eCommerce Mastery Review (Zach Inman Course)

eCommerce Mastery is a course by Zach Inman, in which you’ll supposedly learn all the in’s and out’s of running your own online business. It focuses on WordPress instead of Shopify, so it’s a significant departure from your standard eCom class.

But does it mean it’s a good course? Let’s go through it and find out.

Who’s the author?

Zach is your standard eCommerce YouTuber offering insight into the business model, striving to keep his videos easy for beginners and enjoyable. He claims this approach can make a fun time out of starting out your venture.

Now, making your content amusing is something I can only agree with, but don’t take things literally when you’re part of the audience. Don’t mistake “fun” for “easy”; having an eCommerce is like running any business: it requires lots of effort and time if you want to find success.

His channel has a modest 35,000 subscribers fan base, and the content is mostly the same as other channels. However, he’s greatly diminished his YouTube dedication, with entire months missing any new video.

About the course

It’s a course focused on building a store on WordPress and marketing it through content marketing primarily, which makes up almost the entire marketing side of the course. It also touches briefly on paid traffic, which is also another departure from your standard course.

It goes from designing your website into researching your keywords for content and how to monetize the content via sales.

Target audience

Most modules are great for beginners. They’re filled with basic information about setting up your business, and even people not used to WordPress will get a grasp on it. However, on the last two modules, things change.


There’s last strategies are excellent, but they need lots of time if you want to use them, and people on a budget can also have trouble applying that and the paid traffic suggestions.

Reviewing eCommerce Mastery


The first module is your standard welcome. It offers an overview of Zach’s experience, but don’t take his word entirely since he doesn’t really offer any proof.

Business planning

This module is about planning what you want your business to be.

It covers finding a niche and target audience, as well as building your store’s branding and character. The objective is to create a strong idea of your business’ looks and functionality.

Site setup

This is the first module going into the practice.

You learn about using WordPress to build your store. It’s a cheaper option to Shopify upfront, but it lacks many features which can quickly increase your expenses.

Zach recommends some plugins to offset these weaknesses, but it’s the same plugins recommended by WordPress. Yet, it still skips many tips and content needed to make WordPress work properly.

Sourcing products and sales

This is about researching products, somewhat parting from the 2nd module’s bases.

Zach says that some products work better if you’re using content marketing as suggested by the course, and there’s also a video about creating content to sell these products.


The title says it all: you learn how to work on your SEO. It includes how to improve your navigation, loading times, etc.

This module starts to show how problematic WordPress can be for dropshippers. You need to work a lot to have a good store, unlike Shopify.

Growing and social media

This module basically demonstrates how Zach uses Facebook and Instagram for selling his brand, and it’s mostly common knowledge.

Do note that paid traffic has greatly overshadowed organic traffic, so this module is heavily outdated.

Paid traffic

This is a basic section like the last one, but it focuses on marketing ads for your social media, setting them up, and optimizing them, among other things.


This is an overview of how you want your blog posts to look. It goes through researching keywords, optimizing, and what types of posts you want to feature.

It’s a great sight with how many courses completely skip it, but it actually offers little content that you cannot find on the internet for free.

Email marketing

This is one of the best modules because of the strategies suggested, but its just basic stuff. It goes through building lists and sales funnels, but not how to use them.


It covers outsourcing your content writing, and the videos are quite good and in-depth when covering online marketplaces.

The only issue is that this requires time and rehearsing, and that translates into more money you might not be able to afford.

Maintaining your business

This module is actually good. It goes through customer service, solving issues, etc. It doesn’t really have any flaws.

eCommerce Mastery Info

I was disappointed at how little value is really included. It skips a lot of important lessons, and it doesn’t bring anything new.

Even the content marketing (its novelty) is just shallow and filled with tips you should find for free without too much effort.

I felt like I wasted my money, but I’ll admit it was because of my experience. Beginners might feel their expectations met.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

I’m glad this course focuses on content marketing since so many others just forget about it, and it’s a really undervalued strategy.

The price isn’t really bad, but it needs more content for it to feel worthy to more experienced students, which is something some beginners might not mind.

WordPress is awkward to use, and it would’ve been nice to see it including at least a Shopify overview.

It isn’t a bad course, but I’d rather go for eCom Elites. You get more value for your money; it covers most of the topics here with more depth, plus more strategies, and it’s always being updated.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eCommerce Mastery Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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