Affiliate Marketing Monsters Review

In this post, I want to give you my personal, insightful, and most thorough Affiliate Marketing Monsters Review and how good it is for you or your business.

Affiliate Marketing Monsters is an affiliate marketing course. It is made to be consumed inside the membership area. Now, this course is created by Adam Snyder who mentions that he has made over 7 figures with just affiliate marketing. He’s been doing youtube for a few years now and he made this course in 2017 around May or June.

The price of this course is a one time fee which costs you around 399$.

Is this course WORTH the money? Find out by reading this review on Affiliate Marketing Monsters to see if it’s right for you or not. Also, FIND OUT IF Adam Snyder Courses are worth it or not below!

Affiliate Marketing Monsters – The Overview and Rankings

Affiliate Marketing Monsters Course

Name: Affiliate Marketing Monsters
Owners: Adam Snyder
Website URL:
Training: ★★☆☆☆
Support: ★★★★
Price: One Time Fee ($399)

Who is Affiliate Marketing Monsters For?

Affiliate Marketing Monsters is for anyone who is starting out learning about affiliate marketing and wants a jumpstart their affiliate marketing career without wasting tons of time and money to just learn things he teaches in the course.

If you’re an Intermediate Affiliate marketer this is also for you.

Make sure you read the full review below to decide if you want to purchase it or not!

Who is Adam Snyder?

Adam Snyder Homemade Entrepreneur


Adam Snyder is the founder, owner of Affiliate Marketing Monsters Course. Now he also goes by the name Homemade Entrepreneur, which is the same exact name as his youtube channel. He has over 40k subscribers on youtube at the time of this post. This isn’t his first product, he has created many different products including his Amazon FBA Course, Kindle Publishing Course and much more! He posts daily videos on youtube.

You can go check out his channel here.

What is Included in the Course?

The Course contains 45 lengthy videos as well as few resources he links to.

The best part of Affiliate Marketing Monsters is that since the course is created in 2017 almost everything in the course is up-to-date and every single method and technique shared by Adam truly works.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Ease of Use
  • Cloud-Based
  • All the Videos are in One Place
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (As long as you show you put the work in)
  • …and much more

What Training Can You Expect?

There is tons of training contained within the course. They have a pretty easy to access navigation which is really well organized.

See what’s Included In The Course

Introduction Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Monsters:

  • Welcome – Who Am I?
  • What This course is Not
  • My Goal With Every Students
  • Resources I Use

In this section, he tells you who he is and how much he has made with affiliate marketing.

Module 1: Choosing An Affiliate Network

  • My Favourite Affiliate Marketing Networks
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • High Dollar Affiliate Offers
  • Most Profitable Affiliate Niches

In this module, he shows some of his favourite affiliate marketing networks. And how to pick your niche and what not.

Module 2: Create The Schedule:

  • You Need A Schedule

Now if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing Adam says to see real results you need to set a schedule. That way you can focus on the task better and you get into the habit of working every day.

Module 3: FREE Youtube Traffic:

  • Common Misconceptions Regarding YouTube & Video
  • How To Get 1,000 YouTube Subscribes Quickly
  • Sample Of My YouTube Review Videos
  • Examples Of Affiliate Marketing On YouTube

He also shows you how to get 1000 youtube subscribers quickly because as you may know after you get 1000 subscribers youtube tries to promote your videos way more.

He shows how you can do youtube reviews even if you don’t want to get in front of the camera you can still do it.

Then he shows a list of youtube channels and videos where people make money on youtube with affiliate marketing.

Module 4: FREE Facebook Traffic:

  • Examples of Quality Facebook Pages
  • How to Get FREE Facebook Traffic
  • How to Craft A Profitable Facebook Post
  • Free Way To Build A Facebook Pages Following
  • Tricky Way To Increase Facebook Group Following

This module shows you examples of quality facebook pages and how you can get free facebook traffic. He also shows you how to craft the perfect Facebook post where you can make money.

He shows a ton of free ways you can get traffic as well as build a following on your facebook pages and groups.

