eComAlphas Review (Sebastian Ghiorghiu Course)

eComAlphas is a course by Sebastian Ghiorghiu in collaboration with Matthew Bolis. It sells as the most valuable course in “literal history”. I just love that statement, but we still have to run the test to see if it’s true.

I’ll go through the content in each module so that you can decide whether or not it’s worth the $797 it’s asking.

eComAlphas strives to provide you all the steps necessary to start and run your dropshipping business: from setting up your store to social media marketing. As usual, you’re learning from people with actual field experience. Specifically, you learn the marketing side from Matthew and the business side from Sebastian.

Who’s the author?

Sebastian is one of the many young entrepreneurs online today, and if you know him, it’s probably from his YouTube. He has a following of more than 120,000 subscribers. It’s more than impressive for someone who’s about (or almost) 21.

His content is your standard eCommerce content: strategies and tutorials.

He calms himself a Shopify influencer on YouTube, and it seems to be quite true. He also references his story quite often; he says he’s a college and Taco Bell dropout. Dropshipping allowed him to make all the money he needs through several stores.

He’s not new to the dropshipping course industry, as he’s also the author of the Dropshipping Crash Course and others.

On the other hand, Matthew Bolis isn’t as famous as Sebastian. He says he started out in the Instagram influencer marketing industry when he was barely 14 years old and has been able to grow several accounts to millions of followers. He’s built a media agency named Bolis Media off of this success.

Strangely, you can find his personal account @mybadmatthew. If you take a look at it, he has less than 20,000 followers. Add that to a lesson on how to get 10,000 fake followers for just $10 even though Instagram is killing marketing with bot accounts, and you can see how his real expertise can be questioned (harshly).

Reviewing eComAlphas

The course splits into 10 topics covered over 10 weekly modules. That means that you need to wait a week for every new module even if you watch the entire content in a few days.

The course hosts on Teachables, and you can pay and access the course’s content through it. Teachables is great for beginners as well. It’s easy to understand, and you’ll never get lost while using it. It also has great quality videos and it’s responsive on all devices.


The first week is just four videos, and you first learn what’s included in this course and how you can apply what you learn.

The other 2 videos are about the stories and experiences from both authors. It’s a good motivational video even though it’s nothing really valuable.

The last video is just about your mindset and how you should adapt it to running a dropshipping business if you want success.

Even if you watch 1 video each day, you still have to wait 3 more days before actually learning something.

Product research

Week 2 dives into how to find products for your stores, and you get 8 videos on the matter.

It covers how you can use Facebook for finding selling products, Twitter and AliExpress for trending products, and what software lets you automate this task.

Other videos talk about season trends and which products are good every year before closing with how to research your competitors on each product and niche to find out their daily income.


This week is about why ads are important and how to set them up for yourself. You also learn about things you should and shouldn’t do, which is an interesting lesson.

You also have videos about why custom content is important. This means using your own pictures and editing them properly. After that, you’re given a breakdown of what an ad actually is and which factors make it successful; with this, you get to see the ideal picture and video ads.

The last video is about what you can di in case you lack any custom content you can use on your ads.

Building and optimizing your store

The 4th week teaches you how to build your first Shopify store and how to optimize it to get more conversions.

You learn the different approaches you can take when making a dropshipping store. You can create a niche store focused on specific products, a general store selling several categories, and building your brand from zero.

After that, it goes into how to actually build your store: creating accounts, integrating themes, and recommended apps. You also learn about some strategies you can implement like adding filler products as well as upsells, studying your competitors to see which product pages you can add, and how to optimize your product pages.

You finally learn how to get your logo and implementing it as well as how to ensure your store navigates well and provides the best user experience.

Instagram marketing

Matthew goes into Instagram marketing, and you learn both the basics and some advanced tips.

First, you learn why you should use the platform. It then goes to the infamous fake followers section before telling you the difference between advertising on the feed and stories, along with what you should pay.

He then goes into how to negotiate with IG influencers and paying them, and he then goes back into your ads, with how to create them for both the feed and stories. You learn how to optimize and troubleshoot your ads, and finally how to find influencers with CloutHQ.

The content isn’t really bad, but it’s structured awkwardly.

Facebook fundamentals

Week 6 gives you the basics of Facebook, and lessons include the Spider Web approach, break-even points, and assigning budgets.

Facebook marketing

This is the actual module about advertising on Facebook.

It goes into how to set up your account and pixel as well as organizing your adset and columns. Other videos cover how to read the data from your ads, the 2 stages of scaling ads, and how to use lookalike audiences.

Case study

The 8th week is just 2 videos showing you Matt’s store. He focuses on gaming as a niche, and his products are related to Fortnite.

You can see how he set up the store as per the recommendations given in previous modules, so at least you’re getting a good look at how yours should look.

Appealing to AliExpress

OK, this module is actually called “Automation, Branding, and Team Building”. However, you get just 1 video and it has absolutely nothing to do with those 3 concepts.

Instead, it explains how you can appeal to AliExpress if your account ever gets blocked. In fact, I’ll phrase it just like Sebastian does: WHEN you get blocked.

It’s an interesting approach, and I think most would’ve preferred a section on how not to get yourself blocked. Other than that, it doesn’t cover what its name suggests, and it’s sad since it’s a paramount topic for an eCommerce.


The final module is just a template for spent sheets and another one for contacting influencers. Sebastian then asks you to post a review so that he can improve the course.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

While the course follows a great idea (having several specialists explain their respective topics), the course falls flat when trying to provide useful content and depth. It has a good grasp on the fundamentals, but it fails to deliver any advanced advice you can’t find for free on YouTube.

Besides, I find it strange that he asks for a review since he clearly doesn’t really mind them. He hasn’t updates his other courses, and the 9th week here clearly hasn’t been updates since the course released.

For the price, I’d recommend you get Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites. It’s $600 less, and you get several times the amount of content offered in this course, with a lot more depth, marketing methods, and value overall.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eComAlphas Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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