eCom Upskill Review (Jack Bloomfield Course)

Today, we’ll be going through Jack’s monthly subscription course. We’ll go through the contents, depth, and whether or not you should spend your monthly $80 on it.

This program aims towards teaching you how to market your business as well as building your brand and develop yourself as an entrepreneur. It’s made up by a short program with 15 videos, and each month releases a new topic.

He also has a more expensive training program called eCom Uni, which we’ve also reviewed. This is the cheaper version of his training, but is it actually good?

Who’s the author?

Jack is an entrepreneur from Australia who’s met success with eCommerce. He’s built on this success by founding 2 different companies: Bloom Education and Bloom Group. The former is the parent company of all courses he releases and general education, and the latter is the backbone of all his eCommerce ventures.

He’s a quite successful entrepreneur, being just 17, so he’s been featured several times in different online publications like He’s also known as a public speaker, and he’s appeared in many events about entrepreneurship, discussing topics like execution and strategies.

You can find him on Instagram, his most active social media account, where he has almost 70,000 followers.

Reviewing eCom Upskill

The course itself is a basic 15-video program, a Facebook private group, monthly call with the author for Q&A group sessions, and content he provides every month on different topics.

The course itself splits into 3 different modules, which we’ll review below. Each one is a step for raising a successful business, and the videos inside them are sub-steps.


This is the most substantial section in this course, with 9 videos covering different topics. Unfortunately, it’s mostly a mindset-related module, which does feel like overdoing it with filler content.

You learn the different approaches to making money online before going into pure mindset: philosophies of income, how to grow your “money mindset”, the necessary steps for success, and what’s the “ultimate goal”. It then goes into more practical content like what skills you can monetize, how to work on your personal branding, public speaking, and a basic dropshipping guide.

Honestly, only the 3 lessons before the dropshipping guide are actually useful in this module. The dropshipping guide is a nice addition for newcomers, but if you have a grasp on the model, then you’ll only find real value in those 3 lessons.


This is the first module related to actually taking action in an eCommerce venture. It focuses on setting up your store with Shopify.

You learn what is Shopify and how it works, how dropshipping functions, and the steps to build your store. After that, you learn how to find your products and scale your business. You also learn basic Facebook Ads notions like setting up the platform and testing your products before learning how to monetize yourself.

It’s a basic module on how to get your store up and running. You won’t really learn how to run campaigns with Facebook Ads, and it’s more focused towards having your store ready and learn how to advertise it with another course, or so it seems.

The lesson on how to monetize yourself just feels like filler, and it would’ve felt more natural if included with the other mindset videos. On the other hand, it would’ve been better just to replace it with a video on how to market your business.


The course closes with how to scale and take your products to “the next level”, as usual. The idea behind this module is that you need to learn how to make even more money from what you already know works and people looks for.

This is just an overview of how you should approach scaling your store. You don’t really get any content you can put into practice; instead, it’s more of an introduction to the right mindset so that you can take those actions yourself.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

As I told you, this is mostly a mindset-oriented course, so you don’t really learn any strategies you can really put into practice to make money. In fact, most of the course isn’t even related to eCommerce solely. You can put the same knowledge on any business, and while that might sound good, you can also find the same knowledge on the internet without paying anything.

You will learn how to build your Shopify store, but that’s as far as it goes regarding actionable content inside this course. You’ll probably have a lot more questions after you’re done with the course.

It’s nice to have more content every month, but then you’d have to think if that content (which no one knows what will be) is worth $80 since you’re basically paying $80 for each monthly update.

You also have the live call, but if you can’t make it in time, then you’re out of luck since finding his email address might be a challenge. Besides the calls are in groups, so there might not be time for you to ask something or for him to provide a good answer. You also can’t ask about your niches and products since everyone else would hear you.

With eCom Elites, you’re getting 7 times more content for a single payment of $197 or $297 depending on the package you want. You also learn the same content here, plus many strategies not covered even in some of the most complete courses I’ve seen, like chat bots, LinkedIn, and even Snapchat, besides the standard Facebook, Instagram, and Google marketing (which make up hundreds of videos just between the 3.)

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eCom Upskill Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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