Accelerator Program Review (Matthew Sabia Course)

Matthew’s Accelerator is a subscription package for eCommerce entrepreneurs, and it’s priced at $49 each month.

According to the author’s claims, this coaching program aims to provide you with everything you need if you want to succeed with a dropshipping venture. It also says that you could be earning around $300 each day in just one or two months.

The program is hosted on Kajabi, and you have access to a full library with training videos, coaching sessions every week, product lists, and exclusive access to the program’s Facebook group.

Like most courses for dropshipping on Shopify, it promises too much, so of course I was curious about whether or not it fulfils those expectations.

Did it? Well, let’s find out.

Who’s the author?

Matthew Sabia is YouTuber, and the young man has been active for around 2 years now. He has a decent size on the Dropshipping YouTube niche with nearly 50,000 subscribers, and his best videos have quite a lot of views.

He’s also an entrepreneur in both affiliate marketing and eCommerce, and he claims those are the business models that have gained him a fortune.

The videos are actually quite good. They’re not too short nor too long, and they provide useful content. What’s suspicious is that he has just a few videos, and last time I checked, he still hadn’t broken the 10-video mark, but that was a while ago.

His videos have the standard clickbait titles claiming things like how he made $1,000 on a single day having zero traffic.

While he does have the flashy titles, that’s something pretty much all channels on this niche do. He also avoids the usual flashiness of similar gurus.

His course is hosted on a personal website he owns, and you can get to it via You’ll easily spot the access button to his program.

Reviewing Accelerator Program

First of all, Accelerator isn’t marketed as just a course but as personal coaching complemented with a library filled with educational resources. You pay for it on a monthly schedule, and you have full access to all the features for as long as your subscription is active.

The course’s sales page tells you that you can get weekly personal coaching directly from Matthew and his team. Only 100 students can enroll for the program, and even then, he’ll have a tight schedule for making the calls.

I can’t really see how he can organize his time to attend all the calls. Each week has 168 hours, and if he offers 1 hour of coaching per student, he still has to spend more than half of his time on calls, and that’s about 14 hours per day.

Finally, add his sleeping and eating hours. Does he actually have a job? What are the chances you actually get to speak to him? That’s the main selling point for program, but even if he talks directly to his students, there’s no way you’re getting more than an hour of coaching, so is it really worth it?

Yes, there’s his team, but the sales page really doesn’t tell you who they are or what’s their experience.

As for the library, you get 6 different weeks splitting the course, and you have access to the modules each week’s start. I don’t really like this structure since you have to adapt your own schedule and that might be hard for some people.

Besides, some of the modules are just too short. For example, both module 1 and 3 have only 5 videos, and none pass the 10-minute mark.

Each week covers a different topic:

  1. Week 1 covers product research.
  2. Week 2 covers free traffic.
  3. Week 3 goes into email marketing.
  4. Week 4 teaches video marketing.
  5. Week 5 is about paid advertisement on Facebook and Google.
  6. Week 6 tells you how you can sell your Shopify store.

There’s a bonus module with exclusive tricks and secrets as well, but it still makes up quite a limited library, and it totals around just 30 different videos.

That’s problematic due to Matthew’s availability for coaching calls, for you’ll have to rely quite a lot on this library, yet it doesn’t offer the same content you can get from other courses.

It also skips a lot of fundamental information like using Pinterest or even LinkedIn for your business, and it skips marketing on Instagram entirely, so nothing on campaigns or influencers.

Matthew offers you a product list as well, and it’s claimed to be proven. However, it doesn’t make much sense when you think about how he’s giving away such profitable products at such a low price instead of just keeping it to themselves.

Even if they’re good, you’ll still have a tough time finding one that hasn’t been over saturated with everyone who’s taken this class.

Finally, you learn nothing on scaling your business. There’s zero knowledge on automating your processes or outsourcing work to other people. The final module just teaches you how to sell your store, so Matthew’s just teaching you how to rush your store, make some cash and jump onto the next one.

It’s just milking the products and niches, and you won’t really learn how to build a long-lasting business.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

This program is quite a good idea, and it sounds great on paper, but the reality seems to be entirely different. There’s simply no way the coaching works in the way the student wants, and members will probably just have to settle to however Matthew solves this problem.

You’re left with a very limited and shallow library that won’t really have you build a business that you can build into the long-term.

I’d recommend you just save a bit of money and get a single-payment course that gives you access to all the content as soon as you buy it.

The Accelerator program will cost you over $500 for a year, but you can get eCom Elites for less than half, and you’ll have access to a lot more content on a lot more topics and with a lot more tips for a successful business. You can read my review here.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my Accelerator Program Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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