eCom PPC Academy Review (Marco Rodriguez Course)

With how popular eCommerce is right now, it’s not difficult to expect many courses teaching you how to start. However, it’s definitely disappointing to see how most of them fail to deliver value according to its price.

Today, we’ll find out if eCom PPC Academy, by Marco Rodriguez, can pass our quality test. It was released back in 2017, and it’s quite old already, but since it still seems to attract the interest of many people, let’s dive into it.

Who’s the author?

Marco is an entrepreneur and YouTube content creator. His knowledge revolves around Google Ads, and he always recommends it as the best way to find success with an eCommerce venture; according to him, it’s the best way to direct traffic to your store. He has a store to prove his statements, and he claims to be a consultant on the platform.

His YouTube channel is quite modest, just above 10,000 subscribers and 500,000 views among his videos. He’s usually uploading content on eCommerce, and his videos range from the common tips and strategies to advanced testing and scaling techniques.

He’s also fairly active on Quora, and you can usually find him answering to questions regarding eCommerce. He also has an Instagram account, but he keeps it clear from any business promotion. It’s just for personal use and doesn’t offer many photos.

Reviewing eCom PPC Academy

As already mentioned, the course was released back in 2017 on the Teachables platform. After some time, it migrated to Kartra on an independent web page. However, it can still be found on Teachables, so be careful when navigating the platform. Teachables places a disclaimer, luckily.

It changed because the course started with a focus on Google Adwords, so it had to be changed once that interface was modified into what we now know as Google Ads.

Its current iteration offers a nice interface, and it’s divided in 6 different modules, with 25 videos overall about creating and promoting an online business. All videos are labelled and provide a description detailing what you’ll learn from each. They also have a nice checklist summarizing the key points.

When you buy it, you can access all the modules at your leisure, and there’s no subscription to maintain the course. You can also download additional resources plus all the additional modules like templates for your ads.

Besides the standard store building guide, you also have a detailed guide on how to profit from Google Ads, which is interesting since it’s often neglected in favor of Facebook. There are over 16 hours spread amongst the videos, explaining to both beginners and advanced entrepreneurs how they can get more costumers.

Target audience

The course is a great tool for both beginner and intermediate entrepreneurs in eCommerce. The lessons are great, and they’ll help you out a lot when marketing your business. As such, it’s also filled with good insight and tips that more advanced marketers might not have considered.

Google Ads is an amazing source for getting data and traffic, and that’s why it’s odd how most courses just skip right past it. That’s a good selling point for this course.

eCom PPC is also a very good guide to go from beginner to advanced level. It sports enough depth and recommended tools to make the entire process quick and mostly effortless. The Facebook group also helps out a lot.

The only problem with this course is the price. Sure, it’s not as expensive as most courses, so it’s still not as strong of a downside, but you have to keep in mind that you also have to pay for your marketing and any additional tools you might need.

According to the author, you’ll have to invest over $300 (up to $500) before your business starts making any profits, and if you add the price of the course, you’ll quickly approach the $1,000 mark just to start.

As such, the course is mostly for people who can afford that investment size and aren’t afraid of not seeing the results they expected.

What do you get with this course?

Module 1

The first module is about building your store. Right off the bat, it also gives you some insight on what tools are best for using with Google Ads.

He then goes on into what it takes to be successful with eCommerce given the business’ popularity and competition. He then tells you how to find a niche and products that work well with Google Ads, and he gives you a recommended apps checklist for starting out.

Module 2

The second module is all about giving you the foundations of Google Ads. You learn how to create your account and manage its interface.

The videos also go into why Google Ads is the best strategy, setting it up, and tips on using bidding strategies. It also offers to guide you through the steps to track codes and synchronize your account if you have little technical knowledge.

Module 3

The 3rd module will teach you about the strategies you can use with Google Ads, particularly with Google Shopping.

You’ll receive instructions for both launching and testing your products and creating an outstanding Shopping Feed. It offers a 90-minute class about selecting products and how to build their marketing campaigns.

M#odule 4

The 4th module is one of the shorter ones. It’s mostly Marco explaining his personal “keyword value” system. It’s an approach he uses to target keywords without much competition that still satisfy specific needs from your potential customers.

Module 5

This reaches out to YouTube briefly to explain how you can set up and run a successful campaign on the platform. It goes into adapting your strategy depending on your target audience, and what are the best channels for promoting your product.

I personally liked this module a lot since there aren’t a lot of courses that teach you how you can use YouTube Ads.

Module 6

The last module is about optimizing your marketing campaign. He goes back to Google Ads once again, and he then goes through the steps to scaling your successful campaigns and how to know when you should cut them off.

The videos go over some interesting methods, like segmenting your funnels and re-marketing, that you can apply to your ads campaigns when they’re already on their way.

Course Information

eCom PPC Academy has a lot of straight-to-the-point content about managing and growing your business with Google Ads as your marketing strategy. While having 25 videos places it on the shorter side of the course length spectrum, several of the videos last for at least 90 minutes, and with over 16 hours in length, it’s definitely not one of the shortest courses.

The content provided is also accurate, and the videos can be very extensive. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have flaws.

Some modules are very limited content-wise. There are several concepts and practices that newer entrepreneurs won’t understand unless explained. Many of these elements are skipped by the videos, Marco assuming the student already knows them, so it can get very confusing for unexperienced students.

While it provides excellent insight and a very good module about YouTube Ads, its focus on Google Ads is still a problem since there are several additional strategies. Facebook is the leading marketing approach for eCommerce businesses, and there’s also Instagram, emailing, Pinterest, and a lot more.

No matter how great Google can be, you need as much knowledge as you can get. Even when going into YouTube, it focuses on paid advertising. Like with Pinterest and the lack of SEO, you’re not getting any free marketing strategies here.

Final Verdict

eCom PPC Academy is a great course for people with a running business who wish to learn the in’s and out’s of Google Ads. There’s a lot of good information for both newcomers and intermediate individuals, and there aren’t many courses rivaling its Google Ads content.

There’s also the advanced tricks for marketing your store and the rare YouTube Ads section you won’t find in many other courses.

If you meet that criteria and can afford its price, I’d say you could give it a try.

However, it’s far from being a perfect course.

Some of the videos provide inappropriate information for beginners, so it’s hard to recommend it to newcomers with zero knowledge on the business. Besides, the price is also high for people just getting familiarized with the industry.

However, with the lack of other strategies, I can’t fully recommend it to advanced entrepreneurs either since they’ll likely be looking for a full course to expand their business.

If you can afford its price and the risk that comes with large investments, and you’re interested in an in-depth Google Ads course, then this might be the course for you. Otherwise, you can find better products.

Best Alternative

eCom Elites is a course that you can buy for merely $197 ($297 its premium package). It also provides a lot of insight into Google Ads, while still offering excellent and in-depth content on other approaches like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even chat bots.

It’s definitely the best option in my opinion, and you still have plenty of money left for your marketing needs.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eCom PPC Academy Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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