Five Figure Niche Site Review (Doug Cunnington Course)

Five Figure Niche Site is a course by Doug Cunnington. It focuses on affiliate marketing, which is a very profitable business, but does that mean it’s worth the waiting list and ultimately the asking price?

Today, I’ll go through the content and give you my final verdict, and you’ll make a decision on that question by yourself.

It’s supposed to provide a blueprint detailing the different steps for creating a successful niche site and monetizing it with affiliate marketing for different products within your niche.

Who’s the author?

Doug used to be a project manager before becoming an affiliate marketer. He’s a certified project manager in the US (Colorado), and he frequently employs the methodology when talking about how to build and scale affiliate marketing websites.

He also has working experience in management and business consulting as well as software engineering and testing.

The success of his several websites and blogs allowed him to quit his regular job, and to this day, he works by himself. He’s an internet entrepreneur as well as a course and general content producer. His affiliate marketing websites monetize with Amazon’s affiliate program, and he advocates the use of this program.

He also has a YouTube channel, and he uses it to deliver content related to affiliate marketing: strategies and tips. He sometimes uploads Q&A’s as well as webinars; he also has a podcast. His content on these channels tend to cover pain points besides occasionally interviewing other affiliate marketers who are finding success.

His channel isn’t neither the largest nor the smallest, with almost 11,000 subscribers.

About Five Figure Niche Site

You can’t really access the course right now, but you can get into a waiting list if you head to the website. Joining gets you access to several templates for you to download at no cost. However, there’s not an estimated date on when it’ll release or what content it’ll actually offer.

You’ll also start to notice emails from Doug, mostly inviting you to visit his YouTube channel and watch the different playlist covering topics like case studies an examples of different Amazon niche sites.

Doug seems to open the course for new students now and then, but there’s no way to know the frequency or if you’ll receive an email notification to sign up. Luckily, you only need to pay the full price if you’re invited and want to access the material.

Additionally, you might be able to catch the chance to join through the website’s sales page. Doug usually notifies his YouTube subscribers or podcast listeners whenever he’s going to open up.

Basically, if you join the waiting list, you’ll receive frequent emails, but you also get some nice bonuses for free, like keyword templates and stories of successful course members (but the latter is mostly just for entertainment if you like these types of videos like me). You also receive a free mini course within the first 2 weeks after you signed up. The last event is the limited offer to sign up to the course.

Doug says this exclusiveness is to keep a manageable amount of students so that he can provide good support for each one.

Reviewing Five Figure Niche Site

This course is designed for teaching you how to build a niche site. You learn how to choose a niche, research keywords, building your site, and scaling it.

Basically, you’ll be able to start a site, write content that’s SEO optimized to rank in search engines, and make money through Amazon’s product referrals.

The course touches on how to pick an appropriate niche and respective keywords, how to analyze your competitors without having to use paid tools, building backlinks and promoting it not to get a Google penalty, and an updated site system you can follow in different steps.

The modules are released weekly, so you can’t really access all the content at once, which is something I find really annoying, but you might not mind it. You have 2 modules on niche selection (one on keywords and another one on analyzing competitors), and the rest of the course dedicates 1 module for each topic: site setup, content marketing, how to apply for Amazon’s affiliate program, how to build your backlinks and promotion outreach, and how to scale (which basically goes into building additional websites).

The modules contain an average of 3 or 4 lessons, and they may come as either video or text. Again, this course focuses solely around promoting products from Amazon’s affiliate program with a solid content marketing approach.

Final Verdict

Best Alternative

Doug does have a lot of experience, and the content here shows it now and then. However, he fails to fully translate his knowledge into actual and deep content. You only get about 30 videos, which isn’t really a lot when compared with similar courses you can access without waiting for them to open up.

It’s nice that you can get value for free by signing up (if you don’t mind receiving regular emails), but it’s mostly for entertainment since you need to learn the content if you want to use or understand some of these bonuses. You’re also on Doug’s mailing list, so that means you might get regular promotions in the future.

You can get a course like Savage Affiliates for just $197 ($297 for the premium package), and it’ll provide more content without you having to sign up and wait for an unspecified time and be prone to receiving annoying emails, so it makes little sense to pause your aspiring career to favor a course that ultimately fails to deliver in several ways.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Five Figure Niche Site Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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