Dropship Profit Secrets Review (Kevin Vang Course)

Dropship Profit Secrets is a relatively new course on dropshipping released by Kevin Vang. It focuses mostly on running a successful Google Ads campaign to market your business and products.

Today, we’ll take a look at what the course offers in its content to give you all the knowledge you need before deciding to spend your $497 on it.

With so many courses being released lately and the poor quality standard among many, you should never buy one without a clear idea of what you’re going to get from it. So, let’s read on and find out for ourselves.

Who’s the author?

If you’re currently reading this, the chances are you learned about Kevin’s course from his YouTube channel. He uses it to market this course while releasing your standard dropshipping content.

He isn’t the oldest YouTuber in this niche. He started about a year ago by uploading dropshipping content like most similar channels: researching products, niches, strategies, stories, etc. During that year, there seems to be a break since he stopped uploading content before continuing a few months ago.

Chances are he just took a rest after failing to keep up with his competitors. His channel only has about 3,000 subscribers, and the videos usually get 400-600 views. It doesn’t speak for its content, but it kind of does for his marketing proficiency.

There’s one thing that struck me as “iffy”. His channel only has 3 videos dealing with Google Ads, and they’ve all been uploaded during the last month. Let me remind you that this is the focus of his entire course, so it doesn’t paint a nice picture so far.

Google Ads can be quite difficult, so feeling that he only just started talking about it to market his course makes me doubt a lot. Still, his sales page says his success is owed to Google Ads for letting his dropshipping be profitable, which was something Facebook didn’t accomplish.

Reviewing Dropship Profit Secrets

The course says it’ll teach you the necessary steps to turn dropshipping into your main income stream. It claims to get you rid of all worries regarding what you should sell and how to market those products.

Its sales page suggests it’s tailored for beginners lacking any of the skills necessary to start. It’s also marketed towards intermediate entrepreneurs who haven’t found success with Facebook Ads.

It’s sold as a training detailing all the steps necessary to exploit Google Ads and use it to turn your dropshipping Shopify store into your living.

It currently costs $497, and you can only pay for it with a credit card. That’s odd since there’s an image explicitly saying that you can pay for it with PayPal. However, it’s completely absent from the actual payments page, so it’s probably a let-down for many.

It’s a short course focused solely on Google Ads. As it suggests, you won’t get anything on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, and that’s to be expected. However, it also skips SEO, which is a significant side of using Google even though it’s not directly tied to Google Ads.

What you get

The course splits its content through 6 modules (called “chapters”), which also break down into sub-sections. It’s still a short course with basic content spread through its 26 lessons, and it’s already a worrying sign since courses like eCom Elites go for less than half and offer 7 times that amount.

The chapters are your standard eCommerce content: creating a store, finding products, knowledge on Google traffic, scaling your Google Ads, and general scaling for your store.

It starts with 4 lessons explaining how you can build your store focusing on a single product. That’s one of the key points of this course: it only recommends a single-product store. People looking to run a full eCommerce with several products will see a significant handicap.

He teaches you how you can build a store focused on conversions and a few tips to boost your sales. A video shows you the structure for the product pages and how to price them. This opening chapter concludes with an explanation of how you can use customer reviews to boost your sales and which app you can use to integrate that function.

The second chapter focuses on researching your products. It begins by telling you which products you should keep at bay, and then he goes into what your “winning products” look like. He also goes into increasing your profit margins and speeding up your shipping times by choosing the right products.

There’s a method for spying on other stores seeing success with dropshipping and how you can use Facebook for that task, but it doesn’t add a lot to what other courses tell you. The end of the chapter gives you some tips for getting unique products from unique suppliers.

The following chapter takes you into how you can get customers using Google Traffic. Again, this is all paid Google Ads. He doesn’t cover anything on SEO or content marketing, so don’t expect any free strategies for marketing on Google.

