Elite Affiliate Pro Review (Igor Kheifets Course)

Igor is your regular YouTube making a living off affiliate marketing, and he claims to make over $60,000 every week while still having time to develop and release different courses on how to do the same.

He offers you a free course with a few strategies as a taste of his actual courses, and if you want the real “secrets”, you can then purchase his product.

If you have no experience in affiliate marketing, let me tell you that there really isn’t any “secret solutions” or shortcut method in this business. Any guru claiming that is usually either a completely made up approach that will just not work or a rebrand of some traditional method they sell with a new image.

There are new approaches, of course, and they can work. However, that’s far from a “secret surefire method to get 60k every week”. Even the best strategies still require work and dedication before generating any money.

That doesn’t mean this course is a scam or that Igor isn’t a legitimate businessman. He’s worked with recognized names like Anthony Morrison, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use clickbait to sell a course.

It’s a good sign, but it also doesn’t mean his course is good. $997 is really expensive, so make sure to read here before you decide to spend it.

Who’s the author?

Pat owns a popular blog, as I already told you. He’s used it for sharing reports on his income for several years, and he’s made it clear he’s making good money on affiliate marketing. One of the largest accounts tied to him is a Bluehost one earning him $110 for every person signing up, and he promotes content related to starting blogs.

He’s made more than $3.5 million in affiliate revenues as confirmed by his site, and he has a weekly podcast that’s around 400 episodes. His topics cover a vast spectrum, including Amazon and Kindle marketing, general entrepreneurship, trends, and tips.

His YouTube channel is also quite impressive. He shares videos on a lot of different content, and his has nearly 200,000 subscribers. His videos cover passive income tips, reviews, and updates on his life.

He’s also de owner of several courses on business ideas, podcasts, brand building, etc. The cheapest one is $249; the most expensive is $999.

Reviewing Elite Affiliate Pro

Main content

The course is mostly a collection of several videos covering different sides of running an affiliate marketing business.

You learn about how you can reach out to your target audience, including how to create good emails, pre-sale pages, and even advanced stuff like how to use scarcity.

You also learn how to find offers both in Clickbank and with webinars, and there’s a class on general high-conversion CPA offers. There’s one more module about how to scale your conversions by offering bonuses.


You get several bonuses with this course, and they’re actual bonuses, unlike other courses saying that a private FB group is a bonus.

The largest addition here is a bonus mini-course divided in 3 phases.

The first one teaches you how to plan and set up your campaigns. It’s all about email marketing, explained through 6 steps. The second phase is a case study of how Igor made $100,000 with his email marketing approach; he used a webinar to catch clients, and the following emails increased his sales. The last phase is a tutorial on how to get traffic from your campaigns; note this section is solely about paid traffic, so don’t expect SEO and similar approaches.

There are other bonuses as well, including tips for you to revive a failed email list, Igor’s recommendations regarding affiliate promotions (don’t take them as rules since they’re probably oversaturated), and some email swipes.

There’s also a bunch of templates you can use for your affiliate marketing campaigns and a list with Igor’s favorite CPA networks.


You can reach out to Igor on his live webinars if you have any questions needing answers. It’s your gateway to solve any doubts about the contents inside the course or just about the business model in general.

The only issue about this support is that you need to schedule yourself so that you can be available during the call’s time. That can be hard while you’re starting out since you’re going through applying all the lessons, and it’s sadly the time you’re probably going to need it the most.

Final Verdict

Igor is a pretty good affiliate marketer, and the numbers he’s done speak for themselves and are certainly amazing. He’s not a newcomer or a fake entrepreneur, and you can see that in the way he speaks as much as you can see it on his reputation and occasional associates.

In fact, the content inside this course is actually good, but it feels like a random conglomerate of different lessons mashed together. It has good content, but it needs work on its structure, and its seeming randomness may be confusing for newcomers.

Finally, there’s a money-back guarantee, but it’s a bit of an annoying process. You can ask for a refund, but you need to provide your 6-step checklist as proof it didn’t work before you get a refund.

In other words, refunds are based on your performance and proving that you failed despite this course’s teachings.

It’s not as bad as not having a refunds policy or asking students to watch only like 10% of your program, but it’s definitely worth considering before getting this course.

Best Alternative

If you’re OK with the content and price, then go for it, as you’ll probably learn at least a couple new tips.

However, you can get my favorite course for $800 less if you buy Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett. Unlike a focused course like Igor’s, Savage Affiliates is a single stop you can use to get all the knowledge necessary to start your affiliate business on solid footing.

Beside what you’ll learn from Igor, it also has modules on SEO, Google, Snapchat, even chat bots, and it covers both free and paid advertisement in those branches and a lot more that would take me an entire section to mention entirely.

Franklin Hatchett is also a winner from the 2 Comma Club, and he’s one of the most famous faces in eCommerce and affiliate marketing, so you’re not lowering your author’s status.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Elite Affiliate Pro Review and I wish you the best of luck.


Hey, I am Mike and I am a full-time affiliate marketer! Nowadays there’s a lot of people promoting guru courses and overall bad software products. I am absolutely tired of people pushing their overpriced and crappy products and courses out to everyone to take advantage of you. My mission is to review and call out bad products, software, and courses whilst recommending only the best there is! You can read a little more about my journey  here!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the review…is the course worth its price if we get it at 50 percent discount…..that is 497 dollars….or its still not worth the investment !!!

    • Again Savage Affiliates is by far the best course. Why would you get this course for 497$ if Savage Affiliates is still way cheaper??

  2. Does Franklin’s course teach how to use cpa networks to get traffic to either lead capture pages or e-commerce stores? I can’t seem to find the answer to that.

    • He does not teach CPA in the course! Don’t buy if you want CPA training. But, yea other than that it has pretty much everything.


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