eCom Profits Builder Review (Amber Digital Course)

Today, we’ll be going through Amber Digital’s course, what you get with it, and whether or not it meets the asking price.

The course aims at teaching you the process of creating a profitable dropshipping store, regardless of your experience level. You have 2 versions of the course: you can pay $297 for the course’s content, and you can pay $50 more for access to the Facebook group and a few other bonuses.

Who’s the author?

She’s a young entrepreneur focused on eCommerce, specifically dropshipping with Shopify. She has a YouTube channel with the typical content on recommendations, methods, and her own insight. It’s also filled with clickbait titles like most gurus’.

Amber is around the 7,000 subscribers mark, which isn’t as surprising as other channels, but it seems to be increasing constantly, albeit at a slow pace.

Outside her channel, you won’t have a lot of luck finding info on her. Her name seems to be popular for entrepreneurs, since Google yields different businesses if you google her name. She does have an Instagram profile, but it has less than 300 subscribers and almost zero posts

Her sales page says that she’s also been through the frustrations of working office hours without financial freedom. Like many others, she often uses these empathetic statements to promote her course.

Reviewing eCom Profits Builder

Product research

It starts off straight to business, thankfully. Amber explains how to research products and a few items she’s used to exponentially elevates her profits. She says no one else is selling them, but after being placed in an online course, get ready to see all students trying to sell the same.

You have other videos on how to pick your niche, and another one about how to find products without too much effort and, read this, without guessing. Remember that you can never be 100% sure of a product’s profitability, and even if you have solid criteria, you still need to test them.

Amber closes the module with her own strategy utilizing all the lessons you saw.

Supplier research

The second module teaches you how to spot the best suppliers for you to get your products with good prices. You learn how to do this using AliExpress, and there’s a video about getting suppliers competing against each other to ensure better prices; this was a nice video.

It closes by touching on how to find quality products, how to save some money upfront, and automating your order fulfillment once you start getting orders.

Store building

In this module, you learn how to build your –let me quote Amber –Money Making machine. You get a guide detailing the steps to how Amber says you can ensure more sales.

There’s a video teaching you how to come up with a brand name that stands out, and she then tells you how to implement that into your store’s domain name. You also learn about which settings and apps you want in place before closing with shipping rates.

Instagram influencers

This is the first module about marketing, called “Influencer Academy”. You learn how to find influencers, reach out to them, and how to negotiate the best prices once they replied.

There’s a neat lesson about spying on influencers used by your competition to spot how and what they’re marketing. It’s funny how she mentions how the products she recommends are things no one else sells and then has a lesson about spying competitors.

Of course, you already know that wasn’t a particularly truthful statement, so this is a good lesson. The module closes with how you set up your ads.

Facebook Ads

This is the second “Academy” in the course, and it goes into setting up your ads and making sure they’re as profitable as they can be.

Amber shows you her strategies and her process to create an ad from zero. She also touches on how to set up marketing objectives, writing your ad copy, and how you should target your customers.

It closes with 2 videos on social proof and a few scaling strategies about increasing your investment on successful ads.

Scaling Ads

Here’s the actual meat on ad scaling. You see how Amber does it for better efficiency as well as how to spot the signs telling you which ads are successful for scaling.

You learn how to prepare your scaling approach, keeping your ROI healthy, how to be time efficient, and a few strategies to ensure your customers stick to your products.

Maximizing profits

The course closes with how you can improve your long-term with a few strategies to increase profit margins. You learn how to increment your AOV before learning why it’s important to keep track of your profits and finances and how to manage these aspects.

You also have a video about using product bundles and abandoned cart recovery before the final video explaining how Amber gets 4.7% in conversion rates on her different stores.


Asking for a refund requires you to watch under 40% of the content inside the course. That means you should stop after the 2nd module just to be sure. It’s also only available for 2 weeks after you bought the course.

It’s half the time that most courses allow, but at least there seems not to be any over-complicated processes or proof as requirements for the refund.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

This might be a good course for beginners, but people with a good grasp on the fundamentals will find a lot of the content here irrelevant.

It’s also missing many other marketing approaches like Google Ads, SEO, and email marketing. The Facebook Ads section is also missing a lot of details.

Furthermore, the cheapest package here is the same price as eCom Elites premium package, which offers over 3 times the content in this course. It also has a Facebook community with over 5,000 members included in the course’s price.

You’ll learn everything in this course with more depth, plus more methods like the ones I mentioned all the way to chat bots and Snapchat.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eCom Profits Builder Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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