eCom Inner Circle Review (Arie Scherson Course)

eCom Inner Circle is one of the most popular and liked courses available today, and almost everyone has something to say about it. More often than not, that “something” is actually nice things.

So let’s dive into it. Is it worth the money? Or is it just another overhyped Shopify course as most other gurus and their “masterclasses” today?

Let’s find out.

Who’s the author?

Right off the bat, I liked this guy. He seems like someone nice and who doesn’t really like to brag about his success. He actually has a video about a car he bought with dropshipping money, and it’s a regular (albeit nice) Ford, unlike the other gurus flaunting their Lamborghinis. His YouTube channels also has a lot of great content.

It’s not the largest channel, but this course has definitely helped him grow his fan base, especially as he releases additional content. He looks like a smart businessman, so he’ll probably invest the money from this course into better marketing.

The course is being sold on Teachable for $397. It’s always good to see that name on a course since all devices work great with it. His sales page and course videos are also high quality.

The sales page isn’t out of the ordinary, and some of you might have a hard time finding where to click to buy this course. The price isn’t the cheapest, but it’s certainly friendlier than $1,000+.

Reviewing eCom Inner Circle

Clicking on the link in his YouTube video descriptions will take you to the sales pages of the course. After the opt-in, you go into Teachables to complete the payment, and you’ll receive your login credentials as soon as the payment goes through.

eCom Inner Circle is sold as the solution to master the eCommerce business model, with Facebook Ads as its main focus. According to Arie, you can make your first $100 in a day within the first month, without needing any tech skills or previous knowledge.

The course details everything you have to know, with constant updates to keep things relevant.

Module 1

The first module is just a welcome video introducing you to the course. He tells you how to make the most out of the classes and what you’ll achieve with it. He recommends you don’t binge watch all the videos; you should watch each video while taking notes and putting the knowledge into practice.

There’s a video explaining how this Inner Circle functions, and another one explains that this course will receive constant updates. It means you already paid for the course and all updates are free of any additional costs, but while I trust Arie, I need to see that first.

Module 2

The second module is your common store creation module. You learn the usual about creating a store focused on conversions after you chose to go with a niche or a general store. As usual, the chosen platform is Shopify, and you should finish the module with a working store.

There’s a lot of videos here, with some being a few minutes long and others reaching 20. Arie provides enough depth, which I like, and he seems to make up for the $397 price tag. Even I picked up a few things I never considered like GDPR compliance.

There’s a video showing Arie creating his store and explaining the process. If you have any experience, you might not need this video, but it’s an excellent addition for beginners.

There’s another video recommending different apps, and he often references Commerce Inspector, which is useful for spying on your competition.

The other videos cover how to create your logo, altering the checkout logo, the importance of currency converting apps, and setting up your payments processor.

He doesn’t ramble, yet he doesn’t leave out anything important.

Module 3

The 3rd module covers product research, and it has more than enough knowledge for you to find the products that will net you your first profits and steps towards a successful venture.

The videos begin with simpler products, better-suited for beginners, and the more advanced videos are cover additional strategies and tools you can use. Just don’t take his as the best tool just because he says so; he’s one of the owners, so it’s natural he wants to sell it to you. Do your research first.

There are 6 different methods overall explaining how to find new products, and 2 more videos explain how you can add good fillers and creating good copywriting for them. The last video goes into how it’s difficult to find your first product when you’re starting, but it’s mostly just motivation.

Module 4

This is the first module explaining Facebook Ads, working as the intro. It’s a basic overview, and the videos include the concept outline of the platform and testing the products. This video is quite good, and it’s one of the non-skippable ones.

After that, you learn about Arie’s recommended daily budget approach and why it’s his favorite. It’s something worth considering.

After that, he explains what’s BEP and why it matters, which many courses skip. The last section covers the amount of products you should test, and the reasoning behind that number.

Module 5

The 5th module goes into the meat of Facebook Ads, and it’s good to see he goes into a lot of depth and offers a lot of content. This is often the largest section for online courses, and while there are other strategies you should never neglect, Facebook Ads definitely deserves special consideration.

The steps and visuals are detailed very well, and you can definitely follow these videos while setting up your account. You then learn how to install your pixel before how to create an attractive page. Arie then goes into a 20-minute video about creating a good video ad.

Then, there are some interesting videos about split testing, and it’s a great strategy that most gurus forget. There’s another video on how to develop your first campaign with a video to follow along and some things you keep an eye on.

There’s a section about scaling and nailing your first sale. You also learn about optimizing your ad layout to make it easier to monitor. It then goes into how you should deal with your marketing fails and how to save some of them.

It closes with further scaling techniques and lowering your ad budget.

It’s definitely one of the largest Facebook Ads sections I’ve seen, and there’s still the advanced module left.

Module 6

This is the last module on Facebook Ads, and it’s aimed towards people who found success with the previous section and maybe already have a few dollars. You learn about advanced techniques like custom and lookalike audiences as well as retargeting.

There’s plenty of detail and insight in this section, and it definitely offers more than free YouTube videos or even other courses with a similar price.

There are some lessons about micro-testing and his advice to go from 5 to 6 figures fast. Another section explains how you calculate your capacity for order fulfillment, but it’s one of the weakest parts of the course. There’s also a lesson about using manual bidding.

The last videos are a case study making $10,000 daily and another case study of Arie himself going from $0 to $50,000 in a couple of months.

Module 7

The 7th module is about maximizing profits using your store’s back-end. For instance, there’s a plugin you can use for bulk pricing for more efficient upsells. There’s another video about creating an email sequence for abandoned carts.

You’ll also learn how you can use Shopify’s automated emails and entire chains to sell additional products to your buyers.

There’s a final video about using Manychat, which is a nice free approach for targeting Facebook buyers. However, there were a few plugins missing I would’ve liked to see here.

Module 8

The last video module goes into building your brand for the long-term, and it offers brief videos on the subject. Arie recommends you to build your brand only after finding good products with a general store.

That’s definitely de best advice, and I think the same way.

There are also some videos about outsourcing and getting VA’s to build a remote team, and it closes with creating a branded product of your own. You can use that to run your affiliate program and get even more exposure.

Module 9

The last module includes several resources you can use. You have a list of recommended books, access to the private Facebook group, a few templates for your pages, and one last case study from a $1,000,000 ad spend with a ROI 4 times higher.

Facebook group

You have your usual Facebook group like with most courses. You can use this section to communicate and interact with fellow students, and you can even reach out to Arie himself, who also posts and comments on the group.

It wasn’t as large as I expected, but I left a while ago, so it’s probably grown since then. I’m not a fan of Facebook groups, and I often exit them after finishing the course. However, there were some good comments now and then, so you should check it out.


There’s a 30-day guarantee, as standard, and it refunds the entirety of the course’s price. I didn’t see any special requirements or steps to asking one, so I can’t really tell you how easy it is to get one, but it looks good at first sight.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

I must admit I am pretty impressed with eCom Inner Circle. Arie knows a lot, and he’s great at explaining and delivering the content. He’s not your typical guru, flaunting his endless wealth just to sell you a course rehashed from a dozen of YouTube videos.

Sure, it’s not the best course out there. eCom Elites offers almost the same content plus more marketing strategies like Instagram, Google, Pinterest, and even Snapchat for just $197 or $297, depending on the plan.

While Arie’s course is a bit more expensive and is solely focused on Facebook Ads, it’s one of the most detailed and insightful courses I’ve found, so it’s definitely a strong alternative to eCom Elites.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eCom Inner Circle Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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