Module 5: Running Facebook Ads For Maximum Profit:

  • Live Example Of My Personal Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Examples Of Good And Bad Facebook Ads
  • How To Get Facebook Likes For Less Than $0.01 Per Like
  • How To Split-Test And Optimize Facebook Ads Correctly

Now Adam has shown a lot of FREE ways to get traffic. But, in this module, he shows you how to get paid traffic and how to run ads properly.

You also learn about what type of ads are good or bad. One quick trick he shows which can save you A LOT of $ is the one where he shows you how you can get super cheap likes for a penny.

Module 6: Instagram Mastery:

  • How To Create The Perfect Instagram Bio
  • Tricks To Increase Instagram Followers

Adam has done many different ways to get traffic so, he shows us yet another way we can get traffic on Instagram.

He shows us how to craft the perfect Instagram bio and tricks you can use to get more Instagram followers.

Module 7: The Beauty Of A Blog:

  • Review Blog Examples
  • How To Rank Your Website Quickly In Google
  • How To Quickly Build A Free Website
  • Examples Of High Converting Copywriting That Sells
  • The Anatomy Of The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Website
  • My Personal Affiliate Website

Module 7 shows you about what review blogs. How you can rank on google, he teaches both on page SEO and Offsite SEO. If you don’t know what that is, he teaches you in the course.

He shows how to build a free website since not everyone has the money to buy web hosting. He also shows his personal affiliate website that he has run ads to and how much he made from it.

Module 8: Email Marketing Mastery:

  • Which Email Marketing Service Providers Are The Best
  • How To Create Your FREE Gift
  • How To Create The Perfect Sales Funnel
  • How I Make High Converting Sales Funnels
  • How To Get Email Subscribers
  • How To Increase Email Subscribers Through PPC

In this module, he shows you the top email marketing services there are. How you can create a lead magnet. (if you don’t know what that is he shows it in the course) You also learn how to create the perfect funnel, how Adam makes his funnels.

Now, email marketing is big nowadays and the fact that you can keep getting money by promoting products to the same group of people is really profitable. So, he shows you how to get email subscribers and he goes and shows how to run Bing ads (Pay per click) to get email subscribers.

Module 9: 10X Your Affiliate Income:

  • 10X Your Income – Advanced Strategies
  • Make People WANT To Buy Through Your Affiliate Links
  • Recurring Affiliate Marketing Offers
  • How To Make Money From A FREE Guide

In this module, Adam shows you some really advanced strategies which will increase your income from affiliate marketing. He also shows you how to make people actually want to buy from your affiliate/referral link rather than any other affiliates.

There are many great affiliate marketing offers out there. He shows you which have a recurring commission, meaning after your first sale you keep making money for years after the first sale is done.

Module 10: Where to Start:

  • My Quick Start Method

Now, this strategy here will 100% blow your mind. He shows a strategy where YOU can start making money with Affiliate marketing RIGHT NOW.

Module 11: Outsourcing Your Business:

  • What My Virtual Assistants Do
  • Hiring A Virtual Assistant

At some point, you will get to a certain level where you will need to start hiring out people to do things for you so you can focus on the big picture. Adam shows what his virtual assistants do and how they help his business.

It also shows you how you can hire VA’s for your business and outsourcing in your business.

Module 12: Make High Dollar Commissions:

  • Make $200 Per Affiliate Sale

Now this module alone here shows you how you can make 200$ per sale by promoting this affiliate offer.

Module 13: Final Thoughts:

  • Final Thoughts

He concludes the course and tells you about how long affiliate marketing takes to start seeing good results.

Is it Worth It? My Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

There are much better courses out there than one offered by Adam. He also recently started publishing a ton of different courses, youtube courses and a few other ones. So you will have to buy those for other things.

The course I recommend for anyone starting affiliate marketing or even someone who’s more advanced would be Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett. I did a review here on his course. If you search online for the best information-packed and affordable course, you will most likely have people referring you to Savage Affiliates because it contains a TON of information on affiliate marketing. Read my review and see if it’s right for you or not.

Also, if you are already in the program feel free to leave your feedback/review below.


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