6 Figure Affiliate Marketing Review (Ryan Scribner Course)

You can’t follow Ryan Scribner on his YouTube channel and not have heard about his affiliate marketing course. Today, we’ll review this program and tell you what you need to know about what you’re getting after signing up for it.

You can go to the end of the article if you just want to know my final verdict, as usual, but I’ll go through all the modules and its content.

The course is on the higher end, with a single payment offer of $1196. You can pay in 3 instalments every month, but it’s $232 more. Still, give other courses that give you a full 50% increase, it’s not TOO bad.

Ryan sells this course as the ethical method for stealing his business, and that means you could expect to make the classic 6 figures with affiliate marketing. Of course, he does place the disclaimer outlining that’s not overnight.

Who’s the author? Ryan Scribner

Ryan covers some ground: affiliate marketer, investor, online entrepreneur, and YouTube content creator. Moreover, he’s a serial course creator, and he’s been behind various online training platforms through time.

He’s taught a wide range of topics, from stocks to how to create courses. The affiliate marketing course is the latest instalment as far as I know, though.

He’s a very active YouTuber as well, and you can usually find a new video if you check his channel now and then. His schedule tends to be 2 or 3 videos every week, varying in topics. He’s also one of the largest personalities I’ve reviewed here, with over 400,000 subscribers.

He used to target people wanting to learn investment basics and general personal finance skills. That’s why his older content is more about strategies and tips specifically for that audience.

However, he then ventured into different areas, and that’s why he now covers social media and affiliate marketing, passive income approaches, and everything related. If you’ve thought about making money online in any way, Ryan probably has a video on it.

He also has quite the following on Instagram. He has a personal and a business account, with 53,000 and 334,000 followers respectively. He uses them plus his YouTube for promoting his affiliate products and his courses.

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As usual, the course is hosted on Teachables, which we can always take as a pro. It’s user-friendly and lets you go through all the modules at your leisure. Just note that you can’t download the videos.

The course has 9 modules and a couple of bonuses, with 61 total videos on several topics. The lessons also feature Apple Crider and Jake Woodard, experts according to Ryan and with background in their own fields.

You can find an outline of all the modules below and the content they offer after you pay for it.

Module 1

The first module starts out with a disclaimer that you’re not promised 6 figures in passive income with the methods in this course. Sure, it’s nice he’s transparent, but it kind of takes away some of my confidence.

You then have your standard introduction, detailing how to join the private Facebook group, an introduction to Ryan and Jake’s background.

Before we go into the next module, note he’s an inspirational speaker, author, and coach…

Module 2

… So of course he has a mindset module!

I mean, spending $1,000 should be enough proof of your determination and growth mindset. Mindset videos are fun for me, but that’s not everyone’s opinion, and even I have to admit that an entire module dedicated to it is too much. You can find the same type of content online.

Anyways, you’ll learn Jake’s story, understanding your weaknesses, dealing with negative energy, building confidence, etc. You get the point.

There’s a nice video here about developing habits, but it’s still what you find on YouTube. You can go back to this module now and then if you feel bored, however.

Module 3

This is the first module actually teaching you about the business. This module has 9 videos, but the first 4 are completely wasted explaining more about the concept and Ryan himself, so feel free to skip those.

They cover what’s affiliate marketing and how the model works as well as how Ryan became successful and proof of his earnings.

The next videos go into what you need to start out and debunking some myths. The last lessons are about finding niches and how to find your products. It closes with a 5-minute video on how Ryan approaches the process.

Module 4

The 4th module is about Amazon Associates and why Ryan considers it the best choice for beginners. It covers the best strategies Ryan uses and how you can apply for it. It then goes into technical fundamentals like how to use it, how to get your links, how your ID works, etc.

Now, Amazon Associates is a great platform, and I use it myself as well, but they really aren’t the largest rates you can find online. In fact, they’re among the lowest: between 2 and 4% for each sale.

However, it’s still a great platform, and it’s easy to get conversions on it, so it’s quite good for beginners. I’m just telling you to do your research and not stick with something you can improve.

Module 5

Apple Crider handles this module about using Instagram for affiliate marketing. He’s the host of Young Smart Money Business, a podcast about, well, business; he’s also a public speaker.

I was a bit hesitant towards him covering the Instagram marketing portion of this course, for he only had about 15,000 followers when I took the course (I imagine he had less when contacted).

As such, you can’t expect a lot of depth, but it’s still a good intro on the fundamentals. You learn how to market on the platform, how to grow your account, and how to earn some money even before buying a loyal following.

