Freedom Ticket Review: Kevin King Amazon Course $997?

Kevin King recently released the second version for his Freedom Ticket course: an Amazon educational program. It sells as the only guide you need to become an Amazon Seller.

It currently offers 8 weeks of content, each one with its own set of video lessons. You have almost 100 videos in this course, totaling at over 21 hours with weeks taking from 2 to 5 hours depending on the topics.

The course is available for $997. However, Hellium10 members—those paying between $97 and $397 monthly—have free access to the course.


About the author

According to Kevin, he’s been an Amazon and eBay seller since before the 2000’s—pretty much an early adopter. In a bit over 20 years, he seems to have started different online ventures while traveling quite a lot.

Kevin’s focus is on private brand labels he can sell through Amazon. He claims this method has made him more than $6 million up to this day.

You can also find him through his websites and podcast, where he’s built quite a following while offering some—admittedly good—content for free. Just keep in mind it’s a marketing tactic to promote his products like the Helium10 membership and our focus course today.

About the author

According to Marvin, he created this course after making many mistakes he made while building his own business. It’s basically to help others avoid repeating his errors.

As for Marvin himself, he has a YouTube channel centered around online entrepreneurship, mainly Amazon FBA and digital marketing. His YouTube channel is quite small, with a bit over 5,300 subscribers at the time of writing. Most of his videos have hundreds of view, with a couple ones getting a thousand or two.

Most of his content is educational, and he often shares clear examples. Despite this, and being on YouTube for about 2 and a half years, he’s only gathered a bit over 200,000 views.

If you head over to his Instagram page, you’ll see him claiming to be a 6-figure seller on Amazon. He also offers a link to free training; this is a free webinar about him quitting his regular job and building a business on Amazon FBA with branded products.

Reviewing Wholesale Underground

As we mentioned, Kevin presents Freedom Ticket as the only course about Amazon FBA you’re ever going to need. It has nothing to do with The Last Amazon Course, though, so don’t get confused.

The course consists of hours of video lessons spread through its 8 modules, downloadable resources, bookmarks, calculators, and weekly Q&A’s with the author for your first 3 months. You’re also granted Helium10 discounts. There’s also your standard private Facebook group for students.

There’s also a moneyback guarantee for 30 days, but you do need to check some requirements to be eligible for a refund. It’s better not to rely on this, so ensure your commitment before getting the course.

It should be noted here that Kevin uses Kajabi to host the course instead of Teachables. Luckily, the platform is also very good, and it shouldn’t be confusing even if you’ve only used Teachables—or never used one of these platforms—before. Similar to Teachables, the course is responsive on different devices.

As you might have noticed, the modules are weekly in this course. It might be annoying for many people since you’re not free to take things at your own pace. If you finish a week in a single day, which isn’t hard at all, you’re left waiting for 6 days before continuing.

Week 1

The first week is simply an introductory module with 3 videos. They just welcome you into the course, how it works, and why Amazon is a good opportunity to start your own business.

That’s all. It shouldn’t take you an entire day to finish this module, and I’ll admit it’s quite annoying since now you’re left with nothing to do for the rest of the week.

Week 2

This module starts off by giving you an introduction on Helium10, which is basically a membership to Kevin’s brand—or at least a brand Kevin’s partnered with. What matters is that it’s a monthly subscription.

The real content covers how to use Ping Pong to circulate money between different countries, how to set up your Amazon business and Seller Central, and how you can use the platform in general.

The module closes with somewhat of a glossary: video lessons on the different terms used within Amazon. There’s also a video about what your budget should be.

Week 3

This module is basically an explanation of what’s possible after investing $5,000 in your business. After that, it starts to explain how to start your FBA venture.

It starts off with branding, loyalty, cash flow and getting approved for categories. You also learn about the different costs related to selling on the platform, including advertisement. The module closes with more cash flow and costs guidance.

Week 4

This is your product research module, and Kevin recommends using Helium for this task. You’re introduced to the toolkit and how it can help you.

The next lessons are about finding ideas, using keywords, and picking your products. There’s also a lesson about the main formula used by Kevin to test products, which is the next step after finding suitable candidates.

The module ends with how to research your competitors, using Blackbox and a weird mindset lesson.

Week 5

Week 5 is the legal module of the course, and it goes into taxes and customs related to your business. There’s content for both US and European students regarding regulations and certificates you should look out for.

However, those are the only 2 regions covered, so some students might not find a lot of value in this module. The last video on how to partner with suppliers is more universal, though.

Week 6

This module is the largest one, and it’s generally about branding and keeping your business’ relevancy.

You have lessons about registering brands, patents, and staying compliant with Amazon. You’ll learn how to rank your listings and how to create them. There’s an interesting video on leveraging competition reviews and taking advantage of Amazon’s search engine.

There’s a lot in this module, and it’s easily the highlight of the course.

Week 7

This is another long module, but it’s more concise. It’s about creating and optimizing your listings: titles, descriptions, keywords, files, creating and using images, and submitting your resulting listings.

Week 8

The course closes with marketing. It starts off with discounts and special deals before going more in-depth.

You also learn about Amazon ads, URL tricks, PPC, bidding, targeting, and—again—Helium10.


The course itself is good enough if you want to start your Amazon FBA business. If you decide to get it, I’d recommend you pay the $97 Helium10 subscription instead of the $997, which is still cheaper after waiting for each separate week.

However, I can’t recommend it for people interested in more than just Amazon FBA. Similarly, it’s best to look elsewhere if you’re not from the EU or US since you’ll basically miss an entire module.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Freedom Ticket Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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