eCom Domination 4.0 Review (James Beattie Course)

James Beattie’s eCom Domination 4.0 is a course that claims to be the way for you to learn how to start your (here it comes) 6-figure stores, with 200 sales in your first month. It’ll give you an inside perspective of the eCommerce world throughout its 9 weeks, and it’ll help you build your venture with weekly coaching and a thriving community for $1,997.

With that price tag, I can see why you’re hesitant, so let’s dive into its content and see if you should spend that.

Who’s the author?

James is a dropshipper from Ireland, who also has a YouTube channel. He’s not new to the eCommerce industry, and he released his first course many years ago, called eCom Insiders. His most recent instalment is eCom Domination, currently sitting on its 4th version.

He says he’s the owner of several online dropshipping stores, all making 6 and 7 figures, and he shares his revenue on both YouTube and Facebook.

He has several courses under his belt: a free program, a subscription-based academy for $49 every month with live training every 2 weeks to provide additional support, and a course on Facebook Ads specifically for eCommerce that’s priced at $500, but I haven’t heard about any updates since 2017.

His YouTube is one of the largest channels, circling the 40,000 subscribers mark, and he frequently uploads new videos. His content is fairly standard, all the way to the clickbait on his thumbnails. However, I do like watching his content just because he’s charismatic and shows he knows his stuff.

However, he doesn’t leave out the annoying flashing of luxuries on Instagram, but I’ll let it slide since I feel he’s legit enough.

About eCom Domination 4.0

This course promotes through ClickFunnels, with both the landing and checkout pages hosted there.

The course itself hosts on Teachables, which is always great news since that means the videos are HD and the sound is excellent. It also works on all devices, and you can adapt the video quality to your internet.

The cost for this course is $1,997, but there’s a 5-payment plan that I definitely don’t recommend. It’s $597 each payment, that adds up to almost an extra $1,000 ($2,985). If you can pay in 5 parts, then just wait a bit and pay the full price.

The course seemingly provides a 30-day refund guarantee without much of a hassle, but if you read carefully, you’ll quickly see the 10 steps procedure to claim it didn’t work for you. Paying in 5 parts also makes you not-eligible for a refund.

That’s rude.

Reviewing eCom Domination 4.0

The course is divided into 9 modules according to James, but it’s actually 8 modules. It starts with the usual store creation tutorial and closes with how to develop your brand and scaling your success.

The 9th video is just a motivational module that’s more annoying than anything else, and there’s a 10th bonus module with some case studies.

This course centers around Facebook Ads, and while there’s nothing really wrong with that approach, there are dozens of strategies you can use which are also great for both beginners and intermediate entrepreneurs.

If you’ve see the author’s videos or his free course, some of the content in this course will probably go to waste. That means that you’re paying almost $2,000 for about 6 modules’ worth of actually-useful content.

I also hope James updates this course soon with all the Facebook changes going on.

Let’s dive into the modules below. I’ve grouped them based on their topics instead of the individual weeks since some of them are complementary.

Store creation

This is just your standard module explaining how to create your store. Actually, you’ll notice that, with each section called “week”, James called each lesson “module”. So it’s actually a week containing modules (videos).

The first videos are just your usual introduction about the journey you’re about to start, but he eventually goes into actually teaching you something. There’s a video spanning an hour with an over-the-shoulder angle showing you how to create a store from zero.

He goes over installing premium themes, playing with the colors, and placing your logo. He also explains how to add the pages you’ll need for your business.

Some videos go into taking a look at the payment processors you can use and configuring your shipping. Then, there’s a video on installing fulfillment plugins for automating your orders.

Near the end, the videos change their focus and go into increasing the average order and customer lifetime values as well as implementing customer support.  Each one comes with an app recommended by James.

Product research

The 2nd week goes into methods for researching products, starting with an unnecessarily long introduction about choosing good products. Then, there’s a shorter module about research automation. James also shows you how you can validate the products you find and whether or not they’d be good for promoting.

