7 Figure Skills: A Dropshipping (High Ticket) Course Review
(AJ Jomah Course)

A course focused mainly on high ticket dropshipping isn’t a common sight by any means. However, is it really worth its $1,297-5,997 packages? Is it just another dropshipping basics course? Is it good?

We’ll review today a course made by AJ Jomah on that subject. It offers 3 packages for $1,297, $2,497 and $5,997 depending on how much guidance you need, from the standard course to a “done for you” offer at the highest price.

AJ mostly dedicates to launch products, and he’s released a huge variety of courses. They span from Amazon FBA all the way to print on demand, and he’s recently focused on high ticket sales through Google ads.

He says selling high ticket products changed his life and that Google Ads is one of the best sources for finding interested buyers ready to spend money on what you’re selling.

However, you must keep in mind that high-ticket products are harder for selling, and newcomers should always start with less expensive items as you build experience.

The issue with high ticket

A lot of people forget that you take payment from your customer. Any issues and warranties must be sorted out by yourself, including refunds and replacements. The problem arises when the supplier fails to respond to your inquiries.

Imagine your customer starts a dispute with you and wins; the following step would be to initiate a dispute with your supplier. Now, what if you lose against your supplier? You’d lose both a client and a supplier.

That’s not all; you also lose the price on your item.

Dropshipping products like toys, phone accessories, or similar items would have you losing around $10-30. However, high ticket items translate into losses that could reach the $10,000 mark.

If you’re starting with a small capital (like a lot of dropshippers do), going with high ticket products could end your business with a single dispute.

Who’s the author?

Taylor owns the website remotelikeme.com, a travel blog she uses to record her experiences as well as offering worksheets, eBooks, and courses among other tools useful for digital nomads.

She started travelling in 2014 to Guatemala as a volunteer worker, and that hooked her into travelling. She’s visited almost all places in Europe and Latin America, and she started working with email marketing.

She has a Facebook group as well, and she says she’s helped many to start their remote careers. She then dedicated her time to creating courses, groups, and eBooks about getting remote work.

It’s easy to see she knows what’s she’s talking about as well.

Reviewing 7 Figure Skills

The course teaches you the basics of dropshipping high ticket stuff, and it also provides the standard dropshipping content regarding getting conversions, finding products, sales funnels, and making large profits.

Since I already know about the topic, I don’t really mind the guidance or having someone make the store for me, so I got the standard subscription for $1,297.

The other two plans include coaching for a month for $2,497 and a store done for you for the $5,997 plan.

Module 1

Here, you’re taught how to find a product or niche for your store. You get all the methods used by AJ for that goal, explained with steps. While some of the videos are mostly basic stuff, there’s also good insight, and I even managed to pick up a few tips I hadn’t considered.

You have some information on common myths and issues and how you can beat them. There’s another video on brainstorming, and all modules have downloadable plans, guides, and even worksheets.

However, it would’ve been nice to see a bit more content inside this module.

Module 2

Here, you’ll develop the ideas exposed in the previous module, with a real-life study on the possibility of generating more than $100,000 each month with a single product. Keep in mind this is for high-ticket; a $1,000 will get there much faster than a $10 or $20 one.

AJ also offers you a trademarked tool by himself to help your brainstorming, so that’s a nice addition.

You finally get a report with 214 product ideas, both high and low ticket, but they’re probably all taken now by members with the same knowledge. There’s also a worksheet for picking products.

Module 3

The third module goes into Google Ads and ways to find out the ideal price for each product. There’s also content on finding the best niches, coupled with another invitation to use his online tool.

He offers a directory with 4,000 suppliers that’s strikingly looks like Salehoo. There’s also one video with an actually neat trick for finding what your competitors are using for success, and it closes with more downloadable content like the action plan and some worksheets.

Module 4

Here’s the first time you’ll learn something you’re going to replicate. You learn how to create your store, and it includes how to set it up, which templates are good, how to expose it, developing your brand, and which plugins are the best for automating it.

Of course, there’s the mandatory downloadable plans and worksheets as always.

This module is mandatory, of course, but it’s the same content you can find on most courses available. You can even find free videos on how to use Shopify, so it’s still little to make up for the price we’re paying for the course.

