic content you can find for free with a quick search on YouTube.

You learn how to pick your store name, set it up, get a domain, choosing and implementing a store theme, the pages you want for your store, and creating your collections. There’s also content straight on getting sales like how to import your products and fulfil orders, creating high-converting landing pages, and how to price your items.

Finally, you learn about implementations and add-ons like apps recommended by the author, payment providers, and how to remove the “Powered by Shopify” banner.

Besides the conversion tips and selling strategies, Shopify is so intuitive that you don’t really need any of the technical videos included here.

If you have any doubts, you can just look it up on Google or YouTube, but you even get prompts on your screen to make sure you do everything correctly, so that’s about half a module gone to waste.

Sure, it’s good to receive recommendations on the apps you should get, but the Shopify Marketplace has descriptions and recommendations already, and Tremayne recommending you use free themes will kill off your conversions.

Module 3

This module has 10 lessons focused on efficient product research. Tremayne mainly explains how to use AliExpress, and he doesn’t really mention any alternatives like local suppliers or even other platforms.

There are some videos on the things you want from your products, using Facebook to find best-sellers, spying on your competitors, and whatever a “golden winner” is.

This section is another one that lacks a lot of content, especially considering that your products are what make or break your business. He even skips basic strategies and tools like Google and Oberlo.

Module 4

This is an interesting module since AOV is a term that not everyone knows unless they know about general business vocabulary, or at least it would’ve been if Tremayne explained what it was.

AOV is basically the average spending of the customers in your store.

Tremayne teaches you about upsells, how to use them, and some strategies for gaining customer loyalty. It’s not bad, but it’s very basic and just general overviews that you can get from free videos.

The only real issue is that Tremayne doesn’t tell you what AOV is, so you’re basically learning how to do something without understanding why or how it could benefit your business.

Module 5

This is an introduction to Facebook marketing, and it’s a nice intro for beginners without knowledge on the platform. On the other hand, people with any other online business or who’ve used the platform before will already know everything taught here.

Tremayne teaches about setting your account and pixel, establishing objectives, copywriting, and creating a Facebook page.

Still, Facebook is also fairly intuitive and offers free resources, so most of the information in this module is stuff you can find for free and with much more depth online. There’s nothing here to justify paying.

Module 6

This module offers 3 videos explaining how you can market your business to those more likely to buy from you. It mostly just explains the importance of targeting and how you can learn what potential customers want by using Google Trends.

It’s another module lacking a lot of content, and it feels that way even if you’re not aware of the more advanced strategies for targeting and trend research.

There’s nothing on age splitting, using demographics, and anything in-between. And there’s no practical knowledge on how to actually target an audience; it’s just basic theory he probably read online on an article or blog.

Module 7

Yet another module focused on Facebook, it makes the course seem like a Facebook Ads class, and a bad one at that, thanks to everything missing.

Here, you’ll learn about testing, copywriting for your ads and using Creatives, why videos are important, how you can create video ads, the steps to launch an ad, how to interpret the results from your ad, why page posts are important, and Tremayne’s own testing approach.

It’s interesting content, of course, but some of the methods taught here are personal, and there’s no guarantee that what he teaches you will work, and that’s why testing is an important part of this business. Therefore, it’s nice to see he spends quite a bit of time explaining it.

I also liked how he included video advertisement and how to do it, but it’s still content you can find for free.

Module 8

This is the 4th module about Facebook Ads, and it focuses on scaling your ads and how to know when one is promising enough for you to focus on it.

The content is quite interesting. There are a few methods for scaling your ads, your usual lookalike and custom audiences, and manual bidding. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, though, so you’re still better off Googling these things.

Module 9

This is the last module focused on Facebook advertising, and it closes the streak by talking about retargeting. However, when you get to it, you discover it only has a couple of videos.

This module just tells you what retargeting is and why it’s important. Want to save money? It’s advertising to people who already interacted with previous ads or visited your website, and it’s important because you advertise to people who already showed an interest in your products, so they’re more likely to buy from you.

Module 10

Here, you learn about email marketing, and it’s another disappointingly short module.

Email marketing is a great strategy if you do it correctly, and it’s definitely one of my favorites, but it’s a very complex approach, which extends to optimizing it. Now you know why I’m disappointing at this module being just 3 videos.

It’s just a short introduction to this type of marketing. You learn how to set up some sequences and how you can use MailChimp to make things easier. Here, Tremayne repeats his hobby of explaining platforms that don’t really need any explanations.

Module 11

The last module is an outsourcing introduction and guide. You can expect to learn about why customer service is important and where you can hire virtual assistants for your store. There’s also a brief lesson on setting up your staff account.

Tremayne skims through the content, but that’s not a good idea since outsourcing means giving access to someone you don’t really know towards your business and personal data. You can see why you don’t want to rush it.

Finally, there’s a “thank you” video closing the course, which at least was a nice touch.

There are 3 bonuses according to Tremayne as well, but he doesn’t list them anywhere. Given the things courses consider bonuses these days, they’re probably the unlimited access, future updates and the private group.

However, these should be a given, not bonuses, and the Facebook group isn’t the most useful one since it’s really quiet.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

The course isn’t too expensive, sitting at $297, but it’s still more than the real value you’re getting.

The content is too short, and it skips a lot of necessary detail. Sure, 80 videos looks like a lot more than what other courses are offering, but the real content and duration on each aren’t special or noteworthy.

You also just learn basic stuff about Facebook Ads. There’s nothing on Google Ads, influencers, SEO, chatbots, or even any real depth to the actual Facebook lessons.

If you’re looking for one of the best dropshipping which is affordable and contains a ton of information? Check out eCom Elites, I did a review on it that you can read.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Freedom with eCom Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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