The 3rd video goes into how you can find the best quality in AliExpress suppliers, filtering scammers. Once you have your product and supplier, you’re taught how you can write attractive descriptions.

There’s also a video with some spying tools to use for finding winning ads and products. After that, the week closes with how you can sell licensed products legally.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads takes the 3rd and 4th week. The first one glances at the basics and setup, and the second one goes into the more advanced content. However, both weeks are too short, with just 14 videos between the two while other courses take 50.

The first part of wee 3 goes into what is Facebook Ads and why it’s necessary, so that’s a couple of videos gone to waste. It finally goes into setting up your account and details the different types of ads before going into the targeting options and creating your ads and copy.

This week closes by launching your first ad, with James then analyzing the data provided by Facebook.

The 4th week goes into audiences, retargeting, scaling, and manual bidding both locally and internationally. Most videos in this module are actually very good and detailed, and they offer a lot of insight into great methods.

You can definitely see some success from the instructions here despite the length.

Email marketing

The 5th week provides 4 brief videos about starting out with the different email marketing platforms available. You’ll see lessons about setting up your standard card abandonment sequence, which helps you recover potentially lost sales, and boosting your front-end selling without having to remarket.

Finally, there are some email series you can use for new customers and a few advanced tips.

Alternative sources of traffic

This is mostly a Facebook Ads course, again, so this week briefly covers a bunch of methods that aren’t Facebook Ads. You’ll see some videos on Instagram influencers, YouTube, and SEO.

The issue is how limited the information is, and you may leave this week more confused than when you started it.

There’s a 20-minute video explaining how to create your Instagram account, finding, and reaching influencers, yet the process has a lot of intricacies with which you’ll definitely crash if you just follow this content.

At least there are a few interesting tips about SEO and using YouTube for your marketing.

Operation management

Week 7 has 4 videos about building your team and how to handle bulk fulfillment.

However, there’s not really any depth here, and you can probably find more value on James’ own YouTube Channel.


This week is actually called “Moving to Next Level”, however, it’s just a 23-minute video explaining you how to build your brand and turning your store into it.

At least he’s not recommending you to start out with building your brand like many other gurus.

Mindset + case studies

As I said, the 9th week feels more like a bonus, so I’ll group it with the case studies.

I find it really obnoxious when gurus provide unnecessarily long videos about mindset. I usually like motivational videos, and mindset is definitely important, but 4-5 minutes on the introduction module is more than enough.

Well, not to James, he’s dedicating an entire week and its 4 videos just to the “right” mindset. I’m sure that someone who paid almost $2,000 (or $3,000) is committed enough to being successful.

The 10th module has 4 case studies showing techniques for scaling your FB Ads. They’re real-life demonstrations from the author’s experiences. I actually have no problems with this week; I always enjoy case studies.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

Overall, eCom Domination 4.0 is disappointing. It has a lot of gems here and there, hidden in the basic content, but there’s simply not enough to justify such an absurdly high price. There are courses out there that cost a lot less and give you a lot more content.

If James reduces the price significantly, well over $1,000 less, I’d recommend this course to beginners. However, give his price, the basic content in most weeks, and the ridiculous 5-part pricing and refund policy, I can’t really recommend this course to anyone else.

Now, I like James, and I enjoy his YouTube content precisely because he knows what’s he’s talking about. That’s what baffles me about the amount of content in this course and the sole focus on Facebook Ads.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, you can even find more content and depth for free on his YouTube Channel instead of paying $2,000 for this course. It’d be nice to see him adding that content into the next version, expand upon it, and maybe adding 5 or 6 more weeks to make up for the new content.

As is, I can’t recommend the course despite the good things it had here and there.

Compare it to eCom Elites, for example. The course is 10 times cheaper, and it offers over 200 different videos with more depth and approaches explained. You also have the same access to a Facebook group, support, and coaching, so there’s no way I can recommend eCom Domination 4.0 over it.

If I see James pricing his course in less than $300, then I’d think about recommending it, but it’s just not enough right now.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my eCom Domination 4.0 Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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