Module 6

This is like the previous module but with YouTube. It opens up with a video about how much money you can really make with YouTube and similar expectations, with likely timelines before it starts occurring.

You also learn about growing your subscribers base and how to get likes for your videos.

Module 7

This is the second module for Apple Crider, and it’s about using a podcast to promote your affiliate products. Finally, I can trust a module from him since his podcast is actually quite successful (and pretty good).

You learn about why you should start a podcast, how you can grow it and get more listeners and downloads, and finally how to start introducing your offers to make money from that audience.

Module 8

This module is mostly an assortment of different methods you can use. The first video is about using an email list to run an email marketing approach for your offers and new launches, which is a pretty good strategy if you have a loyal fan base.

There’s another video detailing how to offer your products by using Quora, and of course, the last video is about how you can use a blog website for promoting your products.

I’ll say here that I’m disappointed that blogging got such a small exposition, especially with how it’s one of the pillars of content marketing, and content marketing is one of the pillars of affiliate marketing (more like the backbone).

Module 9

The last module is just a bunch of lessons on random topics with no clear main line. I guess “additional resources” is a fitting title, but it feels like he already had a bunch of video recorded that he realized didn’t fit any module, so he decided to throw them all here.

Anyways, there are some recommended services: one for editing visual media (video and photo) and Fiverr as a way to hire freelancers to outsource your work. The last one works as a spiritual sequel to a video about how you’re limiting your income by handling all the work yourself.

You have a video on how to set up your expectations realistically, kind of like the one on the YouTube module, and another one about how to create quality content, which was pretty good.

You also have a case study from his partners who created the course, but that’s the only case study in the program.

You have some additional information about handling your audience, mainly how to avoid (and what is) audience burnout and how to build affinity with your audience. There’s another kind of related video on both low and high intention traffic.

There’s also some insight about affiliate marketing intricacies like the legal side, how to use sub IDs, and how to keep track of your results and data. The last video is also a Q&A on legal topics: taxes and LLC.


The first bonus is just a continuation of the 9th section, and it works to provide additional content on the business model and what platforms you can use.

It starts with a fairly filler-like video about why you should start a passive income stream in recent times. I say “filler” because it doesn’t provide much content, but it’s actually a very interesting video explaining the gig economy and recent changes to the economic landscape.

There’s another video on how to keep track of possible new trends so that you can jump early before they become saturated.

Amazon and YouTube are also covered as businesses. It’s another interesting video about how the platform works, and besides being an entertaining lesson, it’s also an overview you can use to leverage your success.

The rest of the first bonus’ content covers organic traffic (which is not as relevant in recent times, unfortunately), scaling your business, and another Q&A.

After that, the second bonus is just a list of Ryan’s favorite affiliate programs. There are 79 different programs for you to sign up and find products or services you can promote spanning several niches.

While it’s something you can find without too much work on Google, it’s still a nice addition to the bonuses section.

Final Verdict

Is It Worth It? Final Verdict

This course is a very expensive introduction towards the affiliate marketing business model. It has some good tips about finding products, which platforms you can use, and the tactics you can exploit; however, it lacks to provide anything that really sets it apart and justifies the asking price.

There are several topics which weren’t included. For over $1,000, you’d expect more content like paid traffic or SEO at least, especially with the current relevance of Facebook and Instagram paid ads (not to mention Google).

That’s one of the main issues of this course: it focuses too heavily on organic traffic, and 2019 marked a significant departure from that approach and a huge rise in how important it is to run good ads campaigns.

Sure, you can find resources for free or in a cheaper course, but that’s something you should definitely get for $1,000. Also, remember those are extra expenses, which aren’t really mentioned anywhere.

Even if you go solely with the methods here, you still have to pay if you want to start a blog or use different platforms to make things easier.

Yes, Ryan is a successful affiliate marketer, but keep in mind that having over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 344,000 Instagram followers does make things a lot easier, and that’s a leverage not everyone has. That’s why it’s so easy for him to use organic traffic for his marketing.

He’s also been working on it for years. Starting out a YouTube channel or podcast was very different 4 years ago than it is now, so note that he’s relying on a loyal following to market his products.

I can’t recommend this course because it assumes you already have the same advantages as the authors. And while you can definitely grow to be like that, you can’t do so with the strategies provided here.

You can just get Savage Affiliates for $197 and learn everything to actually start from scratch.

I hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions, please comment down below. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Once again, thanks for reading my 6 Figure Affiliate Marketing Review and I wish you the best of luck.


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