Module 5

This section focuses mainly on suppliers. You’ll learn how to find and contact your suppliers, and it includes methods both for inside and outside the US, so it’s a nice addition. Besides the tips, AJ also gives you some templates and scripts.

Besides, you have a step-by-step process you can use to deal with your suppliers, and he closes the package with some reselling agreements.

A problem here is that AJ doesn’t tell you that US-based suppliers are unlikely to partner with you if you’re not a citizen in the US or own a company (offshore) in either Delaware or Wyoming.

You need a reseller ID or at least a social security number, and all of this is knowledge that AJ simply skips for some unknown reason. That’s also why so many dropshippers go to AliExpress.

Module 6

The 6th module is all about optimizing your store to get more conversion. Besides the knowledge, AJ includes some templates you can use for several pages, including your Contact and About sections.

While it’s a good intention, you should just use them as inspiration. The reason is that all other students will likely be using the same templates, so you’ll just repeat other people’s content, and Google doesn’t like that at all.

Always make sure to use content of your own, but the templates are a good reference nonetheless. You also get templates for following up emails and some final tips for conversions.

Module 7

There’s really not much to say about the 7th module on automating emails. It’s mostly just some videos explaining how to do it.

I guess his advice is OK, and you can certainly use the knowledge here and automate your emails, but he really didn’t add anything here that would set this $1,297 course from cheaper ones or even YouTube videos you can watch for free.

Module 8

The 8th module the goes into traffic and how you can use Google Ads and Shopping in your favor regarding this issue.

AJ will teach you about how you can set up your first campaign in the right way using the two platforms, and you can then build on the knowledge here for further campaigns. You also get some “hacks” you can use on Google for netting some extra traffic easily.

Besides that, he also teaches you how you should manage your marketing budget efficiently regarding the two platforms covered.

The last feature is a coaching call for free directly with either AJ or one of his associates to discuss and help with Google Shopping.

Given how AJ seems to be always busy, it seems you can only reach out to his associates, so that’s quite a boomer and makes me wonder whether or not you can actually talk to AJ.

However, the content on using Google platforms is quite good, and there’s definitely a lot of stuff you can apply there. The only issue I had (personally) was that it focuses too much on the “for dummies” approach, and there’s little to expand if you already know how to run basic campaigns or want to work on better and more advanced campaigns further down the line.

Module 9

The last module also goes into advertising, but this time it’s Facebook. Admittedly, it does feel a bit rushed and just done “for the sake of it” since high ticket dropshipping doesn’t really benefit a lot from traffic generated through Facebook.

Think about it: most people use social media to kill some time, know what’s going on with their friends and people they like, and of course, looking at memes. It’s a bit naïve to think that someone who’s focused on that is prone to spend over $1,000 on some furniture just because it showed up on their feed.

However, there’s always a few things to pick up from AJ, it seems, so this knowledge actually works for people looking to retarget their ads.

Facebook group & refunds

Finally, you have the standard eCommerce private Facebook group, yet AJ claims that accessing this community would normally be worth nearly $2,000. That claim is really hard to believe, seeing how having a private group is the norm with these types of courses.

This one in particular is pretty inactive as well.

Finally, you can get your money back via Stripe if you don’t feel satisfied by the course within the first month. The refund says to be given without asking any questions, and I certainly didn’t find any terms stating you have to prove completion of the necessary steps for a refund.

Final Verdict

Overall, the course doesn’t quite match my requirements for it to be worth its asking prices. The standard plan’s price tag is already really expensive, and I seriously doubt that the coaching can make up for the additional cost on the 2nd plan.

Finally, the third one does offer you an entire business set up with all pages and traffic strategies. However, it also offers you an entire year of coaching and accounting calling plus whatever the annual beach retreat is.

It all sounds too good, and it’ll probably be.

As is, I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s some quality insight and knowledge spread throughout, but it’s just not enough for its asking price.

What you should get instead

I’d recommend you get eCom Elites for either $197 or $297. It offers more content, more depth and a larger community.

Besides, you’ll also save over $1,000 which can go right into your marketing campaigns and business or learning more about all the other tools available!

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my 7 Figure Skills Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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