This chapter studies how you can use Google Trends, using the best keywords (still not SEO), how to run successful campaigns, optimizing your bids and strategies, which keywords to avoid (nope, not SEO), working on your ad copy, and how to place your ads on Google’s first pages.

At least it’s relevant for people using Google Ads, but it’s nothing you can’t find on other courses costing less or even for free through online articles or YouTube.

After that, you get another Google Ads-related chapter that works as a continuation for the previous one. You get 4 brief videos on how you can scale your ads on Google. There’s content on budget optimization, how to improve your conversions, and how to steal customers from your competitors in an ethical way.

It’s not bad content, but it’s more of the same you can get from other courses priced lower. You can work with what you learned, but he doesn’t go beyond the basics.

Finally, Kevin somehow thought that “Taking Over The Market” was a good name for the last chapter and that it was something students could somehow do with what they learned here. Jokes (truthful jokes at that) aside, you get another module with 4 videos.

This time, you learn how you can push your competitors out of the market, some “hacks” for your headlines on product pages, a few tips to help your profits, and a strategy to turn your daily $200 into $5,000.

Bonus content

There are 3 bonuses in this course.

First, you get a one-off call directly with Kevin to discuss your general strategy. The conversation will mostly focus on what products you should sell, taking a look at your store to see what you can improve, and some help when creating ads.

This isn’t necessarily bad, and mentorship calls are a great addition to any course. However, a one-time contact doesn’t count as mentorship, and I really doubt you can answer all your inquiries with a single call.

That’s without saying that I still doubt Kevin’s actual experience. Remember he just uploaded his first 3 Google Ads videos on YouTube right before releasing this.

The second addition as a product finding tool that somehow “should” cost $997. You can use the tool for looking up products through reverse engineering of the stores from your competition. It sounds great and all, but there are several tools available online (even for free) that do the same, and you can spy on your competitors with something as simple as searching on Facebook.

The last bonus is called “Reveal to you how to achieve massive success”, and that’s all you need to know from it. That, and the fact it doesn’t succeed.


You can ask for a refund within 2 weeks of purchasing the course as long as you’ve watched less than 40% of its material. It sounds fair enough, but the course is so short that you can reach that percentage without realizing, so be careful.

Earnings “disclaimer”

If you’re still thinking about buying the course after reading this, please, take a look at this disclaimer. No course is a surefire way to get success, and it’s good when authors like Kevin let you know that.

However, this disclaimer seems too inclined towards telling that “you’re not going to make any money”.

Don’t believe me? The second sentence explicitly says that he’s not presenting you with business opportunities. Sure, he may be talking about working directly with him, but he also may not.

Finally, there’s another sentence saying that students agree the author will not “share in” their success. I don’t really know what that means. Why would students have to agree? Is he talking about profiting from their students’ sales? Perhaps he’s talking about not using your success for his benefit, which would contradict the screenshots on his sales page.

Final Verdict

This is a brief course on Google Ads basics, and that’s it. Google Ads isn’t a holy grail for dropshippers, though. They’re a great strategy, but you can’t focus solely on a single marketing strategy.

That’s the problem with this course. You learn nothing on building a profitable store, marketing on FB or IG (which should be standard content in every course), emailing, or SEO. It’s just a (very basic) guide to Google Ads.

It doesn’t really give you any information on running a successful store, and it also avoids giving real insight and depth into Google Ads. The same goes with all sections; the “product research” content still avoids basic and free recommendations like Wish.

Let’s face it: Google Ads is owned by a giant. Almost every successful company uses it, so finding guides, resources, and content for free online is seamless, so why would you pay $497 for the same content –but limited?

A Better Alternative

If you want to start any eCommerce, you want to know everything to run your business by yourself. You need to learn how to set up your store, all the marketing channels you can exploit, and how to grow your business properly.

While you won’t learn that here, you can do so with eCom Elites, and it’ll cost you less about half what this course offers while still providing you with countless content and resources for you to become the entrepreneur you want.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Dropship Profit Secrets Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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