eCom Uprise 2.0 Review (Sam Jacobs Course)

With how popular eCommerce is today, you’ve probably thinking about it after seeing an ad or webinar. You’re here for a reason, and you’re probably looking for a course to start your first venture.

Well, let’s dive into it. eCom Uprise just released, so we’re going to review Sam’s course and tell you if it’s worth what he asks.

Who’s the author?

Sam is a relatively new YouTube content creator, and he’s been active on his channel for about a year. Given his age and claims, he seems to be an exceptional case of success. However, his YouTube channel is still small, with only around 3,000 subscribers.

The topics he covers for free on his channel include running Facebook ads, finding products for your store, reviewing Shopify stores, how to target your audience with different methods, etc.

The course’s sales page mentions that one of the members from this course used to work at Wendy’s before setting up his store and skyrocketing into $300,000 every month. While dropshippers usually pocket around 20-30% of their revenue as actual profits after all their marketing expenses, it’s still just grazing $100,000 every month.

However, would it be the same case for you? Should you really trust someone around the age of Sam? There are people who get lucky with stories like this, and someone so young surely makes you think about that being the case. More so, he might just earn a living from this course.

Whether or not that’s true will be answered by the content inside this course.

Reviewing eCom Uprise 2.0

The course splits into 8 modules, which add up to a bit more than 50 lessons in total. All videos are HD, so that’s already a plus. Let’s see if it stays that way.

Module 1

This module is your standard introduction. The good thing about it is that it covers the proper mindset instead of turning “business mindset” into an entire module just to inflate the course.

You also learn how you can join the private FB group and a general introduction to the business model for those who don’t know. After that comes the mindset content, explaining you how to think and motivate yourself while taking the course and applying the lessons.

Module 2

Here, you get 11 different videos explaining you the process of creating your first store on Shopify from zero. It’s just standard content: the same you find in all courses.

You learn about choosing between focusing on a niche or running a general store, how you can import products, some useful apps, the pages that should go into your store, some reviews of different stores, fulfilling orders via Oberlo, and the in-betweens.

It’s not a bad module, but it’s not the best one as well. It does its job, keeps the same line from other courses explaining the same, and it doesn’t add or take away anything.

Module 3

The title for this module is “Finding Million Dollar Winner Shopify Products”. Yes.

I’ll make a brief pause here just to say that you shouldn’t take these types of titles literally. Sure, you can find products with high demand and mostly unknown to other dropshippers and squeeze a million from that advantage, but those cases are rare and depend on how good you do your research and a little bit of luck.

Keep that in mind, especially if you’re new to the business.

Into the module, you receive a general view of what are winning products, how you can use Instagram influencers for finding them, a few examples, and a couple of “secret” methods. There’s also an introduction to different programs you can use for finding products.

Module 4

This module focuses on Instagram influencers and how you can use them for marketing your store and products. It specifically focuses on getting you to earn $3,000 each day through Sam’s strategies.

Yes, that’s also part of the overhyped claims I already explained.

It covers explaining influencers in general, the best apps you can use in Instagram, how to fulfill your orders, some insight into scaling, and how to market on the website along with the ad copy.

Module 5

This is the first half of Facebook Ads in this course. This module aims towards newcomers. It covers the basics of the platform like how to set them up, how you can find the best target audience for it, how to create the copy, analyzing the results you get, column customization, using videos and outsourcing that task, testing them with a small budget, and dealing with getting clicks that don’t generate sales.

As the title suggests, it’s just basic stuff you can still find covered in other courses or for free on YouTube. It’s still a good module for beginners, though.

Module 6

This is the advanced section of Facebook ads, but it’s shorter than the beginners’ section for reasons neither I nor common sense can comprehend.

This module covers some advanced content like using custom audiences, retargeting your ads, scaling your marketing, knowing when you should discard or scale and ad, acquiring social proof and increased sales from each ad, scaling massively, and how to bid manually.

With this last module, I can say it has a decent training on Facebook, but it’s really short, clocking it at around 17 between the two modules. It gets worse when you realize you can find at least half of the content for free on YouTube and Google (if not everything), and you can find a lot more on cheaper courses like eCom Elites.

Module 7

The 7th module goes into maximizing your profits by exploiting the backend on your website.

The content includes automating your email marketing processes and how you can market different products to your customers to increase the chances of generating more sales.

There’s a neat little strategy in the end teaching you how you can exploit text messages for closing up around 20% of clients who abandoned their carts.

Module 8

The last section goes into a few last tactics for more advanced users to close off the course. Sam seems to have something against advanced-level content since this is one of the shortest modules, spanning just 3 videos.

There’s one video explaining Power Pixel. Another one teaches you how you can use chatbots as part of your marketing strategy. The last video introduces you to Vyper, another marketing tool available online.

Bonus content

There are two bonuses for people signing up, but it’s actually just one.

The issue here is that one of the bonuses is access to the exclusive Facebook group for course members. Facebook groups are standard in online courses, and you have to try really hard if you want to find one without a private or mastermind FB group.

A course that’s worth $1,000 should definitely include a private group, so that’s not a bonus

for me.

Anyway, the other bonus is an eBook also focused on 6-figure success with dropshipping. Sam says it should cost almost $300, but it’s really nothing special.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

Now, let me clear something up: this course isn’t bad at all. You get a lot of useful content and while it may feel lackluster for intermediate and advanced dropshippers, complete beginners will learn everything they need to start out.

It skips a lot of the more complicated knowledge, keeping it simple and digestible for unexperienced students.

However, the issue here is the price. The reason I wouldn’t recommend this course even if you’re a complete beginner is that it’s just too high. Sure, it means some won’t be able to afford it, but it also means that you can get a much better course for less money, and it’ll work for both beginners and advanced entrepreneurs.

There are many other courses also covering Google Ads and Shopping, SEO, and many additional social websites for your marketing.

You can compare this course to eCom Elites and see the difference quickly. eCom Elites has over 200 different videos explaining all you need to start your first dropshipping store. After that, there are still countless videos explaining you how to scale your business and yourself along with your success.

You don’t just get the same information here for less, but you also learn much more regardless of your knowledge. And what does “less” mean? Well, it means $700 or $800 depending on the plan.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eCom Uprise 2.0 Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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