eCom Hunter Drop Shipping Master Review (Hunter Cesare Course)

eCommerce courses are the rage right now. With every month bringing at least a couple new courses, but they all mostly offer the same recycled content.

Today, we’ll find out whether Hunter Cesare’s eCom Hunter Drop Shipping Master is just another one from the same pile or not.

Let’s dive into the content, the author, and my own experience with it to see if it’s worth your money.

Who’s the author?

He owns a YouTube channel that’s been growing quite modestly but steadily since he started providing content (and more significantly since he released the course). His videos are your standard eCommerce YouTube content: tips and methods for running your online business.

They also focus mostly on using Facebook Ads and the classic “6 figure” systems for Shopify. However, his activity has dwindled, and he doesn’t add new content as often.

He claims to have quit college after figuring out that he could earn more money through the internet than by getting a career. He’s just 21 years old, but he seems to live a very busy life managing his stores and tutoring on his course.

Besides his YouTube channel and an Upwork profile, there isn’t a lot of information on him, however.

What is eCom Hunter Drop Shipping Master

It’s a course by Hunter Cesare, who’s a young entrepreneur with a YouTube channel, and he also says to be an expert in online market. His course is available on Teachables, a platform for creating and selling online courses, viewable on virtually all devices.

The course is an introduction to online marketing, specifically for an eCommerce, and it’s mostly focused on doing so through Facebook. Besides that, it also offers a bit of content on email marketing and your standard Shopify store creation, although the content isn’t really extensive.

Hunter says he created the program because there weren’t any guides like it when he started his eCommerce venture. However, you and I know that that’s definitely not the truth today.

The course has a few tips that could help beginners, and it’s divided into 11 different modules that go from getting started to the strategies that can help you reach your goals, with examples from his stores.

Each module has various videos, and while some are a bit longer, the majority is brief. He also recommends different tools that can help you create your business and offers an explanation of the theories from his success.

Reviewing eCom Hunter Drop Shipping Master

There are 11 modules with Hunter’s course. They cover everything from starting your business to working on your marketing and scaling it. However, it’s mostly focused on Facebook Ads, so it feels more like a Facebook Ads tutorial with a bit of other content mixed into it.

Module 1

The first module is the classic video on how to start with Shopify: creating your account, getting used to the interface, and setting up different features like payments and shipping.

Module 2

The next module has a few videos on the best products you can start with, how to do your research, labeling each item, and how to write descriptions that will attract your customers.

There’s also a lesson how you can create a logo for your business. Hunter recommends you use AliExpress, for he says it’s the best place for you to find cheap products to start out.

Module 3

The 3rd module is a simple walkthrough guiding you through store design. It’ll tell you how you should create your contact form, keeping an eye on your emails list, and ensuring that your customers can trust your business so that they can feel more committed to you.

Module 4

The next module focuses on how to advertise your products on Facebook’s Ads platform. There’s a list with downloadables you can use for inspiration and reference. There are also some basic guidelines that will help you stay out of trouble.

The videos cover your basic content: advertising, evaluating audiences, retargeting, and manual bidding and conversion ads. You also get to see Hunter’s account as an example.

Module 5

This module is the first approach to marketing on Facebook. It explains you how you can create an ad with just $5 and promote it.

Module 6

The 6th module the goes into how you can optimize your ad promotion strategy to get a larger audience. It does so with just 2 videos.

Module 7

This module then goes into why it’s recommended to use manual bidding in some scenarios as opposed to automatic bidding. It’s just one video, though, so don’t expect much depth.

Module 8

This is another single-video module, and this time, it’ll give you a strategy (purely theoretical) for you to scale your ad from a daily $25 all the way to $1,000. He explains the steps and the (again, theoretical) result.

Module 9

The 9th module works as an introduction to email marketing. While the strategy is a lot more complicated that what this makes it seem, it’s still a good foundation for you to expand later on.

Module 10

Here, you get 2 videos explaining how you can fulfill orders. You can do so manually, or you can hire a virtual assistant to do that for you.

Module 11

The last module is an exemplification of all the concepts and lessons taught in this course. They’re demonstrated via Hunter’s own ads campaigns and the results generated from them.

eCom Hunter Drop Shipping Master Thoughts

I felt slightly annoyed at how basic this course was. It’s just a basic guide for people who never worked with Shopify or Facebook Ads. While it does deliver the content quickly and without rambling, it overdoes it and often misses very important concepts like email marketing.

Despite paying for what’s supposed to be a full course, you’re still forced to do your own research on most of the processes and tools mentioned in the modules.

I also didn’t like how he teaches you a strategy that’s never been used before. It’s just theory, and there’s nothing proving it’ll go the way it’s supposed to.

He also recommends using the free features of many tools for designing your store. It would’ve been better just to recommend students to subscribe to them, or get a full-featured theme like eCom Turbo.

Again, it feels like a basic Facebook Ads course with bits of eCommerce and dropshipping thrown in for the sake of it.

Target audience

This is an intro to eCommerce from a young man’s perspective. There’s not enough depth, and it definitely fails to convey how much knowledge Hunter really has about the concept of online marketing. It’s just an overview of the basics.

Therefore, it’s a course for beginners: those with no ide about online marketing and need a digestible first exposition to the concept. It focuses on marketing through Facebook Ads, which are intuitive to use.

On the other hand, if you already know something about the business model and how to create a store, this definitely isn’t a course for you.

He does provide a few interesting approaches, but they’re theoretical and lack real results to prove them. People interested in making a bit of money with little effort might also enjoy the course.

Most students come from Hunter’s YouTube channel, and he uses it to provide additional tips and hints. In fact, this course is just an extension of his content on YouTube, but it’s still cheaper than most courses available.

You definitely won’t get more value than what you paid for, but some beginners might feel their investment was met.

Final Verdict

While this course definitely isn’t a scam, it’s just a bad product. Sure, it’s cheaper than most courses available today, but you’re still paying for basic content that you can find for free online from YouTube or searching on Google.

I also hated how it charges almost 50% more if you want to pay in two parts.

The course even skips too much content that isn’t Facebook Ads, and even when it focuses on a single marketing approach, it doesn’t provide enough content or depth. You’re also out of luck if you wanted free traffic and marketing from SEO or email marketing, as the latter’s module is just an explanation of why it’s important.

Best Alternative

Another reason why I can’t recommend it is that it costs the same as the best eCommerce course available today: eCom Elites.

You can pay for eCom Elites with the same money: the standard plan costs $197, the same as Hunter’s course, and the premium package is $297, so you can still pay it from what the same course from Hunter would have charged you for two separate payments.

Besides, you get almost 200 different videos covering everything. You also learn many other marketing channels like Google, Instagram, and even Snapchat and chat bots.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eCom Hunter Drop Shipping Master Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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