Dan Dasilva’s 100K Blueprint Review (Dan Dasilva Course)

Today, I’ll review Dan’s 100K Blueprint course so that you can learn whether or not is the course you’re looking for.

The author, Dan, is one of those online gurus dedicated to launching online courses –best-known as serial launchers. He’s found some noticeable success, with the course he launched before 100K Blueprint selling to thousands of new members.

Before starting to launch courses, he says that he’s earned more than $15 million just by dropshipping items he never even came into contact with.

Dan does say that you can’t expect to be a millionaire the next day you start dropshipping. He recommends you don’t pay attention to all the luxuries other gurus showcase when promoting their courses. He also shows some success stories from his students, and while the numbers aren’t mind-blowing, they’re still good.

Who’s the author?

Dan Dasilva started out like most gurus today: finding a mentor and then changing his life. It depends on you to figure out who’s this mentor, but it seems to have worked for him, given his success.

The only question is: did he make all that money with dropshipping or is it from all the courses he’s sold? Regardless, he says he’s an expert on getting 8 figures on Shopify.

He’s come up with a process spanning 4 steps for starting out, and this process is what you’ll learn in this course. The steps include doing research, coming up with assets, growing your business, and repeat. He says that he’s the only one with an online course explaining those steps with enough detail, but take it from me (someone who’s seen most courses out there), that’s not quite true. There are many options with the same depth.

Admittedly, Dan’s fan base isn’t something to ignore. If you take a look at his launch emails for the course we’re reviewing, it seems that there were over 3,000 visitors on the first webinar.

Despite what he says about ignoring those Lamborghinis and Gucci accessories on other gurus’ ads, he does enjoy a lot to show off his holidays and cars. His YouTube titles are also your standard clickbait.

I can’t blame him, because there’s a reason behind doing that, but it’s still something that doesn’t make me trust him more. Just make sure you don’t choose your mentors based on the lifestyle they show off.

Reviewing No Bullshit Road to Remote Work

This course didn’t come out yesterday. It’s been relaunched several times, and it now sits at its 3.0 version. I can’t really tell if older members have free access to the new versions as it isn’t really clear, but it’s something to keep an eye out for.

The main content of the course consists on 12 weeks making up the entire program. The insight is actually quite good regarding how it introduces you to dropshipping and getting your store out there; it practically holds your hand through most of the topics, so you won’t get lost throughout the course.

There’s actually a good amount of content in here, and it makes its $997 price look reasonable in exchange of what you get. However, I must admit that most of the content is what you find on your standard course.

You can find courses with less content being a lot more expensive. The issue is how you can also find the same content for less, or even more for the same price (or –again –for less!). The main reason behind the price is how Dan says that he’s the only one offering such depth, as I said earlier, but I already told you that isn’t really the case, so it’s still overdoing it a bit.

Another issue I had is how the course actually works.

You see: each module is unlocked weekly, hence why they’re called weeks. While this is fairly standard, it’s a downside not many realize. Other courses give you access to all the content right away for you to watch at your leisure.

That’s worth double for people in a hurry

Imagine you wanted to pick up a good course to start your dropshipping course next month, maybe as a new year’s resolution. Well, now you have to wait almost 3 full months before you can start.


These bonuses are only available for members of the 3.0 version. That’s why I wonder if older members would have access to the updated content.

You get 20 ad creatives (with interests) ready for you to use, as well as a strategy for your email marketing campaigns. As for support, you have some live coaching from Dan and his team through calls, and you can also reach out to them through email directly. There’s a tool for looking up products and some case studies from different ads and the entire process.

There’s a $2,000 “secret stand up” video listed in the bonuses as well, but that’s hardly going to help you if I’m being honest.

As everyone, Dan tells you that these bonuses alone would cost you more than the entire course, but you need to consider how truthful that statement. Everyone getting the course has access to them, so those done-for-you ads and email campaigns will already be taken by the time you get to them, so you’ll probably find limited usefulness from them.

The live calls are also available for everyone, so think about availability from Dan and the team. There are probably hundreds of students calling every week, so at best, the time you get with them is limited.

As for his email support, it doesn’t get a lot better. Giving people email support at their leisure can be really time-consuming, so it’s nearly the same with his calls, and there’s probably more people emailing him than calling him directly (but most will do both, trust me).

If he’s the 8-figure master he claims to be, then he’ll have little reasons to reply timely and not let everything be handled by his team. Each call he picks up or every dozen of emails he replies could cost him quite a bit of money.

The tool offered will fell very familiar if you already used Intelligyence or know anything about it. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad tool, though, and you can use its “interest targeting” feature to upload directly to Facebook.

Just don’t be fooled by the “upload and profit” sales pitch; it’s a good feature, but you don’t have any guarantees.

Two issues I found with his course are the reviews on his sales page and the refunds.

If you look at the dates for most of the reviews, they’re too old to pertain to this current version. They’re more likely to belong to versions 1 and 2, so they’re not the best reflection of this course’s quality.

Lastly, the refund policies are very short. Giving you 72 hours (that’s 3 days) to ask for a refund, this course has the shortest policy I’ve seen so far.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

There’s one condition for me to recommend this course to you.

If you’re a fan of Dan, or you find you like his content on YouTube, then you’ll probably love this course. He actually has good knowledge, and I know a few of you reading this will like his videos if you check them out.

If that’s you, then go ahead.

However, if you only heard about the course through his ads and can’t afford to spend too much, then avoid it.

The truth is that this course isn’t worth $997. The knowledge is good, but you’d mostly pay to hear Dan giving it to you and the bonuses. If it were only for the content, then you can find the same for less.

Remember you still have to pay for your marketing. There are great courses with more content for less than half of what this course asks. You can then save hundreds for your marketing campaigns!

If your looking for one of the best dropshipping which is affordable and contains a ton of information? Check out eCom Elites, I did a review on it that you can read.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Dan Dasilva’s 100K Blueprint Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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