eCommerce Empire Builders Review (Peter Pru Course)

If you watch eCom content often on YouTube, then you’ve probably stumbled upon Peter Pru. His ads are a common sight on the platform, and they advertise his eCommerce Empire Builders course, which is sometimes called Six Figure Funnels as well.

The price for the course is $997, and it costs $199 more if you pay in 2 parts. This part payments are mostly just a way for the course’s author to squeeze a bit more money out of those with less money upfront, so it’s always better just to save up 2 months and pay the one-time option.

Let’s find out who’s Peter.

Who’s the author?

Peter is a 28 years old YouTuber and entrepreneur, so he’s kind of on the older side of the spectrum. He also looks more legitimate than most of his peers, even winning a 2 Comma Club award from the folks at ClickFunnels.

He owns an online fishing store selling physical products, which was the reason behind this award.

Peter became an online instructor after taking his YouTube channel and sharing his strategies as a side project. He has another course called Six Figure Funnels, and people seem to get confused between the 2. However, this is understandable, seeing how eCommerce Empire Builders is mostly just a rebrand.

On YouTube, he shares your usual content: why dropshippers fail, beginner tips he discovered only after a while, marketing methods, and anything along those lines. Of course, he doesn’t offer too much depth on his YouTube since he keeps all of it for his online course.

Reviewing eCommerce Empire Builders

Peter’s program is focused on dropshipping like a lot of others, but he has approach that sets this course apart from similar courses. This course focuses on using sales funnels from ClickFunnels, as well as son “hacking” tips.

Module 1

This is an intro module explaining which mindset you need to succeed. I always find somewhat entertaining these videos along with the motivational ones, but when that’s the only content in an entire module, it feels like overdoing it.

Module 2

Then, Peter touches on how to build funnels. He explains how you want to build them, and you also get some done-for-you funnels for you to download and employ right away. I’d advice you to use them as reference instead us just like he gave them.

Also, ClickFunnels requires you to pay a subscription, and it can be fairly costly, so make sure you can afford it before grabbing this course. Other than that, this is a great module with a nice explanation and all basics covered.

Module 3

Email marketing should be a strategy employed by all stores, and the 3rd module goes into that approach. That’s why most eCommerce courses offer a module on this approach.

Not collecting emails means losing money and a huge chance to keep your customers updated with your offers.

Peter shows you which sequence you should use and what emails you want to send to your customers as well as how to set up all these things. He also goes into how to recapture abandoned carts with your emails.

You can integrate apps that handle these functions by themselves, but you still want to learn how to properly write your emails to avoid sounding too robotic. Peter provides a fairly good explanation of all that stuff.

Module 4

The 4th module is about influencer marketing on both Instagram and YouTube. It’s a nice way to start because it does a bit more than building store data for you. You can use it to increase your list, brand awareness, and of course, sales.

You can even start this before going into Facebook marketing. Capturing leads with this approach is usually easier, so you’ll mostly use Facebook to scale the things you’ve learned and test new things.

Module 5

This is a fairly small section talking about Facebook Ads. It’s one of the weaker modules, as it doesn’t really offer anything special or advanced. That’s a shame, considering how Facebook Ads is such a huge part of running an online business, especially eCommerce.

Module 6

The last module shows you how Peter scales his ventures after getting a steady income in both sales and profits. You can use this module to take away some key concepts you could apply to your own business.


Besides the main body and modules, the course offers a “funnel hack” every month, ranging between different products.

He goes through the funnels showing most conversions, and he recreates them to show you how they work. He then hands them to you to apply on your marketing. Just don’t assume it’ll work for your store because they worked for those other businesses.

Nevertheless, they’re still proven funnels, so they’re still more likely to succeed than the very first funnels you don as training; there’s nothing to lose using them.

Other bonuses include some Q&A recordings, additional resources, and live lessons.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

This isn’t a bad course in any time. It comes from a successful entrepreneur and funnel builder like Peter, and he has the track record to back this up.

The course itself isn’t bad, but it focuses on a platform that will cost you $97 every month. It’s an amazing tool, but you’re already spending almost a grand on a course, and it also skips free marketing like SEO.

If your looking for one of the best dropshipping which is affordable and contains a ton of information? Check out eCom Elites, I did a review on it that you can read.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eCommerce Empire Builders Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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  1. Thanks for review. Its very crowded online with gurus selling courses. Also Frank’s course is reasonable and has a lot of info in it.

  2. Lost $14,000
    They picked my product, built my site & ran my ads and I shut the business down because I was at -$14k with them. that’s a negative. *They took 4 months to get my ads running and I asked for my money back several times. Stay away – much better options


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