Dropshipping Crash Course Review (Sebastian Ghorghiu Course)

Today, we’ll go through Sebastian’s Dropshipping Crash Course and let you know if it really is the course that will take you to your eCommerce success. At $594, it’s not the most expensive option available, but it’s definitely not the cheapest, and it’s still a significant investment.

Does the content meet its price? Let’s find out.

About Dropshipping Crash Course

The Dropshipping Crash Course comes from the mind of Sebastian Ghorghiu. It aims to teach you the all the steps needed to build a successful dropshipping business through its 8 modules.

However, many courses claim a lot and offer little, so make sure to read on to find out if this course is just another subpar product or not.

Target Audience

This course is targeted mainly towards general people wanting to start their dropshipping venture. It’s best suited for beginners with absolutely zero knowledge about the business model, but it still means they need to have $594 they can invest without it having ill effects on their comfort.

People with basic or more advanced experience or knowledge will learn nothing from it.

Who’s the author?

Sebastian Ghorghiu is a young entrepreneur, with just 19 years old. He has his own YouTube channel, and he also claims to have almost 2 years’ worth of experience in the dropshipping industry. He also says he has several other businesses, and he’s also clearly and affiliate marketer from his content and video descriptions.

His Teachables profile also mentions he has the life goal of earning up to $10 million in real estate, so at least he seems to be somewhat ambitious, I guess.

His YouTube channel is your regular dropshipping and eCommerce focused space, with all the clickbait on his titles and countless talks and “evidence” on the luxuries he’s been able to afford thanks to dropshipping.

If you’re new to the environment, you might be surprised or convinced by those claims, but do note that these types of claims and “proof” is actually the norm among these content creators.

Reviewing Dropship Simplified

While $594 is definitely not among the most expensive prices for this type of course, it’s still a high price and a considerable investment, and there are many courses going for less than that.

You can access the content through Teachables, a famous platform focused on hosting and selling online courses in all topics. After you purchase the course through the site, you only need to log in and look at all the modules and videos inside each one.

There are 8 different modules, this time called “weeks”. Each week covers a different topic, and you have a few bonuses as well.

Week 1

The first week comes with 5 videos. They aren’t really good, but one video specifically raised my suspicions: Sebastian mentions he made $600 on his first day dropshipping (in the third video). And that’s virtually impossible.

Remember you have to find a successful niche (requires testing), find a good product (more testing), and running a successful ads campaign that will caught enough attention for you to actually get sales (again, testing). Besides, Facebook ads don’t optimize in the first 24 hours.

Finally, generating $600 doesn’t mean making $600. You need to invest money on marketing, your Shopify plan, other plugins, etc. In fact, dropshipping profits average a 20% of your revenue, so he couldn’t make more than $150, especially with the how much you need to invest in ads to achieve $600 in a day.

Anyways, you also have a motivational video and a general explanation of his strategy.

Week 2

The second module somehow explains the pillar of dropshipping in 2 brief videos. Dropshipping is nothing without products, so you definitely can’t spend less than 30 minutes explaining how to find products, what to look for, etc. This module doesn’t even cover half that time.

There’s barely any content here. He just tells you to look on AliExpress and the social media trinity (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), which is stuff you can find (with more detail) on YouTube.

Huge red flag here as well: Sebastian advises you to start out your business selling branded products, and that’s definitely not the best idea.

Why’s that? Well, “it’s as illegal as it gets” is a good answer.

It’s just a surefire way to kill your business (and maybe even a significant part of your life goals that don’t include spending time in prison). An illegal business is definitely not a viable long-term venture.

It also tells you to look for products based around either passions or solving problems. Think about sports, health, or fitness. Sure, it’s a good tip, but it’s basic knowledge.

Week 3

The first video on the “niches” module goes into which niches are the most profitable according to Sebastian. However, that’s always something you shouldn’t really take as true because no one wanting to squeeze as much money out of his favorite niche as possible wouldn’t let it saturate with new people.

Even if he did giveaway his best niches, they’re probably overstuffed now with the people who accessed this course.

The rest of the module expands on the topic with some tips and recommendations, but it sticks to the course’s approach of offering content you can find for free online. You have videos on how to price your items and writing their descriptions, adding comments, and importing.

Week 4

This module is all about generating and sending traffic towards your store to turn these numbers into sales. It starts out by summarizing how Instagram marketing works, just like other YouTube videos do.

The next videos go into false followers and taste. Again, Sebastian goes down the less ethical road to build a business. Besides being dishonest, why would you spend time creating fake follows when you need real people to buy your stuff? Will you get your robot accounts a job so they can purchase from you?

There’s also a video on how to avoid oversaturated niches. Yes, it’s right after the module in which he gave away his niches to all of his students.

It closes with 2 videos on ad creation, which at least provides a little more insight from Sebastian himself. He gives you an overview of his business, explaining why it does good. Sadly, there’s no way to find out whether or not he’s telling the truth, which is a waste since this is an actually interesting video.

Week 5

There are 10 videos in the central module, which goes for a bit longer than an hour.

It starts out by how to find the product that will blow your business, but it’s just a rescript of his lesson on finding a niche. The next video then tells you how to import products and write your descriptions, and you’re not confused, he did cover that already.

The module also talks about building your store and which applications you should add, as well as your FB pixel. It’s good content for newcomers, but remember you’re paying $600.

The rest of the module follows the approach of repeating information from previous modules.

Week 6

This is all about Instagram and how you can get organic traffic for free and increase your followers, bots out of the way, it seems.

The objective in this module is to get your Instagram followers to generate the sales for you without needing Influencers or FB Ads. It’s a good idea on paper, but it requires a lot of work to convince them to buy your stuff. People don’t use Instagram to look through dropshipping catalogues.

Also, remember that Instagram has gone fierce against bot-like accounts, and organic traffic is becoming harder to get.

Week 7

This module goes into how to set up a FB Ads account and using it. It lacks a lot of content, including targeting.


FB Ads is one of the most important channels right now, and this module won’t let you exploit the platform at all. You’re just getting (again) content that’s 100% free on YouTube, and Sebastian focuses solely on setting up, not actually applying any method.

Week 8

The last week talks about Twitter marketing, and it’s a weird inclusion since not many people use it, and most courses skip this approach.

Sadly, it doesn’t exploit this unique feature and just dedicates 2 videos to Twitter marketing. There’s no detail, like the rest of the course, so there’s not much to say about it.


You get some templates for contacting influencers and scaling on Instagram plus a checklist for launch. There’s nothing special here, and they’re poor quality, so don’t expect a lot.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

As you might see, I can’t recommend this course. You’ll only get some value if you’re a 100% beginner who’s never heard about dropshipping before.

To make things worse, Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites goes for just $197, and it offers like 6 or 7 times the content offered here.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Dropship Simplified Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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