Affiliate Marketing Champ Review (ODI Productions Course)

Affiliate Marketing Champ has been around for a while, and it’s the first course released by ODI. He’s released a few more courses since then, with his latest release called “Passive Income Lifestyle”.

It’s priced at $997, and we’re about to learn whether or not it’s worth that money.

ODI is your regular eCommerce guru, showing off his cars and the like, so there’s not much sense into going in-depth about what he does and his backstory. Just know he’s released several courses to this day.

Reviewing Affiliate Marketing Champ

The course is split into 10 different modules covering the standard topics of affiliate marketing courses. The course interface also has 2 additional sections, but they’re just about how you can join the private Facebook group and another one on applying to be an affiliate marketer for the course.

We’ll focus on the main content, but let me explain briefly those 2 “bonuses”. The Facebook private group isn’t really active from my own experience, so it’s not really a great addition. The affiliate marketing option isn’t great either since it’s a tough sale.

Let’s go into the content to learn why’s that. I’ll summarize the titles of the modules because they’re just too much.

Module 1: Personal story

This is just a 26-minute long video where he talks about himself. You won’t really learn anything from this module, and it isn’t even an introduction.

It’s a bit overindulgent if you ask me, actually.

Module 2: Explaining the model

The second module is more like a proper introduction to the course and the affiliate marketing business model.

Sadly, it’s again just a single video, but this time it’s 20 minutes shorter. He explains what’s affiliate marketing, how this model works, and his opinion on why it’s the best choice for online entrepreneurs.

Module 3: Real-world examples

The third module is a bunch of methods people are using for making their money on the internet. He mentions how you can make a living from YouTube, Instagram, and Amazon as well as setting up authority websites and online blogs.

It’s a single video spanning a bit over 21 minutes, so the topics themselves are spread fairly thin.

Module 4: How to create a business

This is the first video touching on how you can create a business. It only took him 4 modules, and yes, I said “video”. It’s one video spanning 43 minutes.

He touches on how to pick your niche and develop your brand.  You also learn about how you can start a YouTube channel and set up a quick website. He then offers some videos on applying for affiliate networks, researching products you can sell, and how to come up with the content to promote them.

All the content here is mostly basic, and it’s stuff you can find online without shelling a cent. In fact, it’s very basic, so you can probably find more depth for free.

Module 5: Best niches

This module focuses on what niches you should aim towards when setting up your business. It includes stuff like high ticket items (TVs, cars, Jacuzzis, etc), hosting services, blogs, health-related markets, food or cooking, and general lifestyle niches like travelling.

As always, there’s nothing special here. You can reach the same conclusions by going into Google and searching something like “best affiliate marketing niches today”. And yes, it’s just 1 video, almost half an hour this time.

Module 6: SEO “top secret”

This module teaches you how to work on your SEO and search rankings for both Google and YouTube.

The title brandishes “top secret” on it, but it’s just basic tips you’re getting here. They’re pretty useful, but you can find them online for free (again). I mean, you can’t really expect to learn everything about SEO with a single 23-minute video.

It should be an entire course on its own if you want to become an expert, but that’s not an excuse for not including at least a good grasp on the basics. This is just a few tips and an overview.

Module 7: Paid traffic (and something about “turbocharging”)

This is the most ridiculous instance of overhyped titles. You just learn how to create paid ads on YouTube and Facebook. It also touches on setting up your Google Adwords, but it’s just the theory and how-to’s.

You won’t really learn how you can TURBOCHARGE your results with this 23-minute video.

Module 8: Creating an affiliate marketing site in an hour

The 8th module teaches you how to create your website, from buying your domain to hosting it live. It does teach you how you can do it in less than an hour, so there’s really not much to say about it.

Module 9: Facebook Ads

While ODI prefers to use YouTube for his marketing, he does give a good overview on Facebook Ads set-up in this 18-minute long video. It’s not much, but it’s good enough compared to the other modules.

Module 10: Mistakes you should avoid

The last module closes with a 17-minute long video that was actually quite entertaining. ODI goes into 5 mistakes he made while growing his business.

He goes into avoiding choosing products from their looks, paid ads mistakes, and overdoing it with your research. It was a nice closure at least.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

This course would be better suited as 10 videos on his YouTube channel than a full course release. Instead, you’re paying almost $1,000 for an overhyped upsell.

The course has some good insights here and there, and the last module is actually fun. However, the 10 modules translate into just 10 videos. If you want a better course, you can get Savage Affiliates for just shy of $200.

If you want this content exactly (Affiliate Marketing Champ), then go to YouTube and read a few articles on affiliate marketing. You’ll save $997.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Affiliate Marketing Champ Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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